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It’s got N wireless with 3 removeable antenna, it supports a dual WAN connectivity that allow the use of both PPOE and PPOA connections and is incredibly stable.
In simple terms, MER is a form of authentication that uses the MAC address of the Router to allow connection to the Internet Service Provider.
Now, onto a method of using your Sky Router as just an ADSL modem and allowing your Billion 7800N to do everything else such as Wireless, DHCP, DNS and Firewalling. You then configure the rest of the Billion 7800N how you would normally – if you need any help with Wifi, DHCP or general settings, let me know in the comments. I hope you have enjoyed this article and please feel free to post any questions or suggestions of your own in the comments. That would allow the use of a suitable router of your choosing, rather than the Sky supplied item. I don’t recall running into any specific sharing issues when I had the Sagem either and I use a number of services including local streaming from my server to my tv, dvd player, idevices and Apple TV.
My thoughts of just running the switch without a router would at least prove there is no deeper issue in your network.
As for going with a multi homed system – if the Openreach Modem is doing nothing other than presenting the line, the system of having your Sky Router up front doing nothing other than being a gateway to your own router should work without issue.
For Fibre services, including FTTC, BT OpenReach do the installation and setting up of the fibre service, regardless of the ISP. As I said in earlier posts, the issue doesn’t appear to be specific to the Sonos system, judging from other peoples problems with the Sky Sagem router. I wondered if the new Sky Hub would solve the problem, but Sky support said that it’s set up the same way.
I have wondered if Sky have done this deliberately to stop people using their online viewing services and porting them around the home, thus avoiding paying for the Sky TV multi-room service?
The bottom line is if I can introduce my own router into the network, to perform all the usual router duties and relegate the Sky router to gateway status, then I will go with that solution. The thing I’m still not clear on is if your external IP is presented by the BT modem, why you would need the Sky Router at all? I’ll buy a new one if the proposed solution is to limit the Sky router to being a simple gateway. Forgive me for not understanding the technicalities involved, but my instinct suggests that a solution can be found by installing a new router to handle the network (wired and wireless) and DCHP. My other concern is will this configuration be OK with the additional BT modem in the circuit? I wouldn’t have gone with Sky if I had known that home networking is limited or not possible with their routers.
Sky technical help have confirmed the limitations with their router and will not provide advice on work arounds (that confirms other peoples experiences as reported on various help forums). Out of interest, if the internet is already presented to you by an Open Reach modem, do you need to use the Sky provided router at all?
So clearly there is communication across the router (and the Switch, when it was introduced into the set-up). Everything worked perfectly with our previous router and I could share files and music with my daughter’s laptop, which I cannot do now with the Sky router.
Having reconnected it, it still works OK; so the problem is clearly down to the Sky router. I intend to install a NAS device, both to host my iTunes library and other media and data files, hence the Switch; but there are numerous reports that the same issues affect using a NAS with the Sky router.
The problem I’m having is that one of my network devices, a Sonos music system, cannot find the iTunes library or any other music files on my iMac.
Extensive searching of forums has revealed there are similar issues with home networking, using NAS devices etc, being reported by many Sky broadband customers. The solution you suggest seems to answer my problem, however I am on Sky Fibre broadband with a BT Openreach modem and the Sky Sagem router’s modem function being bypassed. Would there be any problem with adding my own router as suggested, with this configuration (i.e. Although messy, there is nothing wrong with having multiple hop gateways like this as long as default gateway IP information is configured correctly.
I would however suggest that instead of (own router) you simply buy a decent home networking switch and a wireless access point if necessary. Hi if you use this set up will you still be able to tweak the SNR settings on the Billion Router or not?

