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Imagine that your new iPhone 5S or Android smartphone could control all aspects of your life. You may have seen Sebastien’s quick tutorial explaining how to change your when using AirDrop, or simply when looking for it on the local network. Just remember, AirDrop works only with Apple devices and does not support Android or Windows Phone. The iPhone is an powerful handheld device that enables You should see the names of people you can share with under “Tap to share with AirDrop”. We recently wrote about a London woman who was “cyberflashed” via her iPhone by an unknown individual travelling on her train.
Mac OS X Yosemite Turn on AirDrop on your Mac by going to Finder and choosing “AirDrop” from the Favorites menu. We recommend you set your Apple device’s AirDrop setting to “Off” or – if you’re a regular user of the feature, to “Contacts Only.” You can change iPhone’s battery. Tagged with: how to change airdrop name, how to change airdrop settings, how to change airdrop picture, how to change airdrop settings on mac, how to change airdrop name on mac, how to change airdrop name on iphone, how to change airdrop settings on iphone, how to change airdrop settings on macbook, how to change airdrop picture iphone, how to change airdrop to everyone on mac, how to change airdrop folder, how to change airdrop name on macbook, how to change airdrop icon on mac, how to change airdrop preferences, how to change airdrop to airplay, how to change airdrop picture on mac, how to change airdrop name macbook pro, how to change airdrop destination folder, how to change airdrop download location, how to change airdrop name ios 9.
Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release. To cut the story short, I passed the scholarship exam and went on to finish college with top honors. He believed that if I graduated from Accountancy course, I would be able to land a good job, save up, and improve the financial condition of our family. Did you know that you can not contribute more than Php1,560 a month for your SSS unless you are an employee in a Philippine company? So even if you contribute the maximum Php1,590 during your youthful days and you’re earning an average of Php15,000 per month, you will only get a monthly pension benefit of Php9,300 during your retirement years. The monthly pension depends on the members paid contributions, including the credited years of service (CYS) and the number of dependent minor children but not to exceed five. 3.) P1,200, provided that the credited years of service (CYS) is at least 10 or more but less than 20 or P2,000, if the CYS is 20 or more.

Today, my 87-year young grandmother receives a monthly pension of Php3,400 as the primary beneficiary of my late grandfather who worked as a security guard for the Cojuangcos. I know, it’s a reminder to us all her children and grandchildren to continue supporting her medication and everything that she needs.
It’s also a wake-up call that we should not rely our retirement years on pension provided by SSS or GSIS alone. That way, you will not only be able to help yourself and your family now and during your old age. So true… a lot of people keeps on praying to God for financial blessings but do things contrary to their prayers.
Is it ok not to contribute to SSS if you have already invested in stocks for your retirement? If you don’t have any insurance to back you up and your investments today, perhaps a small contribution to SSS will matter when that bad day comes. The point of the article is to set aside a separate fund from your current income to be invested for your retirement.
Send healthcare and grocery products online to your loved ones in the Philippines via BeamandGo! The contents of this blog by Burn Gutierrez is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. That was a year after he persuaded me to take the scholarship exams entitled to all residents and high school graduates of my mother’s hometown in Pampanga.
Knowing that he only had his SSS pension to leave as a legacy to my grandmother, perhaps he was trying to tell me that I should not rely on SSS alone to feed my future wife and my family in my old age or when the time comes when St.
She had about 4K from SSS – and that was after retiring as part of higher mgmt in her company. I was thinking if it’s possible to pull out all my contributions in SSS and invest it in our stock market? I heard they are giving your last salary as your monthly pension given you have met their conditions.

My friend and beauty queen Joyce Burton-Titular has her own studio and can produce voice tracks for you. We have to invest in various financial instruments that earn more as early as possible (and just as important, get yourself insured). Are you an OFW who’s been looking for a investment placement where your money could grow higher than your time deposit accounts? If you are based abroad or just outside of Metro Manila and has been itching to learn more on how to jumpstart your business dreams, join me and my friend, serial entrepreneur Ginger Arboleda, as we take you through a series 2-hour webinars (for 11 Saturdays) that will help you focus on the technical skills and specific things that you have always wanted to know about in order to grow your business. The 1st Angat Pilipinas Personal Finance Awards has opened the nominations phase for the Blogger of the Year, the Author of the Year, Advocacy Group of the Year, OFW Advocate of the Year, and the Institution of the Year Awards. Angelpreneur and EntrepChamp Paulo Tibig will be gracing our next webinar called “Make Your Business Idea Happen” on November 15, 2013 , Friday at 3PM (Philippine time). Are you outside of Metro Manila and would like to start investing in mutual funds but have no personal advisors to help you out?
Bo Sanchez has appointed me as a coach for our young and new investors at the TrulyRichClub social site. It’s arguably the first and only personal finance-influenced comic book in the Philippines. We have come up with 10 sessions with 11 expert lecturers (with 1 FREE session if you enroll in the full program) that will make you a stronger and better entrepreneur.
Paulo will be answering your questions about your business ideas, how to start or expand one, and how to successfully sustain it. Just dunno if they are giving an annual increment or periodical increment but once the gov’t declared an increase they are also entitled. Or you can grab your copy yourself at The Pantry at 07 in Makati City and ilovemilktea in Las Pinas City.

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