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The choice was made to develop this desktop IDE as a plugin for the Eclipse Platform as it emerged as the most popular choice among the GF developer community. The plugin makes use of the newest GF features, and requires the latest developer version of GF to be installed on your system (instructions here). Select the GF Eclipse Plugin, and make sure the Contact all update sites during install to find required software option is checked. If your project has a folder named (External) you can safely delete this via the Eclipse Project Explorer.
If your workspace contains a log file gfep.log then you can safely delete it from your system.
If asked whether you want to add the Xtext nature to your project, you can safely say No (this prompt has been removed in newer versions).
Run the launch config and you will see the output from the GF compiler in the console view within Eclipse. The Eclipse console implementation does not support command history (up arrow) or auto-completion (tab). For validation to work correctly, the project’s Build Automatically option should be turned on. Sometimes you may get an entire file marked with errors, even though in fact there is only a single error which is causing the internal builder to fail. Please try to use the plugin for developing your own GF projects and report any issues you come up against.
Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. When I first learned Java, I was using an IDE called "BlueJ." It had this feature called "Scope Highlighting" which made it very easy to read blocks of code.
I've searched everywhere for an answer on how to do it but I cannot find any information pointing to a solution for doing it in Eclipse. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).

EditBox appears to be exactly what the OP was looking for, they should change their selected answer. This isn't exactly what you're after but you can put your cursor in a method and then click the Show Source Of Selected Element only button on the toolbar. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java ide scope highlighting bluej or ask your own question. What can I do to prevent my air conditioner from smelling moldy as the temperatures begin to rise? The Most Notable Advancement In Electronic Measuring In DecadesThe AMS Eclipse - Laser Electronic Measuring System Is the most Notable Advancement in electronic measuring the collision repair industry has experienced in decades.
Intelligent TargetsThe Eclipse Electronic Measuring System utilizes exclusive "Live Targets" with verification lights which inform the technician all systems are go and when all frame corrections have been properly restored. Special NoteOur Team Makes It Simple To Purchase The Equipment You Need To Be Successful And ProfitableThe Eclipse Electronic Measuring System can be in your shop in a matter of days , building your reputation and working hard producing quality repairs and documentation that backs you up in earning every labor hour you deserve.Click the financing banner for a free low payment quote and approval in less than an hour.
In particular, the ability to resolve identifier cross-references and browse external libraries quickly during development time is one of the primary motivations for the project. Support for the platform is vast and many tools for adapting Eclipse to domain-specific languages already exist.
By converting the GF grammar into the appropriate Extended-BNF form required by the LL(*) ANTLR parser, the framework provides a good starting point for future plugin development, already including a variery of syntax checking tools and some cross-reference resolution support. Notice the Outline view in the bottom-right offers a quite overview of your module structure. This console may also serve as the interactive GF Shell, depending on the Interactive Mode checkbox in your Run Configuration. If you can still see errors which you believe should be correct, try adding a space character to ensure the validation is re-triggered. I'm going to submit a feature request to see if Scope Highlighting can be officially added. Try double clicking your if statements bracket for example and watch eclipse highlight the entire scope.

Laser Technology with advanced algorithm software as used in the Aerospace Industry is infused into many areas of this top level automotive measuring system. The Scanner can be placed in any location under the vehicle or shot from the side.Years in Development, Tested and Proven in Aircraft Manufacturing and Collision Repair, the Laser Scanner surpasses all other measuring technology and is the new "Industry Standard" of electronic measuring for the collision repair industry. Unlike the zero-click Web IDE approach, using the GF Eclipse plugin (GFEP) will require some manual installation and configuration on the development machine.
The specific requirements of the GF language, particularly in the way of its special module hierarchy, mean that significant customisations to this generated base plugin are needed. This issue is particularly relevant when changes made to one module may induce errors in its descendants (e.g.
I'm currently in the process of customizing Eclipse to my liking and would like this Scope Highlighting feature inside Eclipse. Although the Eclipse Electronic Measuring System has become the most technically advanced measuring system of it's category it has maintained it's very easy to use reputation. Each sweep of the laser precisely locates each target which then sends the measurements by radio transmission to the advanced software. In fact it is so easy to use, it is the only electronic measuring system offering Live Online Training by a solid tech support department. Customers can log on to the Eclipse training session and interact "Live" with the trainer as he instructs visually how to use the measuring system.
This is the only system that can offer this Live interactive training because it is simply that easy to use. This exclusive training comes Free at no charge with the purchase of the Eclipse Electronic Measuring System whenever it is needed.

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