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You can change the zoom level of the document to different pre-configured values (200%, 100% , 75%) or specify custom value using the Percent option. If you want to quickly adjust the zoom level to 100% or change to One Page or increase Page Width to match the Window size then use the respective option available as part of Zoom section. The quickest way to adjust zoom settings in Word 2013 is by using the the Zoom Slider Option available as part of Status bar.
If the status bar is not showing the Zoom Option then right click on Status bar and select Zoom Slider from the list.
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Get your free copies of the following tech guides by joining the Digital Answers mailing list. These species have been selected to give you showy blooms throughout the growing season from spring through fall. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. B) Under Zoom, move the slider left or right to zoom decrease or increase the zoom level percentage to what you like.
How to pin modern internet explorer shortcut to desktopHello, I've been trying to find a solution to my problem and then I found this site which seems to be the right Place to ask and get an answer.

Similarly if you have selected Multiple Pages option and want to specify the number of pages to displayed on the window then use the Many Pages radio button. If you have a scroll feature (mouse wheel or touchpad), hold down the CTRL key, and then scroll the mouse wheel or touchpad up and down to zoom in or out. Desktop Internet ExplorerIt's probably come up before, but what do you guys think of the modern IE?

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