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Out-of-date photo: Around 40,000 drivers are currently at risk of a fine for failing to update the photo on their photocard licence.
At the Post Office: Take your renewal letter or completed D1 form along to the Post Office a€“ not forgetting a passport style photograph, too. Online: To use this service you will need a valid passport a€“ because this is the photograph that will be used on the licence. Expired licence: Around 2million Brits have an expired licence, according to research from Direct Line a€“ equating to around A?2billion in potential fines. Here’s our at-a-glance guide to all you need to know about changes coming to your driving licence. If you have a photocard licence, the paper counterpart that goes with it is being abolished from the middle of 2015.
The changes take have been postponed from from the original start date of January 1, 2015 and will now come into effect on June 8, 2015. Luckily, this does not require any direct action from you – providing your licence details are all up to date and correct. The paper counterpart of your driving licence can be used to tell you how many penalty points you have, when they expire, what classes of vehicles you can drive and when the licence itself will need replacing.
Interested parties a€“ such as employers and holiday hire car firms a€“ will want to see the paper counterpart to check your driving history or entitlements,A so to prepare for the abolition of the paper counterpart, the DVLA is developing a new online service to reveal real-time driving data to parties who have a genuine reason to see it. Read our extended guide to ensuring you don’t have problems when collecting your holiday hire care here. The paper counterpart allows you to change your address, so abolishing it will remove the ability to do this. In fact, many motorists will find the change helpful by cutting the amount of documents they need to carry while travelling both in the UK and abroad. Driving licence changes coming into effect at the start of the holiday season could cause chaos for travellers picking up hire cars in foreign countries. What has this got to do with my holiday hire car: The DVLA is axing the paper counterpart that currently accompanies your driving licence photocard. But how does this affect collecting my holiday hire car: The paper counterpart contains information on penalty points and other traffic offences that hire companies want to check before letting you loose with their car.
This switch to a fully digital system is likely to make it harder for hire firms to check your driving record a€“ and some local overseas firms might not even know the change is coming.
So how will hire car companies check my record: From June 8, travellers will need to log on to the DVLAa€™s website the day before they fly, enter their driving licence and national insurance number to obtain an access code thata€™ll allow a car hire company to check their details via the internet when they arrive. How long does the code last for: The code will be valid for 21 days, so anyone hiring a car more than three days into their holiday will need to logon and get a new code a€“ potentially incurring hefty mobile data charges if they dona€™t have access to free Wi-Fi.
What if I forget to get an access code or to download a PDF: Arrive at the hire car desk without any of the above and the operator could be forced to ring the DVLAa€™s premium rate helpline, which costs up to A?3 a minute.
Do I need internet access to use the service: No, the DVLA spokesman assured us that the system will have an associated phone number for drivers to call and obtain a code.
I have the old-style paper licence a€“ is that okay: Yes, old-style paper licences are still legal and providing they are up to date, should be accepted at the hire desk as proof of your driving record.
Print: Logon to the DVLA site, as above, then download and print a copy of your record to give to the hire car company.
Dona€™t forget: Take your driving licence and National Insurance number with you a€“ just in case you lose your access code or have a change of plans and decide to hire a car. Many of those in the know have predicted chaos at foreign airports as holidaymakers attempt to collect their cars.
Many countries demand extra documentation from visitors driving on their roads, but the UK licence remains one of the most powerful in the world – with holders given instant access to the highway in most areas. Anyone applying for a new driving licence, or renewing a current one will now fly the flag for Britain. Transport Minister Claire Perry said: a€?Celebrating Britain strengthens our sense of national identity and our unity. In another new driving licence-based initiative, the MyLicence scheme is designed to help drivers get cheaper insurance quotes and cut the risk of driving without cover by failing to provide correct information about endorsements. Operated by the DVLA and Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB), the scheme shares digital information held on your driving licence with insurers, which will enable them to produce fast, accurate quotes and protect against unwittingly making false declarations regarding motoring convictions which could invalidate insurance cover. This will prove useful for drivers who need to check for motoring convictions after the paper counterpart section of the licence is axed in June 2015 a€“ leaving them with no locally held record of endorsements on their licence. What is MyLicence: This is a scheme that allows insurance companies to check your licence for convictions and entitlements.
