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Custom LAN Port Mod – Add several multiplayer options into the LAN portion of your games, such as toggling PVP and animals! All in all, this mod is great, and is recommended for you if you would like more options when it comes to LAN servers.
The Forge and Modloader installation instructions only apply if the yellow box below states that the mod requires either Modloader of Forge. If there are no specific instructions included with the mod, it is safe to assume that you drag all the files in. In the bottom right of the screen you will see a 2 text fields for a username and password.
If you still cannot connect single click on the server and click "edit" at the bottom of the window.
You can’t even choose the lan port you want the server to be on, meaning that, in the case that you want to make your LAN server public to your friends over at their house, you will never be able to properly port forward the server because of the fact that the port changes every time you launch the LAN server.
The┬áCustom LAN Port Mod is a mod who’s name says exactly what it does, in that this mod allows you to change the LAN port the server is hosted on.

For example, let’s say you are a fairly popular YouTuber, and your fans want to meet you. So much, that it’s best to have a full blown guide page for this, rather than quick instructions. The Mac Operating System has a very different framework compared to its Windows counterpart, so the installation instructions will be different. Installing Forge and Modloader mods are just as easy as installing mods the old-fashioned way! Also, please note that you no longer have to do steps 1 and 2 once you already installed it the first time (you may need to reinstall them however, if you updated your client). You can, however, subscribe to our newsletter with the form below, and we will notify you via email as soon as this mod gets updated (You only have to subscribe once).
Rather than going through the hassle of opening a vanilla Minecraft server up, you could just install this mod, and share your public IP and port to your fans.
Also, just a heads up, if you don’t see the mod loaded into the game, you might have to extract the mod into a folder.

I mainly direct the Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Maps sections, but I occasionally do server reviews too. It also comes with a ton of other options as well, including mob spawning, pvp, and even flying. After the event is done, you could just turn the LAN server off, and if you ever want to open it again without anyone else getting on, you can just change the port number. In a sense, this mod is a mod that makes the LAN server option about as full featured as a vanilla and bukkit Minecraft server.

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