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When you open Google Chrome, it shows a default homepage containing "Most Visited" page list and Bookmarks history. UPDATE: If you also want to change "Home" toolbar button action, then click on "Change" link given below the "Show Home button" option under "Appearance" section of Settings page.
HOW DO I remove those annoying 8 tiles PERMANANTLY from chrome homepage - theyre in the way of my pic!
The most important thing to post at the top of any "how to" page regarding browsers is the date, followed by the browser version and OS version.
I guess I am one of the VERY few people who LIKED the 8 thumbnail views of my most visited pages.
I just want to change the appearance of the 8 most visited sites, I'm not a fan of the dark blue grey look that is also on my tab background.

It'll open a new window where you can add your desired website URLs to set them as Chrome homepage. I don't want this: I work in a sensitive environment and its important people can't see what I am working on as I . They claimed you could transfer your homepage to Chrome, all that got there was my favorites. It made it VERY convenient for me to go to my most visited pages with just a click without having to type in the address every time BUT google has suddenly removed the thumbnails. Since I don't need facebook, twitter, and the rest, it would be helpful to get juno for when my husband uses my computer.
When I open them up they start with the last ones first and I have to go all the way to the bottom to get the one I want.????

I've lost all my news groups, favorite quotes and sayings, Go Comics, cooking links just to name a few.
I've tried following the directions above to remove them but instead I added the pages that I wanted the thumbnails for but that did not work.

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