Is it compulsory: No, but insurers can choose to not offer you a quote if you dona€™t provide your driving licence number. What are the benefits of MyLicence: The scheme will negate the need to endlessly enter huge amounts of personal details every time you apply for a quote. Can named drivers join the scheme: Yes and this could save more money and protect you from invalidated policies, according to the MIB and DVLA.
Why is it needed: The paper counterpart section of a photocard licence is where information on convictions and current penalties is held. Will my licence details be shared: Your personal details and driving record will only be used to calculate a motor insurance quote and wona€™t be shared with anyone.
Will parking fines be declared: Dona€™t worry, these are not kept on record by the DVLA so wona€™t be declared.
With the new MyLicence scheme making it more likely that insurance companies wona€™t quote without your driving licence number, ita€™s important to know what it is. So, if for any reason you cana€™t get your hands on the number, herea€™s how to find it online.
National insurance number – You can find your National Insurance number on your payslip, P60 or tax return. If our guide doesn’t cover all you need to know, then please send your question using the comments section at the base of this page. Changes to the driving licence have led to an increase in fraudsters attempting to exploit the confusion and trick drivers into giving out personal details. Do not respond: The DVLA has not sent out an email and would never ask licence holders to divulge information through an unsolicited email or phone call. Dona€™t respond to phone calls: As a rule, you should never disclose any personal details a€“ such as date of birth, passwords, pin numbers, passport number, address etc a€“ in response to an unsolicited phone call a€“ even if the caller claims to be from the police or your bank.
Dona€™t call back: Many scammers use a technique where they ask the a€?victima€™ to call them back, to give the impression ita€™s a genuine call. DVLA has warned of an email scam asking drivers to verify their driving licence and vehicle tax details via an online link. The DVLA will never send any unsolicited email or other correspondence asking for bank details or passwords. Changes to how your driving licence is managed is expected to create more such scams and a€?phishinga€™ emails a€“ made more likely by the online checking systems that replace the outgoing paper counterpart. Drivers over the age of 70 are being warned to ignore adverts offering to renew their licence for a fee.
This scam has been reported across the UK and police are concerned that recent changes to the UK driving licence will result in more people falling victim to the con. As with many Government-backed websites for services such as applying for passports and vehicle excise duty, there are copycat sites trying to take your cash for driving licence-related updates or applications. Photos for your driving licence photocard should adhere to the same guidelines as those for your passport pic (you won’t need to get it signed, though).
Here’s the latest news on how the new changes are affecting holidaymakers hiring cars. Please could you tell me if I need to change my address on my licence, as I have sold my house and am in temporary accommodation whilst I find another house, which hopefully will be soon. Hi I have filled in section 2 and signed section 7, of form D1, to change my address on my plastic driving licence, do I need to send the licence also, I tried to change my address on line but my post code was not recognise even with checking it on the post office find a post code site. I have send my provisional license and paper by post last week Monday, for change of address.How long does it to get it back? I had a provisional licence going back about 10 years it was in my maiden name I then didn’t carry on learning how to drive what have I got to do now do I have up purchase a new one in my new details. The UK paper counterpart driving licence is no more - we explain what the changes mean for you The UK paper counterpart driving licence has been axed in favour of the DVLA's new MyLicence online system. The paper driving licence will no longer be issued by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), so when you renew or change anything on your licence – such as your address - from now on, only a new photocard will be sent back and everything else will be recorded through the DVLA’s online database.

There has been some concern about how the changes affect things like hiring a car or even test-driving a potential new motor, but officials are reassuring motorists that the new system will improve things.
When you want to share your details for whatever reason, a code can be generated online that will enable the other party to access the required information.
