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Many a times, malicious software or creepy websites tend to change your homepage setting within your web browser. You could also click Use Current Pages (to start the browser with currently open tabs), Use Bookmark (to select a homepage from among bookmarks), or Restore to Default (to use Firefox’ default homepage). The Home Page is the website that loads whenever you open Mozilla Firefox and can be changed to anything you want. Show my windows and tabs from last time will load everything you had open when you last closed Firefox.
This guide will take you through the process for both the old and the more recent versions of Firefox. You can set your homepage to whatever webpage you like, but bear in mind it will be the first page that you see when you open Firefox, so make it a useful one!

Some examples would include: Your email account, if you check your emails first thing, or maybe your preferred news website or search engine. The procedure for opening the Options dialogue box will vary depending on which version of Firefox you are using. Click on the Menu Icon near the top-right of the screen and then click on the Options icon (see below).
If it is the webpage you are currently viewing, just click the Use Current Page button, then simply click on the OK button. In this section, you could either choose Open the New Tab page, Continue where I left off or Open a specific page or set of pages. A lot of people set their homepage to their email page, or some other page they use on a regular basis.

We show you how to set the homepage to either your current page, an existing bookmark, or alternatively, by typing in the address of the webpage.
Show a blank pageĀ opens the browser but doesn’t load a website, which is a good option if Firefox starts slowly.

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