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Ruler – Straight up and down so your shoulders, waist and hips look almost the same width when viewed from straight on. Just because you are in one of these categories does not mean you can’t alter the way your body looks, now don’t get me wrong I am not saying that you can go from being a ruler to an hourglass or visa versa, it just wont happen due to your genetics, build, your bone structure etc. Weight distribution can also play a role in what kind of body shape you have, your body may look one way but your actual basic body shape may be another. The distribution of body fat may be the reason for your particular body shape but cardio alone will not necessarily get the change you want, nor will it give you a more shapely and leaner body. The most effective way for losing body fat is, as mentioned above, to combine strength training with cardio. I suggest you stay away from working your abs directly (it is a myth that doing lots of ab exercises will help you lose fat around your belly).
This body type is usually the most desired body shape so all I can say for this one is – when designing an exercise program keep it balanced so you work your upper and lower body equally with strength training. A balanced strength training program so you work both your upper and lower body, your waist will begin to look smaller as your proportions change. Stomach vacuums are an exercise that will help give you a slimmer waistline, the aim is to build a stronger inner abdominal wall. Now draw your belly button in towards your spine as far as you can and hold it for as long as you can.
Don’t forget to keep breathing throughout the move, you will find your breathing is not as deep as normal when doing the vacuums. I encourage people to work towards being fit and healthy, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve and enhance what you have but remember there is no set way for how you should look.
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When I started my first 90 day fitness challenge I honestly believed in my heart and soul that after 90 days I would have this amazing transformation and be done with it.
What that first challenge did for me was give me the base I needed to start my fitness journey.
Now I will admit, I did not choose the most intense workout program for my first challenge. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am too honest to ever recommend a product to someone that I don't believe in.
To see the best results possible just contact me or another coach and get yourself in a challenge group!

If excess body fat goes straight to your hips and thighs and not your boobs or waist then you will look pear shaped – this could be changed by losing body fat. A balanced exercise program is important but when you want to change your body shape you may need to work harder on some areas than others. It will burn off fat which will help you slim down, but it wont necessarily make your body look better, it is possible to be slim and have wobbly bits and you don‘t want that! Strength training, weight training, resistance training, whichever you prefer to call it, is also going to help you burn off more fat, an increase in muscle mass means an increase in your metabolic rate. By working on your lower body with compound movements such as squats and lunges you will be also be strengthening your core so don’t worry your abs will not be neglected and will get stronger. You can also work your transverses abdominis, to pull your waist in tighter, by doing stomach vacuums but I suggest you don’t work your abs directly with isolation exercises, keep a strong core by performing compound movements and using free weights instead of machines.
I thought all it would take was the 90 days and I would never have to do anything ever again.
I am all for working on core exercises (it is important to have a strong core) but I don’t believe you need to do as many isolation exercises as people do, there are ways to get a strong core whilst doing other exercises e.g.
You want your muscles to be firm so that you get that toned look and strength training is what will do this.
You will also want to work your upper body, I suggest you combine compound movements in to 1 exercise such as squat with shoulder press. We all know you cannot spot reduce fat but by working on losing body fat it will start to go from all areas of your body and your body shape will change.
Don’t neglect your upper body as you want to work all your muscle groups but complete more exercises for your lower body to even your proportions out. That being said, in my first 90 days I lost 4 inches from my waist, 4 inches from my hips, and 4 inches from my chest! The key is to build up your upper and lower body to even out your shape and combined with losing body fat you will start to see your shape change.
Some people have that natural body type that when they make the changes necessary can transform completely in 60 or 90 days.
Don’t completely neglect your lower body but do more exercises for your upper body until your body shape looks more balanced.

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