The counterpart removal is part of a major "red tape" abolition policy by Government motoring agencies with many facets moving online, saving an estimated ?8 million.
Insurance companies will also be able to check drivers' licences using MyLicence in a move that's designed to cut down on fraud. There was previously some speculation and confusion that this change may cause problems with certain activities, such as hiring a car. Previously, the green section of paper was required mainly for hiring cars, but it is no longer valid. To get a code, drivers will need to log on to the DVLA website, but be warned, the code won't last forever. However, the DVLA has now extended this to 21 days after people complained if they didn't have access to the internet, they'd have to contact the DVLA via a premium phone number. You should destroy yours now - but you still need to keep your current photocard driving licence. From today, penalty points will no longer be recorded on paper licences and the information will be held on the DVLA's digital driver record. The police can access this information electronically at the roadside via the Police National Computer so the paper licence doesn't add anything extra. All endorsement notifications will be recorded electronically after any court proceedings and are detailed on the driver record held by DVLA.
Dealers are warning the scrapping of the counterpart could make even the simplest test drive an administrative nightmare. Dealers believe the imminent changes to these checks could significantly hamper a proportion of the 10,000-plus courtesy loan and test drives undertaken across the UK every day.
For more breaking car news and reviews, subscribe to Auto Express - available as a weekly magazine and on your iPad. You may have just passed your driving test and received your full UK driving licence or exchanged your foreign licence for a GB licence and wondered what the various codes and categories on your licence mean.
Displayed below is the front and rear view of a full United Kingdom driving licence along with each section explained.
Although the images below represent a genuine UK driving licence, the information contained on the licence is purely fictional and will not correspond with any DVLA data. Your licence personal details (1, 2 and 3): Fields 1, 2 and 3 of your photocard driving licence display your surname, first names, date and place of birth.
Date of driving licence issue, photo expiry, issuing authority (4): The date displayed in 4a is the date the photocard licence was issued. Licence holder’s signature (6): This is digitally reproduced and burned into the photocard from the signature you provided on the application form.
Issuing authority roundel (8): This shows the stamp of the EC authority that issued the driving licence. Entitlement categories (11): The letters in capitals show the categories of entitlement covered by the European Community Directive. Production barcode (12): Used to link a photocard licence with its counterpart licence ready for dispatch. Pictograms (15): These illustrations are representations to easily explain the types of vehicles in those categories shown. Full Licence Holders: Categories of vehicle you are entitled to drive provisionally (that is, before you pass the applicable driving test). Entitlement history (4) Entitlement history (that is, previous entitlement which has been replaced by a higher category).
Change of address (6) The counterpart also has a section for you to tell the DVLA about a change of address. A full and valid GB driving licence permits you to drive in all European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) countries, and Switzerland.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Republic of Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.
If you live in the European Union or one of the European Economic Area (EEA) countries and intend on exchanging your current driving licence for a GB licence, listed below are the various country codes that will appear on your GB driving licence depending on the location of the licence you exchange. A1Light motorcycles of no more than 125cc and of a power output of no more than 11kW (14.6bhp). B+EMotor cars or light vans with up to eight passenger seats, weighing up to 3500kg and pulling a heavy trailer. D1+ESmall passenger-carrying vehicles with nine to 16 passenger seats and pulling a trailer over 750kg.
Every discerning petrol head thinks one thing when they go on holiday – there’s no way I’m using public transport. It’s just unnatural, like asking an elephant to ride a tricycle, or a barn owl to recognise pedestrianized areas. Yet, the even more discerning petrol head knows that they’ve got to be organised if they want to get a car fast before having to withstand the indignity of buses or subway systems.
With that in mind, here are a few destinations and their respective rules for getting a car.
Thanks to its cultural melting pot and proliferation of short-term visitors, Dubai is a smorgasbord of different driving techniques, many of which can cause confusion on the roads. While most will want to rent a car for the first few months of your stay, there are a ton of used cars for sale in Dubai, all available from respectable providers. If you have a driving licence from the European Union, then you’re in luck – you’ll be able to use it in the entire EU. But in Amsterdam, a city of cyclists and solid public transport, it’s easy but not recommended to hire a car.
