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Changing a Yahoo password causes all the passwords on Yahoo’s personalized services to change. To those just asking for help with changing a Yahoo password, note that the above text contains pretty simple instructions for that, and that just saying you want to change your password then communicates very little.
I assume if you could change your password you still know the old one, unless you used the recovery process. I changed my yahoo password and statement came that said 4 apps or so were disconnected because of this.

With our focus on fancy new social media and Web-based services, sometimes we forget to pay attention to the older services that have millions of members, like Yahoo. Yahoo will ask you to log in again, because it’d be a disaster if you stepped away from your computer for a moment and while you were there someone changed your password! Again, some interesting things to explore like OpenID, but click on Change your password to proceed. Never miss a single tutorial, review or article here on AskDaveTaylor, sign up for our weekly newsletter.

Fact is, we’re still big fans of various pieces of the Yahoo online empire, though when I checked my own Yahoo Mail account, I was startled to see unread mail in my inbox that was more than two years old.

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