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Get the most out of your iOS 9 experience by turning on and toggling the options that enable new iOS 9 features.
Apple delivers over a hundred new features, options and changes in the update, and you can see much of what’s new in iOS 9 for a more detailed look at the changes. You can use this guide to find the new iOS 9 settings that you need to change to get the most out of this update. If the screen shows a 4 digit passcode for your new passcode, tap on passcode options and choose 6 digit numeric code.
Apple Pay now supports Discover Card and there is a huge reason to add Discover to your Apple Pay account on the iPhone or iPad now. For the rest of the year Discover Card purchases made through Apple Pay get 10% extra cash back — on top of current offers.
This includes Apple Pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch in stores or using apps like the Best Buy app and others to get a lot of cash back.
One of the best new Apple Pay and Apple Wallet features on iOS 9 is the option to turn on a shortcut to launch Apple Pay before you get to the cash register. If you update all of your devices to iOS 9, you will likely want to update the Apple Notes app.
Users who need notes to sync between the iPhone and iPad and an Apple computer should wait to update. With iOS 9 there is a new battery widget for the Notification Center that shows you the battery life of all your connected devices. If you prefer a specific setting to use for your iPhone camera on iOS 9 you can now set a default for the camera in Settings. If you love using Apple Music and you are constantly listening on cellular you might want to turn on the option to listen to Apple Music in high quality while mobile.
This will use your data faster, but if you have a large enough plan, this is something to consider. Apple News is an interesting addition to the iPhone and iPad, and you can use it to read about popular topics, trends and your favorite sources — including Gotta Be Mobile. We already walked through how to fix bad iOS 9 battery life, but this iOS 9 setting is one you’ll want to know how to change on a regular basis. The new iOS 9 Low Power Mode can add several hours to your iPhone battery life by changing a bunch of settings and options with the flip of one switch.
You won’t likely want to use this all the time as it disables and changes some features, but when you need to make the iPhone battery life stretch further it is an essential iOS 9 setting to change. The International Business Times reports that for just A?120, anyone on the internet can buy specialist hardware that lets them hack into even the newest iPhones.
The IP-BOX gets around software limitations by connecting directly to the phone's hardware.
When an IP-BOX is connected to an iPhone, it tries every passcode, from 0000 through to 9999. Rather than focusing on these features, however, here I’m reviewing the iPhone 4S camera from the perspective of a professional photographer.
As a professional photographer, there is a small part of me that despises the concept of a cameraphone. No, let’s not focus on the effect that ubiquity is having on the social function of photography. From the perspective of a photographer, here’s what I believe makes a good cameraphone. Another major gripe was that you had to use the software button on the screen to take a photo.
Combine this with the new face recognition feature, and the new super-fast focusing, and it’s actually very difficult to end up with photos that are out of focus. Unfortunately, there is no separation of exposure and focus control, which means the point you focus is also the point which you choose for correct exposure level. The zoom control now uses multi-touch pinch rather than the slightly fiddlesome zoom scroll-bar on previous generations.

