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A MAC address is a unique 48-bit hexadecimal identifier assigned by a manufacturer to a networking device such as a network card when it is manufactured.
Use Lizardsystems Find Mac Address to find the MAC address remote computer and and network hardware manufacturer. This tool is an easy way to find the MAC address of a local or remote computer on the network. Note: After changing mac address disable and then enable again the network adapter using Control Panel. Dark Mode inverts the menu in OS X Yosemite and later to white text on a translucent back background.
Some advanced Mac users require having the root user enabled in OS X for administrative or troubleshooting purposes. To be perfectly clear, this means that the root login account could have a different and unique password from a systems administrator account. There are a few ways to change the root user password in Mac OS X, we’re going to show you how to change it with the Directory Utility application that was used to enable the root account in the first place. Do note the password change will apply to root regardless of how it was enabled, either through the command line or Directory Utility in OS X.
As already mentioned, this means you can set a different password for the broader root login from any administrator level account.
Remember that once you change the root account password it will be necessary to enter the new password anytime the sudo command is invoked, or anytime a user wishes to login directly with the root user. If you want root access remotely, make a public private key pair and ssh into root with that instead.
Advanced users who spend a fair amount of time in the command line may wish to adjust their sudo password expiration to be more secure (or less secure, by extending the password grace period timeout).
In order to change or remove the sudo password grace period timeout, we’ll be using visudo, this trick applies to Mac OS X as well as linux by the way.
You can also adjust timeouts to specific users, which is helpful if you have added a user to sudoers and want to set a specific password grace period for an individual user account. There is quite a bit more to learn about the sudoers file which may be relevant to advanced users on Mac OS X and linux platforms, exploring the man page is helpful and offers many other options.
Though iPhone and iPad apps are generally very stable, sometimes you’ll encounter an application that crashes at random. The other option is to delete the Apple Setup file to trick the Mac into thinking it just came off the truck from the factory.

This looks a little more cryptic than the mount command but it’s not too hard to decipher if you break it into groups.
After executing this command, press the power button to turn the Mac back on and you’ll see the setup introduction screens. Thanks for this but will all files and programs be retained, or does this effectively wipe the system? This nearly wiped all the files I had, thousands of pictures and countless other thing, and didnt even work.
My 2009 IMAC was not recognizing my password and therefore not allowing me to login after I replaced the hard drive and restored it from a time machine backup.
I have yosemite 10.10 I am unable to login the admin user and pass are not working SOMEONE please assist me in resetting The guest will not allow me to perform functions that must be completed for work uh YESTERDAY!!!
Hi a week ago guy came in our store with MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012) and problem is that he cannot do anything right now. Hey when I go into single user mode it pops up and then goes away as if it’s been blocked anyway to get around? The next time you’re on campus, plug into the network with a network cable and restart your computer to the Windows side. After you change your password and connect to LeopardSecure, you will be prompted to enter your new password. If you are still unable to connect to LeopardSecure, you will need to edit the wireless profile manually. Enter your Network username and password, and check the box to remember this password in my keychain. First six numbers a MAC address comprise the Organizational Unique Identifier and are assigned by the IEEE, the last six numbers represent the interface serial number. You can spoof the MAC address, set the MAC address of another manufacturer or generate a random MAC address in just several mouse clicks. While many will keep the root user account password the same as their general administrator password, this is not always recommended for some situations, and thus these Mac users may wish to change the root user account password in OS X. Of course it could be the same as well, but because there is potential for differing passwords, be sure to not forget one or the other, otherwise you could run into some trouble. This us unlike a more general administrative login account in OS X where the admin account username and password may change, depending on the login credentials for a given user account. Or the passwords can be the same, it’s up to you and what is most appropriate for your situation.

This applies to anything using root from the command line or the general OS X GUI, whether executing scripts, command strings, launching GUI apps as root, or whatever else is requiring direct root usage. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!
I already faced trouble with my older Air, and got locked out due to some bug in OS X Public beta. Typically this means removing any password timeout so that the default five minute password cache is abandoned, thus requiring the root password to be entered anytime a command is prefixed with sudo.
If you do not know what you’re doing with sudo, vim, or visudo, and are not very experienced at the command line, do not attempt to change any of this. I did this coding suggestion and it started up like a new computer but after finishing registering it things got funky. Previously Windows 7 was installed and he tried to install OS X but all bunch of thing went wrong so now mac is looking for password which he doesn’t have. By making the Mac think it’s a new setup, it will simply create a new account with administrator privileges.
The software can not only find the MAC address of a computer, but also detect the manufacturer of its network card. Your changes will be applied at once and they will be retained after you restart the system. Again, this is only appropriate for advanced Mac users who have a reason to be using the root user account to begin with.
A broken sudoers file can lead to a huge swath of problems and issues, and may require restoring from a backup. It had me go through the registration a couple of times and now when I reboot it gets stuck at the blue screen with the pinwheel… Please help!
If the installer appears, you will be prompted to enter your local Mac password during the installer. This is not the same as changing an admin users password, which are completely separate user accounts from the superuser root.

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