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In the wake of the New York People’s Climate March and the United Nations Climate Summit this week, the ever-growing demand to curb mankind’s impact on the natural environment is at an all time high. This project consists of a renovation and addition to a small 1950s suburban house in one of Anchorage‘s older neighborhoods. This project prioritizes three distinctly different “activity zones.” The private zone groups activities such as sleeping, bathing, and studying.
This dwelling, long and narrow stretched out from east to west, again maximizes the southern sun exposure. Perched atop a tree-lined hill, this home seamlessly combines materials like wood, exposed concrete, and glass to maximize the unobstructed view towards a nearby snowcapped mountain range. Exploring the relationship between water and urban life, Blue Urbanism focuses on the ways architecture can facilitate how we perceive and value our ties to the sea.
The building block of architectural forms, the box, is sometimes the most difficult to make enticing. Now that summer is finally on the horizon, all thoughts are on getting away and taking a much deserved break to enjoy the great outdoors. The recent beginning of the irreversible collapse of Antarctic ice sheets illustrates how over the next few centuries we’ll be in over our heads — in water. I want to use my Galaxy Note 2 as a mobile Wifi Hotspot in order to connect my Laptop with the Internet. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns your device an IP address each time you connect to the Internet. To overcome the download limits per IP address within a certain time period on certain p2p sharing networks. To surf the web anonymously and avoid tracking by the government, advertisers or cyber criminals.
To bypass Internet censorship imposed by your local ISP, or other governments and institutions. Although there are various ways that may work to change your IP address, the two easiest and most effective methods are to use a proxy service or a VPN service. To the web server, your request is coming from the IP address of the VPN or proxy server, not your computer.
Ability to bypass internet censorship or to access a website that is blocked at schools or work places. Ability to overcome geo-restrictions and access geo-blocked content – due to licensing and copy rights issues, some media sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC are not accessible to users that are located outside of the geo-restricted region for that particular service.For example, a user that is visiting France will not be able to access Netflix content because Netflix restricts its service to US users only.
If you just want to change your IP address to be anonymous online, then either a VPN or a proxy service works. To use a VPN service, simply install the VPN client on your computer and you are ready to browse the web anonymously and securely.
As you can see, using a VPN is perhaps the easiest and most secure way to change your IP address and browse the web. Herminia: High density regions most vulnerable to onslaught of climate change.The result of the study was the publication, Hotspots! The climate hazard index used in the study is a simple average of five standardized climate-related hazards (cyclones, floods, and droughts in terms of average annual frequency of occurrence from 1980 to 2000, the degree of landslide risk, and the extent of a 5-meter inundation zone due to sea level rise). A weather bureau study claimed that more than two million people around Manila Bay would be displaced by 2025 as a result of rising sea level. The remaining provinces are Davao Oriental, Southern Leyte, Sulu, Sultan Kudarat, Surigao del Sur, Eastern Samar, Siquijor, Davao del Norte, North Cotabato, Capiz, Iloilo, Bohol, Basilan, and Aklan. In the coming decades, scientists anticipate that as atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases continue to rise, average global temperatures will continue to rise as well. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a group of 2,000 scientists which advises the United Nations, said the rising of sea level is one of the most certain outcomes as a result of climate change.

