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By way of introduction I need to explain that I have been involved in this area since 1981.
This filter is very useful and in fact it keeps us sane by protecting our minds from superfluous, unnecessary information.
The deeper mind, the subconscious mind, deals with our memory, all our habits, all our personality, and our self-image. When I was eight years old classrooms consisted of desks and chairs that were bolted to the floor.
True for some of you I am sure – that some time in the past you had something similar happen, whereby your self-esteem was punctured and this was reinforced by your own self-talk. Real learning takes place when the conscious mind directs the subconscious mind to receive information and store it in a part of the brain from which it can be easily accessed and recalled. We have another part of the brain system that is very important and it’s called the Limbic System.
Firstly it controls emotions, secondly it controls sexuality and the third thing it controls is pleasure centres. Today the entire accelerated learning movement uses emotion as a key aspect for accelerated learning. The job of the subconscious mind is to keep you where you are now – with all the habits that you’ve got now – whether they support you or not.The job of the conscious mind is to put into the subconscious what you want. A good point is to consider what has been accomplished by people who have already done my CALM Life Skills Seminar. Below are the four steps of the system that can change habits – they are written in a way that can be easily understood. Learn to relax and focus in 30 seconds – this means that you are then in the Alpha Brain-Wave State which in turn means that the reticular activating filter is open and you are deliberately dealing with the subconscious mind.
State your new habit (goal that you want) in Positive, Personal and Present Tense language whilst you are in the focused Alpha State. A great way for you to learn and use the Subconscious Mind Deliberately in both the Alpha and Beta State. Understanding the subconscious mind requires an overview of the principal pattern recognition processes operating in the nervous system.
The information provided in this website is useful for the modification of normal behavioral patterns.

I have always kept up with the latest research and now there is a huge interest in the new “brain and mind” research which completely validates what I have been teaching. The shaded area shows the 12% as representing the conscious mind – the remaining 88% is the subconscious mind.
It’s the way things can happen, but the good news is that you can reprogram something like that. If you have never before done conscious relaxation and “gone into Alpha” when reading you are probably in the Beta state – the state where you are only using your conscious mind. You can learn how to activate the subconscious mind and have it directed by the conscious mind…. The Limbic System is a little “mini brain”, just above the top of the spine, at the base of the skull. Having written down your goal and the reasons you want that goal, you then start to visualise that you have achieved the reasons for that goal. It is your brain that causes you to think and feel and take action (or not take action) based on the beliefs and habits in your brain.
Beneath your awareness, neural drives remember and recognize patterns and act with logical precision.
Please do get professional help, before applying the advice for the treatment of any abnormal behaviors.
Between the conscious and the subconscious mind there is a “filter” (dotted line) which is the Reticular Activating System. One day I was called on to draw an elephant on the blackboard (it must have been nature study or perhaps geography). Remember, self-image is caused by self-esteem, and self-esteem commences with, firstly self-talk, by telling yourself (for example) “Hey I can’t draw”. Rappaport was the original researcher who wrote in his book “not only is emotion involved in memory but it is the very basis on which memory is organised”. The action of being embarrassed and being made fun of was enough emotion to have the action “I can’t draw” being retained in my subconscious mind which then became my memory. Here you use as many as possible of the 7 ways of visualisation – see, feel, smell, taste, hear, imagine and talk to yourself whilst you are in the Alpha State.
What we must learn to do is to use it deliberately, so that we use more of our natural power.

I heard quite a bit of muffled laughter behind me and I don’t blame them for laughing, because it was probably the funniest elephant anyone had ever seen. All this, done in an atmosphere of great embarrassment and emotion, so that  my self-image  (I can’t draw) was indelibly imprinted on my subconscious mind. However, to work with the subconscious mind you think of only one thing at a time – this is the Alpha state. For me the subconscious mind overrode my conscious mind acting out what had now become my habits – “you know you can’t draw”! So strong was this, and done with such emotion that when I was 15 years old doing a social studies project, my subconscious mind overruled my conscious mind by saying “What are you trying to do? Put that pen down!” I remember it vividly even to the extent of going to find a picture of a seal that I could trace. Your subconscious mind takes over from that moment onwards and it lets you know that you can’t draw.
Every time you take up a pen that’s exactly what comes from your subconscious mind up into your conscious mind. At that time I told myself “I can’t draw”, and “I hate drawing” and “I’ll never draw again! Alpha is the scientific name given to the level of energy in your brain when you are in a state of light relaxation.
Then, suddenly - and there is no other way to describe it - his previously gloomy face 'lit up'. The next moment he gave a cry of joy, and somersaulted over to the box in sheer high spirits.
Drives can superimpose one concept on another in memory to create a new image in any imagined combination.

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