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When I bought my Rubicon back in '01 a giod freind of mine was an oil distributor and if I rember correctly the Honda oil at the time was regular SG rated engine oil from Shell. With almost 11,000 miles using Valvoline ATV oil I think I will continue using it, I am 110% satisfied and see no reason to switch to another brand or type of oil. I could not find Valvoline ATV locally, but I did find Valvoline Motorcycle 10W-40, says it's safe for wet clutches, etc.. In order to be able to post messages on the Honda Foreman Forums : Rubicon, Rincon, Rancher and Recon Forum forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.
In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Motor oil also acts as a lubricant to keep the metal parts of the engine from directly contacting one another and also serves as a means to help dissipate heat.
Thank you for your help, kinda desperate here as I just found this out and am leaving in the morning. 17mm socket on the drain plug and make sure you do not over tighten it, it will break the case.
She is just going to change the oil because it will be sitting over the winter, is it necessary to change filter as well?
02 4.2l oil change questions - chevy trailblazer, I have a few ?s about my first diy oil change. Dealer overfilled engine oil - juke forums, 2013 juke s awd i had my 7,500m service done at the dealer a couple months ago.
The 2010s have new engines that call for motor oil changes every 15k miles or 12 months (twice the interval of pre-2010s), so regardless of how you feel about such.
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My use of the 2012 Honda CR-V for last month's trip to Monterey and Oregon came with one caveat: I would have to change the oil (or have someone else change it) before I set out. The end drive oil filter wrench comes from the same auto parts store, but I bought the oil filter and new drain plug washer at my local Honda dealer. The CR-V has a forward center jack point that protrudes from a convenient notch in the plastic undercover. That forward jack point is especially fortunate because it makes it easy to put jackstands under the reinforced jack points. The plastic undercover contains a hatch that must be removed to gain access to the filter and drain plug. Trouble is, the drain plug you see here is not tight at all, as I don't have to exert myself in the least to break it free. Honda is one of those companies that suggest you install a new drain plug washer every time. In all the oil-stained excitement I forgot to take a picture of myself removing the filter. Looks like I've got a bit more oil to wipe up, and I musn't forget to tighten that drain plug.
Once these are checked (and double-checked) it's time to reinstall the hatch and remove the jack stands to get the car back on level ground.

The 2012 CR-V's oil life monitor is ridiculously easy to reset using steering wheel controls.
Being a car owner naturally takes a lot of responsibility in order to maintain its optimum performance. One of the most important aspects to look at is the schedule of change oil service for your vehicle. To save on some hard earned cash, it is a good idea to go online and look for a Honda Oil Change Coupon. Before you make the commitment with a single change oil coupon, there are a few important things to accomplish. Clichés aside, because of the improvements in petrochemical engineering and advancements in the materials and techniques in manufacturing automobile engines, the interval between oil changes has significantly increased. As oil circulates through the engine of your vehicle it will start to pick up contaminants.
As the oil in your engine starts to age, it breaks down and is less and less effective and performing its true functions. We strive for a level of personal service that can only be found at a place with best and most highly-trained service departments in the area. Another thing is pay attention to the oil filter, you do not want to install that backwards or it will not flow oil. The second pic is of the oil filter and you just remove the philip screw on the black plastic cover to get to it. But the unusual nature of our track testing regimen has led us to halve the interval of the very first oil change. But, let's face it, our test days at Auto Club Speedway are not unlike an autocross weekend. It's part of a perimeter subframe that encircles and supports the engine, transmission and front suspension. I'm not sure what that factory pen mark is supposed to represent, but it is not near tight enough in my book. You can barely see the scoring on the left one, but that's the telltale that marks it as used. My trusty Rubbermaid drain pan is excellent for this because its gasketed screw top lid doesn't leak and slosh oil all over the car.
One of the most inconvenient things to happen to you while you are on your way to work or on a long weekend road trip is for your car to break down in the middle of nowhere.
Obviously, most cars are different and would have an equally different time frame for a change oil service. You may have gotten loads of coupon offers online or through way of snail mail in the past and may have gotten yourself into some unfortunate situations because of this. Looking through as much websites as possible will widen your scope to obtaining the most ideal special offer for your vehicle.
I hope I didnt make a mistake either but I dont think I did, I thought I heard my Foreman breathe a sigh of relief, lol. Whether you are first time customer or have come to us for every oil change and filter replacement during the 100,000 miles you have been driving that Honda Civic we are here to serve you quickly and with the utmost integrity. Also, don’t forget to use our online appointment generator if you need to bring your Honda car, truck or SUV in for service.

The fill is on the left side (sitting on the machine) and also has a black plastic cover over it but that one will pull right off without removing any screws. We'd recommend you change your oil more often just the same if you counted autocrossing or track days among your weekend pursuits. But this sort of perimeter subframe is not something that every car has, so it's quite common to find cars that lack such a front-and-center jack point.
As for the new one, it cost 30 cents at the dealer, the same place I bought the new filter.
To avoid scary and inconvenient occurrences such as this, it is essential to create a regular schedule and check-up for your vehicle. In addition to this, depending on the vehicle’s mileage, the need for a change oil service will also differ from another. You may have also heard a lot of horror stories from friends, co-workers and neighbors with regards to their bad couponing experiences. Once you have gathered some potential oil change coupons for Honda, it is important to read and understand every single detail written on it. Those contaminants and bits of particulate matter are screened out of the oil at the end of the cycle by the oil filter. I pour in 3.5 quarts to start, then run the engine for a minute or so to distribute it to the nether regions.
To make things simple though, it is safe to have change oil services every three months or every 3,000 miles.
Most coupons look seemingly simple and precise but watch out for those fine print details at the bottom. Naturally, as time goes by and miles start to accumulate, that filter will start to get old and worn and clogged with all of the bad things that are trapped inside. With this estimate calculation in mind, change oil services need to be accomplished approximately four times in a year.
There are still many of these coupons that can be beneficial in obtaining dollars in savings. If the oil filter isn’t changed and you keep putting off a Honda oil change in Austin, TX, that contaminated fluid will start to bypass the filter entirely and can lead to severe engine damage. This could easily add hundreds of dollars of unexpected expenses and could not always be affordable. If these exclusions are not an issue for you, then you can keep the coupon in your pile, so to speak. Once you have further trimmed down your choices, it is time to check the validity of the coupon. Make sure that the coupon you plan on using is valid within the period of your scheduled change oil. No matter how good the deal is, if it does not coincide with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, it would not be of good use to you. In order to get the latest and best deals within your car maintenance schedule, always go online and research on change oil coupon deals.

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