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I thought about changing my own oil the other day, but I then realized that it is not worth my time.
I make approximately $71,100 per year before taxes or $62,400 after taxes (a lot of my income is not taxable because I work for the government). It costs $19.95 to get my oil changed at my local quick lube shop, and it takes them about 15 minutes.
Because it took me and my best friend two hours to finish the job, you could calculate that it cost us $46 worth of our time and that is only counting my salary. One thing I learned thats stuck with me is that oil doesnt need to be changed every 3, 000 miles any more.
I read somewhere that the best way to make money is to do exactly what you are saying – by focusing on where you add the most value and by outsourcing the small tasks. DisclaimerAny information shared on Own The Dollar is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute specific financial advice. How to change the motor oil and replace the oil filter in a 2nd generation 2008-2013 Toyota Highlander SUV with the 2GR-FE 3.5L V6 engine. The automobile might also be an object of desire and pride, but at its foundation it remains a complicated piece of machinery designed to get you from A to B. Even changing a light bulb or doing routine inspection seems like quite a big deal for regular people, but it’s really not that bad if you attack the problem with an open mind. Changing the oil regularly is the single most important thing you can do by yourself to increase the life of your beloved motor, and you could be saving a lot of money by doing it yourself. Great, now that you have all that, make sure you have as many bottles of the right oil to refill the car.
You should take the same care with the oil filter as you did with the old oil when throwing it away! For passenger car and light truck diesel engines and turbocharged gasoline engines, the traditional recommended service interval is typically every 3,000 miles or six months (which ever comes first). For severe service driving (which is what most of us do), the most common recommendation is to change the oil every 3,000 miles or six months (which ever comes first). For maximum protection, many people change their oil every 3,000 miles or three to six months regardless of what kind of driving they do or the mileage on their engine.
On my own cars, I change the oil every 3,000 miles if most of my driving has been short trips around town.
To find out what ASE certified Master Technicians say about oil change intervals, Click Here. General Motors and a number of European vehicles have done away with recommended oil change intervals altogether and now use an "oil reminder" light to signal the driver when an oil change is needed. The oil reminder systems estimate oil life based on engine running time, miles driven, ambient temperature, coolant temperature and other operating conditions. One way to know for sure when the oil needs to be changed is to have the oil analyzed at 3,000, 5,000, 7,500 or 10,000 miles.
The latest technology for letting you know when your oil needs to be changed is electronic sensing. The IntelliStick uses a simple, patented conductivity test that applies low voltage with slow varying waveforms across two sensor arrays. The IntelliStick has a transponder at the top of the dipstick that communicates with any Bluetooth-enabled PDA, cell phone or laptop so you can check the condition of your oil at any time. Regardless of what type of oil you use (conventional, synthetic or synthetic blend), all motor oils eventually wear out and have to be changed (actually, it's the additives that wear out more so than the oil). The oil filter will trap most of the solid contaminants, and the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system will siphon off most of the moisture and blowby vapors, if the engine gets hot enough and runs long enough to boil the contaminants out of the oil.
If the oil is not changed, the oil may start to gel or form engine-damaging varnish and sludge deposits. Extending the interval between oil changes can save money by reducing the quarts of oil that have to buy (and filters), but it also reduces the quarts of waste oil your driving generates over time.

