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Just because its go a white or black roof it does not make it a Mini Cooper nor does it mean that if it has a body coloured roof does it mean its not a Cooper. The following is a guide to help you through the stages of buying an authentic Cooper or Cooper S. Advice given in the past to verify a Cooper is a Cooper included looking for items such as the correct speedometer, seats and exterior trim.
If you can look at the heritage certificate check on the body shell for at lease some signs of the original colour and check that the chassis plate concurs with the documents as is correct for the production dates (see table below).
One good area to check for originality and also crash damage is in the boot, Coopers had a plywood boot floor with the other minis did not. Twin fuel tanks were originally an option on the Cooper S (standard from Jan 1966) but twin tanks does not make it a Cooper S as these are available as an after market fitting. At the same time as the standard fitting of twin tanks an oil cooler was added to the Cooper S which was mounted just behind the front grill, this was a great improvement on the up till now optional cooler fitted below the dynamo.
Engines will have been probably swapped about by now but if you are after originality you will have to find one where the car and heritage certificate match up.
Clues to an early body shell include checking the sun visor fixings, up until October 1964 they were mounted on chrome hinges, later models had longer sun visors which were hinged at the top corner of the windscreen surround rail. To find the next giveaway to a shells age you have to lift the front carpets, the MKI Cooper and S had a remote gear lever which enters the floor pan via a nice neat hole. The MKI Cooper and S trim was always two tone and usually featured a gold fleck as the second colour except when the main colour was green or grey the second colour was plain grey. The exterior bright work on MKI and MKII Cooper and S models is different from the standard Mini with unique grille, bumper overiders (corner bars on MKI) and stainless steel window and door trims. This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Pelican Parts' new book, How to Maintain and Modify your new MINI The book contains 240 pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to changing your brake pads. The filter used on the MINI Cooper and Cooper S is a cartridge-style filter mounted inside a canister on the back of the engine. Use a 36mm socket with a long breaker bar to reach the nut cast into the top of the filter housing.
Carefully pull the old filter out of the housing and examine it for metal particles or other debris. It's a good idea to clean out the inside of the oil filter housing before installing the new oil filter cartridge. Clean the inside of the filter housing cover then remove the old O-ring at the bottom of the threads. Take the new O-ring from the kit and carefully stretch it over the threads of the filter housing cover and into the groove at the bottom. On both the Cooper and Cooper S, the oil filter housing has been moved to the front of the engine.
On both Cooper and Cooper S models, use a 27mm socket to loosen and remove the oil filter housing cover. This picture shows the oil service light reset after scrolling through the service menu on the MINI.
Comments: That is a classic photo of oil filter neglect, usually by quick oil change companies without the proper filter in stock.
Followup from the Pelican Staff: I would assume you have either a pressure drop, sensor failure or wiring issue. Comments: One trick I learned working at an auto mechanic's shop - always make sure you can get the oil filler cap unscrewed before you unscrew the oil drain plug. Followup from the Pelican Staff: Use an oil that is approved by BMW, ACEA A3 long life oil. Comments: HI, It seems that the gargae which changed the oil on my 2003 Mini Cooper R50 over tightened the filter housing, and consequently when removing it the housing canister split.

