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It’s about medical suitability for exercise, and some overall guidelines on nutrition and activity for someone of 50+.
It’s really about getting the approach right in this fitness-up, fatness-down personal project.
If you’ve any doubts about your suitability for exercise, you would always be wise to seek medical advice. In addition, any decent personal trainer will discuss your response to this questionnaire, even if it is perfect (especially if it’s perfect), to ensure that the trainer is happy with the responses given. There will once again be the advice given that even though the form indicates nothing of alarm, medical clearance should be sought if there is any concern or doubt.

You aren’t in your 20′s any more and the body doesn’t take as well to adaption and reaction to stresses at your (and my age) than it does for those half our years. It sounds like you have adopted a much healthier diet, which is great, and the foods you mention are indeed the right way to go. My nutrition advice is to cut the calories overall, and within that, cut the sugar, other ‘fast’ carbs and saturated fats and fill in some of those calories eliminated by upping the protein.
On the exercise front, combining your new diet with moderate cardio exercise is good for losing fat. And the ideal time to do cardio is first thing in the morning, pre-breakfast. This is best performed later on in the day, and try to do this at least two or three days per week.

If you only do this once or twice per week, perform exercises that cover the main muscle groups only across the whole body (chest, back, quads, hamstrings), ideally with compound (multi-joint movement) exercises.
If you can do three or more sessions a week, then something more complex on a body-split basis is appropriate and you can probably add in dedicated biceps, triceps, shoulders and calf work as well as abs training to those bigger muscle groups, and add some isolation training to the compound moves. I’m a big believer in listening to your body, a skill we all have but sometimes don’t use.

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