If you can't find a place to recycle your used motor oil, pour it through a coffee filter, blend it with heating oil (the more dilute, the better) and burn it in an oil heater. With a Mityvac fluid extractor, the entire oil change on a MB can be accomplished without getting under the car.
Originally Posted By: SIXSPEEDWith a Mityvac fluid extractor, the entire oil change on a MB can be accomplished without getting under the car. I use Mityvac to do oil change plus ATF and brake bleeding.The Mityvac paid for itself within one year of use.
The amount of money that you spend on any undertaking is money that cannot be put to work in a more productive fashion. The thing about changing the oil in your car is that in all likelihood it took you longer than two hours to do it as you had to get the ramps off your dad and drive over to your friends house and you would have spent time thinking about how exactly you were going to do it. I only use synthetic so for me it is cheaper to do it myself, and I can be sure that the job is done right. The Website is intended to provide general information only and does not attempt to give you advice that relates to your specific circumstances. Even to this day, it’s usually the most complicated thing that most people own, and this makes it seem quite daunting at times.
After World War I, cars starting being used by people around the world, but owning an automobile was quite complicated. Obviously, we’re not suggesting you change the oil yourself in an expensive BMW or Porsche, so this guide is more for you weekend mechanics out there who want to save a few bucks.
The equipment you need is no that expensive and will only set you back about the same as five to six professional oil changes. It should be about 3 or 4, but you should definitely check your owner’s manual before buying. Take off the oil filler cap, because if you don’t the oil will come out very uneavenly, sort of like water coming out an upside down bottle. The oil sits in a pan on the bottom of the engine block and to change it, you have to undo the plug underneath.
Too much is worse than too little, so if for example your car takes 3.5 liters, stop and 3 and check your stick. On some of these (Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Volvo), a scan tool or a special service tool is required to reset the oil service reminder light. Even so, after several thousand miles of driving many of the essential additives in the oil that control viscosity, oxidation, wear and corrosion are badly depleted.
7.5 quarts M1 5w40, Wix cartridge oil and (2) air filters.Where's the filter on this car, topside or underneath? My local MB dealer wants $150 for oil+filter in 2004-2005 and $200 now, I can do it with Mityvac in less than 40-45 minutes for less than $50-60, because I bought oil on sale and filter online. I have heard so many stories about the filter not being changed because someone was lazy, or from personal experience, the mechanic leaving items in the car, getting home and finding a rag or a wrench left under the hood(score!). You should discuss your specific requirements and situation with a qualified financial adviser. You had hundred of things that you had to lube up every hundred miles or so and you constantly had to pump oil into the engine, sometimes by hand. The trend is for cars, especially the small ones, to never need maintenance in as many departments as possible. If you buy your own floor jack, jack stands, basic tool kit and oil pan, you’ll be set for life!
After you’re done with your old oil, definitely find a recycling center that takes it and safely disposes of it, because if you just dump it in the sewage, it could pollute a lot of water. Some bricks or pieces of wood will work, but you should’t do this alone in case something happens. Most mechanics recommend you rub some oil on the rubber gasket you see at the top, which is supposed to give you a better seal.

The oil no longer has the same viscosity range it had when it was new, and it contains a lot of gunk (moisture and acids from combustion blowby, soot, dirt and particles of metal from normal wear).
At this point, the oil begins to break down and provides much less lubrication and protection than when it was new. So you need a big catch pan (or two small ones) and you need to be on your toes to make sure that it doesn't spill all over the place.
I am not good at carpentry or electrical work either, and if a plumbing job around my house requires more than a quick jiggle of the toilet handle, I’m lost there as well.
I can probably change a flat tire if I was really desperate, but I absolutely do not and cannot change my own oil and oil filter. I know that this example is fairly simple and set in the past, but the same would have been true had we done the work yesterday as well. Now washing dishes isn’t the most productive use of my time and I spend a good hour every evening washing and drying the dishes. For example, the dual clutch gearboxes that are replacing automatics are dry, so you don’t have to worry your transmission fluid is getting dirty. Again, used sold metal point to place them, and shake your car a bit to ensure it’s stable. The reason the oil gets so dirty is that when your fuel burns, it also produces carbon, which causes overheating. If for some reason you can’t take the oil filter off by hand, you need an adjustable oil filter wrench. Put the new filter back on, but make sure the old rubber gasket from the other filter isn’t stuck on.
You can't really tell much about the condition of the oil by its appearance alone because most oil turns dark brown or black after a few hundred miles of use. There are many times though when I am tempted to try my hand at what is supposed to be a simple task like changing my own oil in my car, but then I run a quick cost benefit analysis in my head. My best friend and I tried to change the oil on my 1990 Oldsmobile once when we were teenagers, but after two hours of monkeying around and a quart of oil spilled on his parents’ driveway, our days of being automobile mechanics was over.
From this simple task I can see that the people who make the real money are those clever enough to realize what they are good at and spend most of their time doing it.
However, depending on how you use your Tacoma determines how often you .How to Change an Air Filter on a Toyota Tacoma. The threads are very fine, so don’t over tighten the filter or they could get damaged. I'm using it, no going back now.Thanks so much for the PDF, and why do ze Germans make things so complicated?!?! It could be well worth your time to know your break even opportunity cost for doing any menial task. We thought that we were slick driving my hand-me-down car up onto the wheel ramps that I borrowed from my dad.
If you could better spend your time, money, and energy making money, maybe you should outsource some of these tasks.
I ended up driving too far, too fast and almost crashed my car into my friend’s garage. Another example might be a real estate investor who spends his time fixing up his rental property instead of hiring a property manager. Sure a manager eats into your profits, but wouldn’t it be a better use of your time looking for new real estate deals that could earn you tens of thousands of dollars instead of fixing a clogged drain?
It is counterproductive to save pennies when you spend several dollars for the right to save those few cents.

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