Followup from the Pelican Staff: The later engine canisters should be fine, I recall them being a replacement. Comments: We just had a $90 oil and filter change at the MINI dealer and I have a question. Followup from the Pelican Staff: I would think there would be wrench marks on the hex boss. Comments: what is the oil capacity of 2014 mini cooper s and do you sell the oil filter for it ?
There is nothing wrong with buying a modified Mini with Cooper parts but it should be reflected in the price you pay as genuine Cooper's are always going to more desirable and therefore more costly to buy.
This is still good advice but all of this is available again as remanufactured items or can be bought second hand at auto jumbles or eBay and the fakers have become wise to this and replace them. It is easy to buy new chassis plates but these differ from the originals and light marks around the stamped figures are just visible on the new ones. To see if the right hand side tank was an original fitting the best place to check is the vent pipe that is held in place by spot welded clips on the seat back under the parcel shelf, these are very difficult to fake. The engines fitted all should have removable tapped covers and a single core plug at the clutch end of the cylinder block. It was clipped at the other end and as the visor could swivel there was also a clip above the door, as these clips went into square holes it is another difficult area to fake.
Check this hole and also that the standard hole for the Mini's long gear lever is sealed with a blanking plate. The MKI's had a very unique interior .Almost all MKII's had black vinyl trim from the Mini Super Deluxe but the MKIII did even worse with identical trim to the Mini 1000 in a range of colours.
With more than 500+ full-color glossy photos accompanying extensive step-by-step procedures, this book is required reading in any MINI owner's collection.
Frequent oil changes are perhaps the most important procedure you can do to maintain and prolong the life of your engine.
These cars use a computer system called Condition Based Service (CBS) which needs to be reset after changing the oil.Get in the car and do not press the brake or clutch pedal.
The oil filter kit shown here includes the filter and also a new O-ring for the filter housing cover. When my husband went to change the oil a spring fell out and we didn't realize there was a cage in the filter so it was thrown away. Do they leave debris or oil in the pan or it's not more than a traditional drain from the pan? That is only way to be sure the oil in bottom of pan gets out, along with whatever is in it. For the record the standard Mini had a 90mph speedometer, the Cooper had a 100mph speedometer and the S had either a 120 or 130mph speedometer.
Also look at the number 7's, the originals were straight where as the reproductions will have a slight curve to them. There should be 2 on the seat backs either welded or pop riveted on and two next to the boot lid hinges. Again if your looking at an S it is important to check the position of the voltage regulator and fuse box. All Cooper S cylinder heads have 11 fixings (standard engine has 9) with the extras one being a stud at the clutch end of the engine and a bolt at the radiator end.
With the better oils that are available today, the requirement for frequent changes is diminishing. Now insert the key and press the start button to turn the car on, but do not start the car.
Remove the top slowly to allow the oil to drain back into the housing, and underneath you will see the cartridge filter.

It's a good idea to have plenty of paper towels on hand to clean up any oil that may have spilled out of the housing. Also remove the old filter housing O-ring (green arrow) and place the new O-ring from the filter kit in its place. Once out their doors they can say anyone could have neglected it because people dont check to see if it has been changed and I have repaired more than one motor for this neglect in changing the oil filter and only the oil. After the warranty ran out, considering how the many miles I've driven it; I've been doing what any maintenance I could on it on my own.
To make sure its genuine you must dig deeper and the first place to look is the paperwork with the car to make sure you have the right car to start with and it is not unknown for a standard Mini shell has been converted to Cooper or S spec or for MII shells to be used to make MKI lookalikes (MKI's have a narrower rear window).
If the latter two are missing then start looking for accident damage which has been replaced with out the brackets and must been a serious one to require such major surgery.
To make room for the added brake servo the regulator was moved further back in the engine bay.
Even though MINI recommends oil change intervals that are much farther apart than in the past, I usually recommend that you keep the changes under the 5,000-mile limit.
Fill it up until it reaches the top mark of the dipstick - the engine oil level will automatically lower when the oil filter fills up with oil. If the documents are from a scrapped Cooper or S then you will have to look a lot harder and perform the usual check for cars that are stolen or ringers.
On rubber cone S models the regulator is mounted flat on the bulkhead cross member with the connections facing the carburettors while the fuse box was fitted above the regulator.
If you don't drive your car too often, you should change the oil at least once a year to keep things fresh.The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you have everything that is required for the job. On the last install of the new oil filter I found a spare part that I did not recognize laying on the ground just as I was cleaning up. Nothing is more frustrating than emptying your oil, only to find out that you don't have a replacement filter or enough oil.
We put it where it looked like it locked down but no we keep getting the low oil pressure light on when the car is in idle.
You will need an oil filter kit, (See Figure 1) a 13mm socket, a 36mm socket, a new drain plug, a roll of paper towels, a very large oil pan or bucket, and 5 quarts of oil. I have no idea where the small part came from as it seems to have broken off from small pegs possibly from within the oil filter housing. Can you tell me where the spring goes or send me a picture to show me where it goes and what it attaches too? You'll want to empty your oil when it's hot, because the heat makes the oil flow a lot easier, and more particles of metal and dirt will come out when the oil is emptied.Once you get the car parked, place the oil pan bucket underneath the engine. At the bottom of the engine sump there is a 13mm plug that is used for draining the oil from the engine. Remove this plug carefully, and make sure you have a very large oil pan: at least a 7-quart capacity - under it, with a drip pan underneath in case you underestimate. The oil will be very hot, and will empty out extremely quickly, so be careful not to burn yourself (wear rubber gloves). You are now in the service menu.Use the BC button (on the turn signal stalk) to scroll through the various service symbols until you get to the oil service symbol.

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