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The oil change indicator system was introduced on most 2008 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep models. Schedules A and B have long been a part of required and recommended maintenance on Chrysler Group vehicles.
With the introduction of the Oil Change Indicator system, that's going to change - customers are automatically notified via the cluster or EVIC that an oil change is required. The Oil Change Indicator system uses the Powertrain Control Module to process a variety of inputs and then decides on an oil change interval.
The system cannot keep track of dusty conditions or time elapsed since the last maintenance. Based on the inputs, at a fixed number of miles since the last reset, the Powertrain Control Module decides on the severity of the operating conditions. The EVIC message may also include A dealership's name and phone number, which can be programmed into the vehicle with a scan tool. In addition to the oil change, the related items listed in the Service Information should also be performed when service is indicated. 2013 model year vehicles will be equipped with a new variable automatic oil change indicator system. NOTE: ALWAYS CHANGE THE ENGINE OIL AND FILTER WHEN PROMPTED BY THE OIL CHANGE INDICATOR SYSTEM AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD OIL CHANGE INTERVALS EXCEED 10,000 MILES OR TWELVE MONTHS, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. New 6 months or 6,000 miles interval maintenance schedule and automatic oil change indicator. Maintenance schedule revised to 12 months or 10,000 miles (Except SRT models and Diesel engines).
Prior to changing your oil, you will need to pick up some supplies at you favorite parts store.

Michael Walker is a freelance author providing tips and hints on engine related topics such as JDM motors, used import engines and engine swaps. My locale dealer, Palm Beach Mercedes Benz (One of the largest MB dealers) still drains the oil out the bottom.
However, on vehicles manufactured for export markets, this indicator is electronically disabled. In addition, the system does away with Schedules A and B and instead combines both into easy-to-use lists and tables. In fact, it is possible for the maximum allowable maintenance time interval to elapse without an oil change reminder. If one or more of the conditions indicates severe use, the PCM sends a message over the bus so that the appropriate message can be displayed. However, the dealership must receive the customer's approval before adding this information.
Oil changes prompted by the oil change indicator system can be recorded in the oil change log section. Rotate at the first sign of irregular wear even if it occurs before the oil indicator system turns on.
First, elevate the vehicle off the ground using your car jack, just enough to access the underside of the engine.
Re-Intsall plastic engine covers on the bottom of the car with 8mm socket and lower jack(s). To suck the oil out simpley put suction tube in oil output hole (see photos 1 below) and make sure tube goes all the way to the bottom. Change to standard display (mileage) on the multifuction display (computer display under speedometer).

Press and hold ^ or V on steering wheel for 3 seconds until "ENGINE OIL LEVEL - MEASUREMENT IN PROGESS! In such a case, it is the owner's responsibility to ensure that maintenance is performed according to the recommended interval.
If the PCM decides that the normal service interval applies, it waits until additional mileage has accumulated before sending out the request for a message.
Hitting the trip button will temporarily end the message, and it will reappear with the next key cycle. Severe operating conditions can cause the change oil message to illuminate AS EARLY AS 3,500 MILES SINCE THE LAST RESET. Monitors driving habits, hardware differences and environmental conditions continuously compared to the previous system that did not adjust the oil drain interval beyond 3,500 miles.
The oil pan covers the entire bottom of the engine, and this is what you will be draining from. You should see that it’s one quart high, and this is just because the filter is not yet full. If you have a quart or two of one brand already at home, make sure you purchase additional quarts of the same kind.) With every oil change, you should always change your oil filter as well.
Your best bet is to purchase one that can seal so that you can easily take it to be recycled.

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