Unfortunately the SNR setting only works when the Billion is directly connected to the ADSL line so in this setup it won’t work. This article is about using the Billion Router in conjuntion with your Sky Router – not instead of it.
Now to my question, i like to use google dns, so if i put them in the primary & secondary do they override the sky routers setting (sky’s dns)? Oh and in terms of your Billion LAN address being unreachable, you just need to make sure that any changes you make to either device don’t leave you stranded and unable to connect to them using your pc or laptop. If you end up stranded, just statically set your PC or Laptop with an IP in the same range and plug in directly.
Before deciding on which IP addresses you are going to use, you need to understand exactly how your network will look once these changes are made. Finally I changed the WAN interface to EWAN and clicked apply which restarted the router again. In the end, I had to factory reset the 7800N before I unplugged it and then undid all my changes to the sagem router. I presume this overrides the default “Block Always” rule under the Inbound Services in Firewall Rules?
When configuring the Billion 7800N On the WAN Interface page you can enter whichever Primary and Secondary DNS servers you want your DHCP clients to use. Obviously, you get a whole lot more than just F1 with the Sky package, but this is preposterous. Bernie doesn't see any value in the internet which to me shows he is not in touch with the types of fans that are extremely passionate about the sport. With this in mind, why would FOM spend money setting up a streaming service that only a fraction of enthusiasts would be interested in and actually be willing to pay for? But just like F1 Digital they are competing against a FTA offering which is always going to greatly dilute the market. The popular US channel HBO are reportedly going to offer their channel as a standalone streaming service, cut loose from a full cable package deal. I think the key point is these services being that they're available regardless of any contract you currently have. If someone could help me out on what sports would be broadcast through SlingTV (ESPN&ESPN2) it would help me gauge the value of $20 a month.
I remember 2003 as very random for the championship competitors and 2005 is more wishfull thinking than actual happening. I pay 66 euro for phone, 200Mbit internet and the most elaborate cable provider package (new price table is 71 euro though).
I just checked and you can get a 24h Sky Sports pass from Sky for A?6.99, so your 'cheapest' estimate is some way off - I make that just under A?140 for the season. So your 'cheapest' estimate is some way off - you can quite easily watch every race live for A?70.
In times of economic trouble, people are obviously going to do away with things they can live without. I've worked out that my Sky subscription - which I mainly got to get the F1 channel - is costing me A?49.20 per race. Just find an online stream, I hear thats what people do these days, sure it might glitch a bit, but you can afford to feed the kids and yourself at the end of the month.
Call it being a tight ass, or call it standing up for what you believe and not being dictated to, robbed and mugged off, good day sirs. If you think BT Sport is going to be free for much longer then you might be in for a nasty surprise. They're just attempting a 'reverse Sky' - get the rights to everything people will pay to watch then rinse the viewers. Might work, might not, but it's costing them a fortune and we'll be the ones paying for it if they pull it off. I think your wrong, but agree that the poll would make more sense if the FTA option were removed. I bought an S-View Flip Case Cover for my Galaxy S4 (White), but it doesn't seem to close properly on the phone.
I'm sure you have tried this, but make sure the left-side (flip-side) is clipped in properly. Although slightly more expensive than a number of home use routers the Billion 7800N comes packed with many enterprise quality features that make it stand out.

Sky Broadband insist that you use their routers and rightly or wrongly, this is not for debate here. Apparently these can be used to form the key to set the DHCP client ID on a non-Sky router.
Openreach modem – Sky router – own router), or would the Sky router simply become a gateway? Will this work first of all without getting the firmware update or do I need to update it on another ADSL line say a neighbours? The reason for buying the new router was to hopefully help the problems of network strength and transfer rate. It was previously A?5.99 for 24 hours access and this meant F1 fans had to pay twice to watch qualifying and the race. F1 had a healthy following between 2009 and 2011, its best for 25 years and I think they got greedy. If F1 completely disappeared off FTA and I had no way to stream it or receive it on my set top box, I would probably do what I did with MotoGP and stop watching completely. Even if it was the only choice though I don't think it would have had a hugely increased number of subscribers as you would have to subscribe to the whole Sky deal and not just that channel. ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ABC Family and CNN. They aren't some small time channel trying to hoard viewership through some hipster tech start-up. I know people moaned about having to pay for what was once free but they also used to moan about the bad quality of the free Dailymotion stream.
When most people's wages have been staying the same, is it any wonder viewing figures have been decreasing?
I also wanted the poll to be relevant to today, there is a free to air option right now, it there wasn't the results would be different. The sky router is (obviously) set to skys dns settings(as they cant be altered that im aware of. You would think with dwindling interest they would at least try and tempt people with some value. Sky bought an established product that saw anywhere from 5 to 8.5m people tuning in at times during the season on the BBC and they all expected F1 fans to jump at the chance to view a dedicated channel. The sad thing is I think there are a lot of disenchanted F1 fans also in my position on that. The new system is pay for the whole season, about A?20 or so and another Le Mans pack if you want that too..
If it was A?5.99 for Saturday and Sunday with recording facility I think it would tempt a lot of fans away from receiving the coverage from more dodgy sources. I'd rather spend money watching racing live at track days and travel to places like the Isle of Man for the TT or the Ulster GP and North West 200. So much was promised too from Sky and I got the impression from their marketing it would be a channel pretty much pumping out archive footage and regular documentaries. Those sports need our money a lot more than F1 and the riders do it for the pure love of racing rather than money they don't get a lot of anyway. The channel (Fox Sports) for the Dutch soccer league is having trouble selling their paychannels as is and that is for the most popular sport around here. They show some great classic races in race week and air a pretty mediocre F1 Show midweek, and I think so much more could be made of it. F1 needs to act and get out of its backside if they want the sport to have any form of popularity in 10 years time. A F1 or racing channel cannot cost more than 2-5 euro a month imo and you have the risk everyone cancels it after the last race to enable it again at the start of the next season. The fact right now the channel is effectively an advert channel showing short clips shows they are not putting enough effort into it. I think what they do show is pretty good overall, but it is far from value for money if F1 is the only thing you are signing up for.

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