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Hacker found a way to hack and change your password like, just he used to change his own password.
Researcher notice that the URL of the page having a parameter called "f" which represents your user ID and replacing the user ID with victim's user ID allow him to get into next page where attacker can reset the password of victim without knowing his last password.
The Vulnerability was very simple to execute, but now patched by Facebook Security Team.
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Facebook has replaced the email address that the users have chosen while signing up for the account.
Recently Facebook fix a very critical vulnerability on the tip of 'Sow Ching Shiong', an independent vulnerability researcher. Flaw allows anyone to reset the password of any Facebook user without knowing his last password. This was later confirmed on Monday by most of the users across the world.As per the statement made by Jillian Stefanki, a spokeswoman of Facebook, the site is rolling out a setting on the profile page.

The users are asked to decide the email addresses that they want to display on their profile.She added that, since the launch of the Timeline, users were able to control what posts they want to display to their friends and what to hide.

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