If you want to stick a few shrimp on the barby, wake up a wallaby or engage in any number of Australian cultural stereotypes, then a jaunt to Sydney is a must – and you’ll need to rent a car.
As the sixth largest country in the world, there’s a lot of ground to cover In Australia, and there’s a ton that you’ll want to see.
Beside this, the roads are fairly well regulated, although watch out if you’re heading out to the northern territories of Australia – there are no speed limits. Not having signed up to the convention for International Driver’s Permits (IDP), you can’t drive in Beijing – or any part of China, for that matter – without a Chinese driver’s licence.
However, it is now possible to convert your IDP for a provisional, especially if you’re in a larger city like Beijing. I have been wrecking cars for as long as I've been driving them but I keep coming back for more. Article 8 Para 1 Where the holder of a valid national driving licence issued by a Member State has taken up normal residence in another Member State, he may request that his driving licence be exchanged for an equivalent licence; it shall be for the Member State effecting the exchange to check, if necessary, whether the licence submitted is in fact still valid.
Before you can change your UK driving licence for a Bulgarian one, you need to get a long term residency status. We take care of the procedures, so you don't need to worry about meeting these requirements.
After your residency status is ready you will apply for changing your UK driving licence for a Bulgarian one.
The UK Government Web Archive does not use cookies but some may be left in your browser from archived websites. Due to a maintenance operation, access to Web Archive collections might be partially affected. Renewing without a D47P ‘application for renewal of lorry and bus entitlement’If, for any reason, you don’t receive the reminder application forms you can complete a D2 with a D4, available from the DVLA form ordering service.You’ll also need to check the expiry date of your photo on your driving licence. DVLA aims to deliver your driving licence to you within three weeks of receiving your application. You must tell the DVLA if you have ever had, or currently suffer from a medical condition that may affect your driving. If you are applying for or currently hold a LGV or PCV driving licence you will have to meet a higher standard of conduct. You’ll need to complete a D1form a€“ which you can get from the Post Office or by ordering itA here. Updates needs to be done every 10 years and while a reminder is sent out, many people claim the correspondence is confusing. Reasons for this could be anything from age to the type of vehicle being driven, so make sure you know when yours need renewing.

It’s not a huge change, but remaining up to date with theseA changes will ensure you avoid any problems when hiring a car or checking your validity to drive other types of vehicles.
This will now be held on the DVLAa€™s database and need to checked online, by phone or post. If you have access to a computer you can download your driver a€?recorda€™ on a PDF document, print it out and show it to the hire car company. You will then be able to generate a code to share with hire car firms when you arrive at your holiday destination. Open the box below to see if there are restrictions in the destination you’re heading for. However, drivers in Northern Ireland will not be included as licensing is a devolved matter there. Price comparison sites are particularly unlikely to offer a service to those who withhold their number and a€?self-declarea€™.
Participating insurers and price comparison websites will simply need to enter your driving licence number. If you accidentally forget to mention a conviction or other restrictions on your licence, your insurance may not pay out in the event of an accident.
Research shows 7% of drivers over-declare their convictions and endorsements a€“ meaning they pay too much. MyLicence adheres to the Data Protection Act 1998, and there are strict controls in place about what data is provided, and how it can be used. Your insurer is allowed to advise if the photocard is out of date or if the postcode on your application and licence does not match. The communication asks motorists to use a link to a copycat version of the DVLAa€™s website, where theya€™re asked to verify their driving licence details.
Many phone lines allow the fraudster to stay on the line, so despite you putting the phone down dialling the correct number, you are still connected to the crook.
In some cases the email quotes a 16 digit reference number, telling drivers theya€™re due a refund for part-payment made when taxing their vehicle. Typically, these sites will charge A?40.00+ simply to fill in a formA  you can do online, or on paper form, for free.