Take the case of rice, the cereal grain that millions of Filipinos depend on as a staple food. Exposed concrete block walls, wooded bedroom views, and a light-drenched sunroom, greenhouse, and deck maximize sunlight in an otherwise dark landscape. Each unit is designed to take full advantage of views of the Chugach Mountains or city skyline, and, again, to maximize access to daylight.
The main body of the house is oriented to the south and opens at the narrow end to overlook Cook Inlet and the Alaska Peninsula Mountain Range. Flee the continental United States’ impending doom with Fido, and pamper him in climate change-safe haven.
Taking case studies from across the world, this series will take a critical look at the ways contemporary cities are evolving alongside the environment. Few places across the world have such extreme environmental, socio-political, and material demands. If camping isn't your thing, getting some sun and relaxing in the fresh air is best done from the porch of a stunning summer house. Winters are lasting longer, summers are more sweltering, and storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes are running rampant. Someone that is typing that search phrase in to Google’s search box is obviously interested in learning how to change his or her device’s IP address. But if you connect to a VPN or proxy server in the US, the VPN or proxy server will access the content on your behalf and pass the content back to you for viewing. But if you want a private and secure web browsing experience, then a VPN is your best option.
Therefore, hackers or anyone with malicious intent can intercept and steal your usernames, passwords, financial information, or any other sensitive data that can be used to steal your identity. Francisco told the participants of the climate change media workshop convened by the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists, Inc. Rosa Perez, a consultant and researcher on climate change, told participants of climate change workshop. We need to realize what a risk it is they are taking on behalf of their own constituents, the world’s societies and, even more importantly, future generations.
Gordon Lyon five miles to the south, ensures that the house receives light even on the shortest days of the year. The semi-private zone accommodates group activities such as dining, recreation, entertaining, and family socializing, in one, single large space.
While vernacular projects have been designed throughout the region for centuries, the Artic is currently experiencing intense, newfound attention, especially in architecture, planning, and infrastructure. While this seems like boring old fact by now, it will have very real impacts on our everyday lives.
More often than not, architects distort and morph the box into something unrecognizable as a base form — they simply add too much. These perfect examples all have a touch of the 1960s and are ideal settings to enjoy a long, hot summer. New federal papers declare that climate change is upon us, and designers all over the world are taking notice. After activating the Wifi hotspot the Wifi connection of the Galaxy Note 2 will be disconnected as it is now a Wifi hotspot. Anyhow once it is configured it works quite well and it can easily replace a WiFi USB stick for your laptop.
The VPN or proxy server will rout your internet traffic to their servers, access the web on your behalf, and then pass the data or information back to you. Each time you connect to one of their servers, you will get assigned a different IP address from the server.

What this means is that hackers or anyone nearby will see only garble and will not be able to steal any of your private information or data. Just make sure that you use a reliable and trusted VPN service that doesn’t log your online activity and your assigned IP address.
The utility zone is a multi-functional space which can contain the car, lawnmower, bicycles, etc.
Reflecting the human condition, many iconic buildings and distinctive manmade landscapes are designed alongside the rise and fall of the world’s oceans. Increasingly diminishing polar ice levels have opened up the Northern Sea Route, and now transportation, oil, and gas industries are quickly rushing to establish a stake in the area’s future. To put it in perspective, Climate Central developed this interactive map that charts these effects of climate change and what 1,001 cities will look like in the year 2100 if temperatures continue to rise at the rate they currently are. But, even though we appreciate innovative building constructions and fanciful shapes and designs, it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate rectangular, flat surfaces in all their simplicity.
Additionally, no one will be able to find out which websites you visit or what you do on those sites. Amenities include radiant floor heat, a free-floating fireplace, skylights, and colored glass accents with individual colors for each unit.
Situated amidst rising sea levels, melting ice caps and devastating natural disasters, there is an increasing need for architects and designers to actively reshape the coastal cities of tomorrow.
Triggered by both environmental conditions and emerging financial interests, arctic architecture has found a new place in modern design discourse. The results — both the future average temperature in the summer and number of days below freezing in the winter — are shocking. Here, we present 10 designs that do boxy right, and illustrate just how much we can create within the realm of four-sided shapes. Arief Anshory Yusuf who currently serves as the secretary-general of the Indonesian Regional Science Association. With disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy becoming more commonplace, cities are looking for smarter and more resilient urban strategies. Many cutting-edge researchers and leaders have begun tackling the challenging problems posed by the Arctic, including firms like Lateral Office and MAP Architects.
We promise, it isn’t dull at all, and the resulting architecture is so much more than six-sided non-designed clones. House byAndrade Morettin Arquitetos Perched amid the dense trees and foliage near the sea on the north coast of Sao Paulo sits a summer home protected from the intense sun and frequent rains.
On the back of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Sandy, and the multitude of other such disasters in the last decade, the architectural response to such tragedies has been at an all time high.
Just this year, the Arctic Design Group held a symposium to examine the role of Arctic design at the University of Virginia. With the region’s fate in question, we’ve rounded up a collection of projects located across national, geographic, and typological boundaries.
If sea, forest, and a Midcentury modern vibe is your idea of an ideal summer getaway, it doesn't get much better than this. Here’s a look at 12 single-family homes that are part of the effort to rebuild this precarious region to be more sustainable, resistant, and decrease the ecological footprint of home building.
A broad programmatic range is represented, including both residential and commercial projects developed through unique restrictions and contextual pressures. An increase of over 10% in less than 100 years, this is a drastic change in climate — but it is typical of the interactive graph, which presents tangible examples of exactly what scientists have been saying.

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