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In order to keep your Mac secure, it is good to set an administrator password which must be difficult to guess for others. Users who require higher than usual security measures often set a firmware password on a Mac, which requires that a password be entered before the typical OS X boot sequence begins. Do note that a firmware password is not the same as an administrator password or the general computer password used to login to a Mac. If the password you’re having trouble remembering is a general Mac login or administrator password, you can reset it with these instructions instead. Always check your caps key and num lock key before entering or modifying passwords, often mistakes are as simple as that.
Obviously you’ll need to enter a password to gain access to Firmware Password Utility, so why is this even mentioned, right? You can contact the official Apple Support channels by phone, or schedule an appointment with a Genius Bar at a local Apple Store. In most cases, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the Mac which has a locked firmware password in order for them to unlock the computer in question. 3: The firmware locked Mac is not included in the above list, and the password reset didn’t work, what now? But if you’re the do-it-yourself type (like myself), then you will find that many older Macs, particularly those that allow you to upgrade and change RAM yourself, allow a hardware bypass to get around firmware passwords by physically removing memory from the computer and following the instructions offered here. Please read the article to understand this is not a risk, to reset the firmware password you need proof of ownership provided to Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. I remember that using a firmware password disables a Mac’s ability to boot from a drive other than the selected boot drive, thereby making option 1. Yes you are correct, the article format needs to be clarified and updated if this is causing some confusing, apologies. If your in the OS you could boot off another volume with the firmware tool, but that is about it with the new models or call Apple. Like mentioned the older models you could change the amount of memory and reset the PRAM and that usually turned it off. Yes correct, a firmware password is required immediately and no alternative boot modes can be entered. We use Symantec Endpoint on our PCs at work and although I know the OS and the hardware is different I can’t help but remember how helpless everybody was when the encryption key was corrupted and I lost the whole drive. When I attempt to use sudo in the terminal, the reply is enter password, which I don’t have and never remember setting it.
We bought a Macbook Air on Craigslist and my wife wanted to do a factory reset on it because the previous owner’s info pops up, like their login id and that it is searching for Macbook Pro. Hey sdpoulter, I wonder if there are enough of us to start a class action suit against Apple.
I went AGAIN to apple store today hoping for some sympathy or change of position on Apple’s part. The extent of the protection should be – IF your computer is stolen – F-ing REPORT IT STOLEN!

I’m running into this same issue, but I know several people in similar tech fields, including Apple employees. Users can unlock the firmware password as described above, but Apple wants the original receipt because they want proof of ownership, they are not going to unlock the firmware password for a stolen Mac, for example. Hmmmm if you go to buy a MBP you should probably learn to check to make sure they clean and rest the computer so that its a clean slate for you before you buy it and that includes the EFI.. My Macbook Pro is locked by a theif using the findmyiphone in my stolen IPHONE 6, I already showed to apple my receipt and my box but they cant allow my mac to be reformatted because the serial number is not indicated in the receipt(not my problem anymore because the store forgot to include it ). I have a macbook air 2010 and bought when the owner did not know it had set the firmware password, but was set up and it turned out that he had no way to get it. You can try rebooting the Mac into Safe Mode (hold down Shift key on boot) and see if that helps, if so it may be a kernel extension or system plugin that is causing the problem. It’s also possible that you may need to reinstall OS X if the kernel panic persists on the Mac. These locally stored passwords will override any password request coming form the networked resource and as such, if the passwords don't match, access will not be granted.
You can either update the password in the current Keychain or delete the password from the Keychain. Alternatively you can also open the Keychain Access application by using the search option on Mac. Once you have started the Keychain application, a list of stored keychains will appear. Advanced users who spend a fair amount of time in the command line may wish to adjust their sudo password expiration to be more secure (or less secure, by extending the password grace period timeout). In order to change or remove the sudo password grace period timeout, we’ll be using visudo, this trick applies to Mac OS X as well as linux by the way. You can also adjust timeouts to specific users, which is helpful if you have added a user to sudoers and want to set a specific password grace period for an individual user account. There is quite a bit more to learn about the sudoers file which may be relevant to advanced users on Mac OS X and linux platforms, exploring the man page is helpful and offers many other options. Here is the process that how a Mac Admin user can change his password, and set passwords for other users as well. It will ask to enter New Password, Verify password, Password Hint, so fill the fields and click Reset Password button. While these low level passwords are quite secure, but that higher security also means a forgotten firmware password can be a significant problem. Because sometimes it works, maybe because of user error when typing the password to begin with.
There may be exceptions for a variety of unusual circumstances, discuss those with them if necessary. That is a fairly technical process, which makes it appropriate for advanced users and systems administrators, but it should not be attempted by a person with novice computer experience. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

A criminal would not have that documentation (like a receipt in your name and the computer registered in your name, for example). If I remember correctly, they send you some encrypted disk images and a terminal command that you have to use to put it onto a dedicated USB drive. I bought my Macbook Pro a year ago from a doctor who is now out of the country and hard to contact. Word on the street is that they need the original receipt because there are password bits in the original transaction numbers or something. The Console app can sometimes help to locate the problematic issue, find the kernel panic in the Console log and look for what was running immediately before it, it can sometimes be telling. Rarely, it could be a hardware issue causing the kernel panic, like a component or some other accessory. Typically this means removing any password timeout so that the default five minute password cache is abandoned, thus requiring the root password to be entered anytime a command is prefixed with sudo. If you do not know what you’re doing with sudo, vim, or visudo, and are not very experienced at the command line, do not attempt to change any of this.
Thanks for showing me how!i»?Kev P: I tried this but every time i A go to airport ulitity it keeps telling to rescan that it can't find the wifi network, but i know it works because I am able to use the internet. So, in order to keep your Mac secure its important to create a strong password for Admin or you can reset it after a specific time period. Nonetheless, if you wind up in a situation where you or another user has forgotten a low level firmware password on a Mac, don’t panic, because you may be able to recover the password or bypass it using one of the methods outlined below. With that said, it does work, and I’ve had to use it myself before in a variety of interesting IT and troubleshooting situations. I selected the option to allow Apple to store my decryption key, so if I forget my password, I can get help. Two days ago my housemate copied an older Mac OS from a disk onto a thumbdrive on my machine and forgot to remove the disk. The apple ID in the mac is registered under my name matches my ID but they never considered. A broken sudoers file can lead to a huge swath of problems and issues, and may require restoring from a backup. It’s true that having this info out on the internet is kind of sketchy for people with older Macs though. It says "Please enter user name!" when I leave it blank.i»?Axel FC: what do I do if I am trying to change the password for a linksys wifi extender? A solution to this second hand sale glitch helps the seller and the buyer buy more Apple products. Trying to remember what my password was that I put in from Netgear would NEVER have happened without this tutorial.

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