Getting the photo right is never easy, so why not download this handy app to do the work for you?
The fact that I will have to change it twice in a short time costing me A?96 is atrocious , and I am a pensioner! MyLicence - a joint venture between the DVLA and the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) - has been launched allowing drivers to check their details online. It's hoped the move will stop drivers making false statements when taking out car insurance, particularly regarding motoring convictions which could invalidate a policy. Insurers would require the licence number and permission from the holder before they could get the data, though. Instead, anyone wanting to hire a car while traveling abroad will need a special code to show endorsable convictions like speeding. Originally, the code lasted for 72 hours meaning if you wanted to hire a car for more than three days into a trip you had to generate a new code while abroad. If you've only got a paper driving licence (that's licences issued before 1998) you need to keep hold of it. Insurers will expect dealers to carry out one of the available additional checks that replace the paper counterpart, some new, some existing.
It could also affect dealers’ processes, creating additional costs, inefficiency and frustrated customers, if not handled well. The paper counterpart of a UK driving licence is no longer issued by the DVLA as all information is kept digital. 4b displays the date the photocard must be renewed and 4c displays the authority that issued the licence (DVLA). If surname is less than five characters in length, the remaining spaces will comprise of the digit 9. If you have passed a practical driving test and handed over your provisional driving licence to the examiner, the test pass certificate the driving examiner issues you with entitles you to legally drive until your full driving licence arrives. Section 4 on the front of our photocard licence provides the date your licence was issued (4a) and the date it expires (4b).
If you intend on driving outside of the EU or EEA areas, you may need an International Driving Permit. While this site should function in Internet Explorer 8, it'll burn tires in a newer edition of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
Add the rapid progress of roads in the city – it’s moved from containing around 50 cars 50 years ago, to over one million in 2014 – and you can see why the driving can be a tad hectic. As for a licence, you only have to convert it to the UAE standard if you’re on the approved countries list. Vehicle leasing companies will generally only rent to other companies, although they will cater to private owners if the customer desires it. If you’re after a car, you’ll have to be over 21 years of age and hold a driver’s licence (in the English language) from your initial country of residence. But really, in one of the most populated cities in the world, you might just be better hanging up your petrol head and letting someone else do the driving – it can get pretty hairy out there. You will only need to come with our representative to the Migrations Department, where the officer will take picture of you.
External links, forms and search may not work in archived websites and contact details are likely to be out of date. If your photo is due to expire very soon, it’ll need to be renewed before the date of expiry.
It'll take longer if your health or personal details have to be checked.When your licence is issued it'll have a number of added security features.
You’ll need to send supporting information such as a marriage certificate, decree absolute or Deed Poll certificate. These range from giving a shorter licence of 1, 2 or 3 years, telling you to adapt your car or even stop driving.
So, check the valid from date on your licence then add 10 years a€“ this is when you need to renew your photo. When they run out you will get a new photocard, though, but until then there is no need to change. However, some motoring organisations are concerned firms could be reluctant to accept this.
The new scheme will provide all pertinent information straight to the insurer when you apply for a quote. If you really think you should call back, check the number is genuine, then dial from a different phone. If you've only got a paper driving licence, the next time you make any alterations to your address or renew it, you'll only be issued with a photocard. These options include a premium rate phone line and the View My Licence or Share My Licence portals.
Providing the address details held with the DVLA are current, they will send you an application form around two months before your licence expires. gives me a chance to give something back to the automobile community that helped raise me. Keeping the old-style version will save you cash because you won’t have to update your photo every 10 years. Currently, nearly one in five policyholders under-declare the number of motoring convictions they have a€“ some by accident, others maliciously in order to pay a lower premium. Theya€™ll also pay a lot less in phone charges by swerving the long list of questions theya€™d otherwise have to answer.
You’ll also need to send your photocard and counterpart (if before June 8, 2015), or your old-style paper licence.
If you do want to upgrade, though, this can be done for free if changing your address, name or adding an entitlement.

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