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In order to give the best possible protection to its clients, Symantec keeps updating its Norton Internet Security products, adding new features to them and enhancing their overall capabilities to keep the malware and adware off the client’s PC. For a developer that has been making antivirus and Internet security products for over two decades, it is only natural for some clients to find themselves with a product that is out-dated and even obsolete in comparison to the new versions.
The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your computer has an active Internet connection.
After you have confirmed that the Internet is working properly, open the Norton security product installed on your computer by double-clicking the icon located on your desktop, or by clicking the icon in the application tray.
On the Norton product interface, locate and click “Subscribe Now” or “Activate Now” menu button.

You will be required to provide your email address in the “Norton Account” text field that will currently be displayed on the screen. The Norton product will connect to Symantec’s database in order to verify the product key that you have entered.
You will not be able to acquire your new Norton Product Security key or get it verified unless your computer is connected to the internet. Select the “Enter Norton Product Key” option to activate your product using your product key. If the key is verified, click “Done” to successfully update the Internet key in Norton product security.

All you need to do it so update your product key for Norton products online and then enter this key in your Norton product.
If your Internet connection is not working, call your local ISP (internet service provider) to resolve the issue. However, if you have entered a wrong key, an error message will appear, stating that the key you have entered is invalid.

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