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You will be able to keep your number, so don’t fret… you won’t have to learn that obnoxious number twice.
Like you, thousands of people in the UK choose to change their names by deed poll each year! Continue reading and you'll soon be able to change your name for FREE by using our deed poll service.
Perhaps you've just married (or divorced) and want to change your surname or you just don't like your current name, then this is the deed poll service for you.
If you require a service that will print and send you your deed poll, you'll find plenty of links to deed poll companies dotted around this site. Thank you for visiting our deed poll service, if you find this site useful, then please spread the word to your friends and family.
Name change Deed Polls can be used for various reasons relating to a person legally committing themselves to doing something.
To summarise, a name change Deed Poll issued by this site provides you with the written evidence that you are legally binding yourself to using your new changed name.
Of course, you will have to send them the original copy of your Birth Certificate, which will not be returned to you… Don’t have yours anymore? As an aside, since changing legal sex is still done as a separate process from name change, you can expect to pay for your own birth certificate yet another time following this before you get the privilege of finally having your identity officially recognized by the government.
Unfortunately, the relative simplicity and accessibility of the name change process comes at greater cost than just the monetary fees. For those wondering, the Ontario Gazette is the official publication of the government of Ontario, with an endearingly quirky name, and it dates back to 1868; only one year after the British North America Act officially constituted Ontario as a Province.
As indicated on Wikipedia, issues of the Ontario Gazette are available online, in their entirety, dating back to January of 2000. One might ask, why would they do such a strange thing, which seems to fly in the face of privacy values which many Canadians hold dear? All formal and elective name changes registered under Ontario’s Change of Name Act must be published in the Ontario Gazette.
Of interest to us today is the second part of that notice, laying out the exceptions to the publication rule. This could arguably apply to some Trans* people, such as those with life circumstances which would motivate them to go stealth (ie. Consequently, the rules were changed, and Trans* people are now luckily (?) singled out for special exception by a specific regulation made under the Name Change Act.

But while this exception is conceded by the Privacy Notice, the actual method of achieving it is decidedly (perhaps even deliberately) unclear. Nevertheless, upon contacting the office, you would be instructed that an additional form is required.
Just so you know, even if you forget to send in the request they still don’t publish your name. In 2011, I called to talk to a human being during the delay between sending the application and the processing.
I would urge other people applying for the name change and non-publication to back it up with a phone call to ensure that ignorance of the rules by the government department staff don’t mess up the process for you. As far as I can tell, the Ontario Gazette has stopped publishing all name changes as of about June 2012. Ontario’s Change of Name Act allows for an exception from publication other than for a trans person, as noted in this article.
Head on over to the Social Security Administration’s website to find the location nearest to you, and what you'll need to bring. All you need is a 'deed of change of name' document that has the correct wording signed by two witnesses. This gives you your own printable deed poll document that you can send to relevant authorities allowing you to change your name. It is a style of legal contract, differing slightly from normal contracts between two or more individuals, in that it only relates to one person (it is only endorsed by that person). However deed polls in general have one accepted meaning, changing a person's name (name change).
Note that you do not have to be born in Ontario, or even in Canada, to legally change your name through this process—you just have to be a resident here.
You can order a replacement for $35, and wait for it to be delivered to you by mail before immediately surrendering it to the Name Change process.
You see, when you change your legal name in Ontario, the government publishes it in the Ontario Gazette paper, and online. The Change of Name Act (which legislates publication in the Gazette) came into being before the Internet transmogrified privacy as we know it today.
For example, the publication rule is there to help keep Stanley Swindler from seamlessly changing into Abraham Honesty, thus avoiding creditors and, let’s say, his many fraud victims. The Ontario Gazette currently publishes information in paper format and electronically on the internet.

You must ask for it directly, and then wait for it to arrive via Canada Post, prior to submitting it along with the regular Name Change form. I agree that the process is invasive enough, but the rule is an exception for trans* people, not for personal preference. The following link, which is marked as being updated on December 3, 2012, deals specifically with the requirement for publication of name changes. Now that you have had some time to catch up with all the Thank You letters and the posts scattered all over your social media, you can take the steps to change your name.
A name change Deed Poll thus binds the individual who signs it to a specific course of action (deed) as written on the Deed Poll document, name change. It must be noted that the correct legal name for a deed poll document that has been made to change a person's name is a Deed of Change of Name. At the time, nobody imagined that the entire contents of each issue of the Gazette (a government publication) would ever be at the fingertips of all humanity via the magic of Google. More generally, however, this exception exists to cover situations where someone is changing their name while fleeing from an abusive former spouse, or because they’ve been placed into a witness protection program, etc.
As is usually the case for additional hoops required when our governments grudgingly extend their services to include Trans* people, the special form required is not available online [EDIT: It looks like the government has finally uploaded a copy online as of October 2012]. If the form processing is done by a stickler for detail, they could publish your name anyway.
I am not sure what guidelines are used by the Attorney General to establish who may be eligible for this exception.
Post-op Ontarian Trans* people may remember this was also the case for the Registrar’s legal change of sex forms, prior to 2012.
I have documented evidence in an open case that someone has specified repeatedly that they intend to kill me, so I expect that will make me eligible. Had I not made this inquiry, I expect that my name would have been published, against my wishes and legal right.

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