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Almost half of the internet users use internet via mobile modems, net setters or data card. Creating an FTP server on your computer: if you are going to create an FTP server on your computer then you will need a static IP address for sure.
Changing a Dynamic IP address to static IP address is not a geek’s task, and can be done in minutes by using a internet trick. Many people who purchase IP cameras like the ability to view the camera via the internet from wherever they are, but for many people who have a dynamic IP assigned by their ISP this isn't possible without using a Dynamic DNS service, or DDNS.
A DDNS service translates this IP address into a static URL which we are more commonly used to.
The Device Domain must be the exact same as what you set earlier when activating HiDDNS on the camera.
If you navigate back to Device Management, you will be greeted with a new entry - your registered camera. If you need any further help or advice, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.
Are you able to confirm that your ports are open using an external port scan, like I've enabled DDNS on the NVR following the instructions given to me earlier in another thread. So I guess my main question is, can I set up the app so that it works regardless of where I am?
All your settings seem fine - you might just need to add the NVR twice, one for LAN access and another for remote access.
There is also another way to change an IP address, by placing Proxy IP address and this can be done by going through tools then options, advance tab, then click on settings, check on manual proxy configuration and fill the proxy IP and then ok. That's right, but make sure the IP that you put don't have another pc on the network or this could create a conflict the IP.
I always change my ip this way on windows xp but now since ive updated to windows 7 I try to change my ip and it always stays the same its driving me crazy any help why ? If the device remains connected to the network, the lease will be renewed with the same IP. Changing an IP address just on a private network really doesn't help you much, if any from a security stand point.
T114 and T115 lab classes have identical hardware configuration but different network addresses. Static IPs are fixed, and just like your home address, they never change (unless you move of course). All of this matters, particular for offices, because today we frequently need to work on the go.

Imagine the VPN tunnel used to connect to your office, allowing you to access office files.
There are many solutions out there that can make dynamic IPs seem fixed, but they are not the preferred approach. The main problem with these devices is that the IP address generated by these devices is dynamic in nature.
Imagine a situation, in which a hacker gets your IP address and he performs an attack on your system.
Static IP addresses do not change every time you connect to internet so you can easily share it your friends or colleagues for access to your newly created FTP server. Provide all information at the time of registration and in Hostname field use your username as Hostname. If pinged successfully, then you just changed your dynamic IP address to static IP address.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. This is because their external IP address used to connect to the internet will change periodically, so any settings used to connect to their cameras will have to frequently be edited after finding out the new IP address, which can prove rather time consuming based on the size of installation. It does this by communicating with your router and updating itself whenever your IP updates. It is assumed beforehand that you've forwarded the correct ports in your router to access the cameras, otherwise this service will not work. Enter the Device Serial Number which can be found either by using SADP to display it, navigating to System Information in the camera's web access or by reading the label on the camera itself.
Now you will be able to use this URL to access your camera wherever you are, even if you are on a dynamic IP.
However, not all routers allow you to connect to your own external IP address when you're still on the same LAN, so that might be causing the issue.
If you want to change the IP address of your internet connection, you should contact your service provider, as they're the ones who exert control over this.
I don't think changing your IP vs getting it automatically from your router has do much help. In some case (LAN) you can change the IP for another, BUT this is 'cause the range of IP isn't public, is private. Now I no longer need to call him in case I run into any IP related networking trouble so thanks. Even if a device is disconnected from a network, if you reconnect before the lease has expired, it will pick up the same IP. Instead of pinpointing where your home is geographically located, IP addresses pinpoint where in the Internet your device is located.

Dynamic IPs can constantly change, so your home or office can be identified by one IP today and by another tomorrow.
On a dynamic IP, your connection to that tunnel would drop if the IP address of your office randomly changes. If you are connected with internet using dynamic IP address then you can easily be safe from attack by reconnecting to internet, that will change your IP address and the IP address which hacker is using is vanishes. You can find out how to do this by referring to the bottom of our guide on how to set up external access to your Hikvision device. Make sure that Enable DDNS is ticked, and that you've selected the DDNS Type as HiDDNS. Leave the HTTP port as default unless you've specifically changed it yourself within the camera. You can add further cameras or NVRs if necessary, provided you forward your ports correctly. When I start the live view this works over 4G fine, so it appears I've set up everything correctly. In fact if you are at work, the whole people their can't play the game you are banned because their IP will be the same.
If the IP that was assigned to you has limited access, then you can only see those pages allowed. Your Internet Service Provider assigns you an IP address for your home or office so that your network can be identified on the Internet, and therefore be able to send and receive traffic. With a static IP, you never have to worry about the VPN tunnel dropping due to an IP change, because the address is fixed. Rather than pointing to an IP, you’re pointing to an address that redirects to the IP that is being used at the time. It’s expected today that all businesses requiring remote access to their network carry a static IP. Typically servers record details of the device which it communicates with using a mac code. This is an identifier built into the network ports of most network type devices including routers, computer network cards, modems and such like.
What if the IP changes but the host name, for whatever reason, is not able to see that change?

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