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Perhaps you are feeling a little lost or bored or unmotivated with your life right now and want to make a change.
Sometimes all you need is a bit of inspiration, and when it comes to me personally, I always turn to quotes.
Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years.
You see, whether change happens fast or slow, change in the wrong direction is bad by all definitions and in every language. The difference is like the difference between driving and steering a boat, or just drifting with the winds and the waves in the environment.
In today’s Episode of The Success Sculpting Show, we will get down to the business of how to specifically change your life. So how do WE change our lives into whom we want to be instead of having life change us into what we don’t want to be.
The best comparison is to compare how much they can take with them to the grave versus you.

As tempting as the treasures of this earth are, no one, no matter how strong their grip, can take any of it with them. And remember, success is about both scars and stars. I can assure you, wherever you see stars of achievement, they are covering the scars of achieving it. If you enjoyed today’s show, please take a moment and rate and comment in iTunes for The Success Sculpting Show. If you have thoughts and questions or have topics you want to hear about on The Success Sculpting Show, then email me at feedback[a]successsculpting[dot]com (audio files welcomed) and I will incorporate them in the show.
My favorite quote from Dr Seuss is "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.
Your first instinct might be to think of the most radical option in order to feel as though you are truly taking that step forward in a new direction. Without your deliberate input into the direction of the change, the default direction could be a disaster. Below are the Show Notes so you can get an idea on the many specifics we will be covering in this Episode.

Change is external, like the changes in politics, the environment, the economy, relationships, etc. Only those willing to change and adapt to problems are qualified to cash in and acquire their desires. Not only is it encouraging to produce more content from the feedback, but it also encourage others to listen to the show and allows us to get our message of hope, mental toughness and winning to more people. But if it’s just a temporary fix, start with small, simple changes that will eventually add up to the newness you are looking for.

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