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The main planet is the owner of zodiac sign of first place which is located in your birth chart. The main planet according to signs are 1-Mars, 2-Venus, 3-Mercury, 4-Moon, 5-Sun, 6-Mercury, 7- Venus, 8-Mars, 9-Jupiter, 10 & 11-Satrun and 12-Juptier. You can donate sweets, feed jaggery to cow, wear copper bracelet on Tuesday to make Mars strong. You have to eat green pepper, feed vegetable to cow, wear copper bracelet or ring to make Mercury strong.

The dice can be used as regular playing dice, the number of Swarovski crystals delineate the number.
Having completed years of research in the “unknown, untold and unconventional”, Master Soon, shares meaningful insights on “How to redesign & reinvent your luck”. Master Soon has completed more than 20 years in researching the established and esoteric facets of Chinese metaphysics and mind strategies, plus unorthodox patterns of Destiny Reinventing method. Showing the image of Buddha with a luck moon on one side, and balanced on the other with several more symbols of good fortune.

You have to donate black-white, black or white blankets to person who are suffering from leprosy. His method on “Destiny Reinvention” to corporate level on top of social strata until personal level at various segments of the public has touched many souls.

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