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I tried from the device managger on the usuall way, i tried from regedit and i also tried with mac changer programms. You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. I want to change my address to work around certain unrealistic time and usage restrictions at my school.
How to change or set My Book World Edition I or II White Light MAC address every time I want and whatever MAC address I want? This solution will set your MAC permanently, it means that every time you boot or update your MBWE firmware it will lasts until you change it again in the manner described below.
To check MAC under Ubuntu Terminal type command arp after first time MBWE boot or command ifconfig after SSH again (see step 2) to MBWE. Is it possible to automate and randomize the Mac address for every new connection or login? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged networking network-manager or ask your own question.
How can I restrict users fom changing network settings and adding new connection using network manager? Is it ethical for an Employer to use personal(financial) information in negotiating salary?
In this article, we take a look at four little computers that will change your desktop and the way you look at the desktop PC.
The modern-day desktop is still roughly unchanged from the beige chassis that people built Intel Pentium III-based computers into, complete with the Turbo button that did nothing most of the time. There are some computers, though, that are breaking convention and today they’re offering the performance of the modern ATX-sized desktop in a chassis that is more than ten times smaller. Apple’s Mac Mini was a revolution as far as the world was concerned when Apple revealed it first in 2005.

Apple ditched the DVD drive back in 2012, saying the world had to move on from optical media. It looks like we’re just shrinking the PCs as we go along and the third stop is the Intel NUC.
It comes in two versions and the more expensive one sports Thunderbolt, three USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and an optional built-in wireless card. As with the Sapphire Edge, this also needs memory, a mSATA SSD and an operating system, typically adding another R3000 onto the final cost.
This should be familiar to MyGaming readers, but not everyone sees how amazing this versatile, credit card-sized computer is. People have deployed these things to automate their homes, others use it as an internet router and some even use it as part of a super computer. That is, a specific MAC will get a specific IP, for which I can configure a set of ports to be forwarded. I would post this as a new question, but I assume it would get marked as a duplicate of your question. Could you describe what's going on behind the scenes, and how to achieve it via a terminal? Usually its eth0 for ubuntu or linux mint wired network and wlan0 for ubuntu or linux mint wireless network. Its only in the last two years that ITX computers have gained any sort of traction and all-in-one desktops are still not as ubiquitous as one would like, despite the success of Apple’s iMac desktops. It was bulky, but it shrunk the space required for a desktop computer considerably. Eight years later, the latest Mac Mini is the smallest and most desirable yet. Although adding a USB DVD drive is possible, when last did you use a disc on a Apple computer?
They were either based on the Intel Atom, which was disturbingly slow, or they had an AMD Brazos dual-core processor, which was limited by storage speeds and a slow memory controller.

Not only is it tiny enough to call it cute, it also can play most games nicely so long as you reduce settings accordingly. Adding in 4GB of RAM, a 120GB SSD and Windows 8 can set you back another R2,500, more or less, so its pretty much on the same level as the Mac Mini.
Not only is it a development board on the cheap, complete with full-on breakout ports, but it can also run a Linux operating system. The fact that this is available for just R300 and just needs a SD card to function is beyond awesome.
Tried SMAC 2.0, Technitium, changing it in the Device Manager and in the registry - all to no avail. This must be some sort of driver issue, Is there no one out there with any answers, even if it's NOT the one I want to hear? In order to easily change that set of ports, I'd like to have different connections in the Network manager.
While NUC is still something Intel is dabbling with, it has opened up the reference designs and the standard to other manufacturers. Both also pack in a dual-core Intel Core i3-3217U, which is enough CPU power for most things that the average desktop user may do. It even uses HDMI and an old-school RCA port, keeping the theme of making it accessible to anyone who wants one.
Choose Preferences from the Finder menu (or use Command-Comma), and then click on the General tab at the top.

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