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I just bought a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone and found that while downloading apps which were greater than 50MB in size, I either needed Wi-Fi connection or a 3G connection. The procedure for creating one on Windows 7 was different. When I tried to do it on my Windows 8 Dell laptop, I found that the settings to Create an ad hoc network via Network and Sharing Center did not exist. The wireless Hosted Network is a WLAN feature supported on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and later with the Wireless LAN Service installed. The virtualization of a physical wireless adapter into more than one virtual wireless adapter sometimes referred to as Virtual Wi-Fi.
A software-based wireless access point (AP) sometimes referred to as a SoftAP that uses a designated virtual wireless adapter. You can get more details about the Wireless Hosted Network and the netsh commands here on MSDN. Click on the Sharing tab in the Ethernet Properties box and select Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.
You will have allowed Internet sharing and created a Wi-Fi hotspot of your Windows 8 laptop. To confirm, I opened Settings on my Nokia Lumia 920, selected Wi-Fi, and was able to connect the phone to my laptop, using the set password.
Thus, I created WiFi hotspot in Windows and I was able to download large apps too on my Windows Phone. If your wireless network lacks a secure password, anyone in range of your router can access your network.
Once you've changed the password on the router, you'll need to change it for every computer or other device that uses your Wi-Fi network.
Windows Click the Wi-Fi icon in the notification area (located in the lower-right corner of your screen), right-click your network, and select Properties.
In the resulting dialog box, click the Security tab, and enter the new password into the 'Network security key' field. You can't simply change the password here; you'll have to delete the network from your phone or tablet and recreate it. Tap Forget this Network near the top of the screen, and confirm.Tap the arrow-in-blue-circle icon to the right of your network.
Tap the Wi-Fi left-pointing arrow button near the top-left to go back to the previous screen. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. Freelance journalist (and sometimes humorist) Lincoln Spector has been writing about tech longer than he would care to admit.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
The limited connectivity issue is a vexing problem partially because the error is so freggin’ nebulous and also because you can easily waste an entire day trying to fix it. Usually most people try disconnecting and reconnecting and a few audacious neophytes try uninstalling the network adapter. The NetShell utility (netsh.exe) is a highly versatile tool that lets power users manage a myriad of computer processes right from the command line. If this only temporarily absolves the issue then the network adapter might be going into a sleep mode to conserve energy.
Click on the name of your Wi-Fi network and choose the Properties button in the lower left corner under.

If you’re iPhone, Blackberry or Galaxy S4 as a mobile hotspot, turning on Download over metered connections might just do the trick. When the Devices screen flips onto the screen, toggle the knob to On then logout and login to your computer to apply the change. Keep in mind you should try this even if you know for sure that you aren’t using a metered connection. No no no, I’m not talking about the audio processor created by Antares that hip hop producers use to make musical artists sound like musical robots. The first netsh command disables the scaling window in TCP after the second re-transmission of a SYN packet. Executing the above netsh commands changes the TCP Window size to 65,535 and enforces the change which precludes Windows 8 from flubbing with it again. Whenever your Wi-Fi network shows limited access try the simple stuff first like rebooting or reconnecting. Natalie, so the real problem is that your network connection (I’m assuming wireless) seems slower after upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 right?
Its possible when you upgrade to Windows 8.1 that the (Microsoft) dirver is installed by default, leading to some of the poor performance. This fixed most of the issue I experience, but I did run into a slight issue when my Wifi Adapter would go into powersave mode, which is where this article helped me.
I could not test this on any other network other than work since safe mode can’t seem to find other connections to internet I use. I would switch back to windows 8.0 , which ran perfect, except that the only way I can find to do this means having to reinstall everything all over again. After reading every help page I could find, and trying each suggestion to no avail, I finally reverted back to Win 8. Now no problems I can’t tell you how happy I am after so many months of wireless headaches. I got to thinking , the few times since I went back to 8.0 that my computer got a tad wonky I found that if I made sure I had downloaded all my Lenovo update it would fix everything that was wonky.
I tried all the methods for both wifi and lan connection, worked for 1 minute and again went back to the error.
Why go from one extremely corporate money sucking vacuum to another – might as well change one un-pinned grenade for another!
Unless you’re working with servers or mainframes, I doubt you need to be familiar with Unix, from which Linux was based from.
As a software engineer, programming on Linux is far superior as it makes better use of version control software like Git, and running from the Linux command line is a dream.
The joke is so prevalent when people who know nothing about computer technology… TALK ABOUT COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY. Mac virus scanners will also find things like towelroot, if you have a copy of the android apk sitting in a folder somewhere.
Windows 7 offers the Manage wireless networks link on the left side above Change adapter settings.
Right-click on the connection you are currently using (in my case Ethernet) to connect to the Internet and select Properties. Under Home networking connection, from the drop down menu, I selected Local Area Connections 12 and clicked on OK. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.

I was spending way too much time on this and I was planning to uninstall it back to windows 8.
I wasn’t surprised since I have been having a very difficult time downloading websites ever since the limited connectivity issue started.
With windows 8.1 I have found I have to uninstall and reinstall a lot of programs to get them to work again. I went on my Microsoft account and chatted with a rep from billing and MS refunded the cost of all the apps I had downloaded so I didn’t get re-charged for them.
Option #1 worked for me though perhaps you should consider adding Alec’s piece of advice.
I use a Windows computer because of its backwards compatibility and large software library. Switched from microsoft driver to manufacturers, restarted laptop, wireless connection still said limited but, when I clicked on it, it activated.
Replacing my (Broadcom) driver gave me a version which has all the damn parameters in Greek.
TRIED ALL OTHER RECOMMENDATIONS, BUT WHEN I CHANGED MY WIFI ROUTER CHANNEL FROM CHANNEL 6 TO CHANNEL 11, I HAVE NOT HAD ONE PROBLEM. Some pervert sitting in a car in front of your home could download child pornography, and the police may think that you're guilty. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. The engineers have problems to be sure, and Win 8.1 would be a wonderful OS if it worked to get us online, but the MS billing office was more than wonderful.
I think it’d be great for a college student that needs a decent laptop without the headache of upgrading an OS. Macs are great for dumbass college students who need to up their social standing with that pretty aluminum macbook.
But then resetting the computer back to factory settings (with Dell Backup and Restore) back to Windows 8 completely stabilized everything with the wireless issues. However, seeing your post, I decided to go back in to look at the settings after I was done; the computer seems to have reset the settings back to default after a restart so seems like an okay solution. By not buying a prebuilt Apple device, I can customize the hardware I want and take advantage of various sales.
I could purchase a cheap laptop and install Mac OS X on it and have a cheaper, more powerful laptop with a basic operating system.
They lack so much compatibility, ability to fix things through the backdoor (send it to cupertino is what mac would say.
Never EVER had these problems with WIN7 and I am getting to the stage where I will actually PAY for a version of WIn7 to downgrade this computer!!! Which I did by accident and had to reset the computer all over again — very very very frustrating! My new PC is full of issues and I spend more time in my control panel than doing my homework. However, because it’s so diverse and the time it takes to ensure software is compatible, this becomes its limitation.

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