One final point of interest about the improvements to photo handling in iOS5 worth noting is the integration of photos into iCloud.
This is a real boon for those who use desktop or laptop computers (Mac or PC) as your iCloud photo stream can be synchronised with your computer.
As long as the megapixel count does justice to the lens and the quality of the sensor, that’s all the matters. Apple stated that, despite having a higher resolution, the new sensor is 73% more sensitive. If you can look past the noise and the JPG artefacts, it’s also possible to see that the image has a greater clarity of edges and increased detail in the blacks.
Mat Smith is a Professional Freelance Portrait Photographer working in London and across the UK. All photographs on this blog are Copyright Mat Smith Photography 2015 unless otherwise indicated. If you follow these directions you can save money, make calls in poor coverage areas and make your iPhone battery life last longer. On iOS 8 the limit for a numerical passcode is four digits, which is easier to guess through brute force. If you are on a device with Touch ID, you might not have to enter this longer passcode very often.
This will allow you to double-click your home button with the iPhone locked to pull up Apple Wallet where you can then select the card you need.
When you open Notes on iOS 9 for the first time you will see an option to upgrade now, or to wait. This feature is not available on every phone, nor is it going to work in every location, but it is worth trying.
With this turned on it is easy to see the battery life of your iPhone, Apple Watch, Bluetooth headphones or other Bluetooth accessories. When you open the app for the first time you will chose the sources you want and the types of news you want to see. The widget doesn’t appear at all, so I think it may be just for users with an Apple Watch which is kind of a bummer. She has been fired from work for 8 months but last month her pay check was $21022 just working on the laptop for a few hours…. It works by "bruteforcing" iPhone passcodes, repeatedly guessing the password until it finds the right one.
Its software automatically limits the number of guesses you have, and it's also possible to change the phone's settings to delete its contents after 10 failed guesses of its password. It connects directly to the battery, and cuts the power when it detects that a wrong password was entered. It knows whether passwords are right or wrong because it comes with a light sensor that attaches to the screen of the iPhone.
First of all, if your phone is protected by a passcode longer than four numbers then it can't bruteforce the code.
This ubiquitous device has landed in the hands of The Many, which has led to an explosion in the number of photographs taken across the world in any given second (which should be good), yet a proportionally huge reduction in the average quality of a photograph. Every minute detail of our lives is now captured on our mobile phones in poor light, at low definition, and with little thought.
This may be done by double-clicking the home button, either when the lock screen is already showing, or when the phone display is off altogether.
The shutter animation would hang for a second or more, which really affects your ability to point and shoot.
The iPhone 4S now has a physical button for shutter release: the up-volume button on the side. Personally I think that separating these two controls would indeed have been one step too far for the average user. However, as this is digital zoom as opposed to optical zoom, the result is that you are cropping the image rather than actually zooming-in.

Of course, it’s not an entirely meaningless specification, but in many cases over the last decade, cameras have been released with dog-awful lenses and a high megapixel count; all this does is to show you in even higher resolution how terrible the photograph is!
This essentially means the lens performs better in low light, which means that there is less blur and less noise. This wider aperture allows more light in, and as you can see from the below test images, it reduces the depth of field; this is something many photographers will enjoy about the new lens, as it can slightly improve the feel of portraits. Whilst it may seem at first the image should appear zoomed-in in comparison to the iPhone 4, remember that the crop factor may be slightly different if the sensor has been redesigned. The images are shown here uncropped; the iPhone 3GS image is taken at a slightly higher elevation to compensate for the different focal length. This is presumably due to the increased sensitivity of the sensor to incident infrared light.
I see one page that says it only shows up if you have a watch and others that say it should be there watch or no watch. That means that it can quickly shut off the phone before the phone realises that someone is trying to hack into it. That sensor monitors the levels of light coming out of the phone screen, and detects changes. But not every iPhone has been updated, and any iPhone 4 or older can't be updated to that release, leaving it vulnerable. This is a lovely button which provides a good level of physical feedback without jogging the ‘phone in the slightest when pressed. This can lead to a delay of a second or sometimes more, and we professionals (or anyone with an SLR camera!) absolutely hate that! If there isn’t enough light, the last thing we want is a horrible harsh flash lighting the scene.
Whilst this might be great for that narcissistic shot of yourself, it most certainly won’t do your photography any good. Windows users will need to download the iCloud control panel application (download link here) for Windows, and Mac users will need to upgrade to OS X Lion and switch on iCloud.
It’s worth noting at this point that the video function does not use the full resolution of the sensor, and as such the image is cropped.
It doesn't matter if you use iPhone's Touch ID fingerprint security a€” because even if you have Touch ID on, your phone can still be unlocked with your passcode alone. If it notices a change, that means the screen has been unlocked, and the password was correct.
It doesn't matter whether you're a hacker intending to blackmail someone with their photos, or a legitimate smartphone repair shop owner, anyone can buy an IP-BOX. These seminal moments are being lost in the sea of photos that we take, their significance diminished in our memories.
The front-facing camera on the iPhone 4S is still pretty horrid, and should be avoided for anything except its primary intended use which is video. If you need to see something close-up, you should crop the image afterwards using the new iOS5 in-app editing (mentioned above) or using other software e.g. The windows client allows you to set the location of your photo stream, if you choose to have this downloaded to your computer.
This is a great shame, and it would surely have been possible to use the full sensor frame but reduce the resolution on-the-fly. This is called fill flash, and if the subject is close enough to the iPhone, the bright LED light is just enough to take the harsh edges off the shadows that are cast on the subject’s face.

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