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In the tradition of Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM), as taught by Deepak Chopra, a personal mantra based on your time and place of birth is used. In this final step, you'll take the first syllable, in this case "I", and put it in the middle of the mantra "Om seed mantra Namah", replacing the default text "seed mantra" with it. If you found this post helpful, you might want to consider following our RSS feed or sign up for the free daily email that contains all the posts published during that particular day, or for our free weekly newsletter that includes some of the best posts during the week and exclusives.
I use my PSM mantra in conjunction with the Natural Stress Relief mantra technique, since I find this mantra more appealing for the moment, and I have also used the very first mantra taught in Transcendental Meditation in my practice.
If you haven't had any prior mantra meditation training, find out more about Primordial Sound Meditation online courses and similar alternatives to Transcendental Meditation in one of my earlier posts. Featured image: The British Columbia Coast taken from the French five-part nature documentary "Morning Glory".
Get daily updates by either follow our RSS feed or through email subscription, or sign up for our weekly newsletter that contains some of the best posts during the week. Question: Meditation is supposed to make us peaceful and joyful, but why does it often seem to be a boredom and a burden? By thus engaging us in big Krishna-thoughts, mantra meditation expands our mind, just as lifting big weights expands our muscles.
Thus, the strengthening our mental muscles is one of the rewards of mantra meditation, a reward that we can perceive even in the early stages of our spiritual life. However, we may find mantra meditation a boredom when we chant without seeking or sensing Krishna’s presence.
Of course, our meditation is not entirely a pretense; we are physically engaged in the activities of meditation and are verbally uttering the mantras. If we don’t want our mantra meditation to become either a boredom or a burden, we need to conscientiously remember the centrality of invoking and experiencing Krishna’s presence for the mental workout. VISHNUVARDHANRAO DONGER - PERSONAL I am a self disciplined and highly devotional and duty minded person and totally dependent on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba' grace and blessings. When we feel cluttered in our space where we meditate and do our Mantra practices, our peacefulness can suffer. But how do we clear out some of that crappy energy that sometimes lingers around our house or apartment? This Manta protects the meditator and also clears the space out of old thoughts forms and negative energetic debris. You can go around your home saying it about 10 times loudly in each room- especially where you practice – after a while you will notice a HUGE difference in the quality of the energy in your home. The power of mantra meditation is it focuses our mind so that it is no longer cluttered with distracting thoughts. This is believed to be the sound that was made at the start of the universe or what we would call the big bang.

But, generally it is best to practice mantra meditation in the morning just after working or in the afternoon between the hours of four and six o’clock.
However, it is recommended that you choose somewhere that is quiet and that you won’t be disturbed. These personalized mantras consist of beej (seed) mantras that are calculated through your individual nakshatra-pada found in Vedic astrology.
The syllable is always suffixed with an "m", so as a final step you add that letter to your first syllable. Because he is the supreme unchanging reality, realizing his presence pacifies us; we understand that beyond the agitating changes of daily life is a stable Krishna-centered reality to which we belong. Nonetheless, invoking Krishna’s presence by chanting causes an enriching awareness of these truths to seep into our consciousness. Just as small weights don’t trouble a person habituated to lifting big weights, the small thoughts of daily life – trivial temptations and incidental irritations – don’t trouble us when we habituate ourselves to thinking about Krishna through regular meditation. The mantras centered on the names of Krishna are so powerful that just their verbal utterance gives some benefits.
When during chanting it doesn’t get to think of Krishna as we haven’t invoked his presence, it starts thinking about hundreds of other things. As we are chanting, we are not doing anything practical to tackle the issues that the mind is grappling. When we diligently try to call out to Krishna and thus invoke his presence, chanting will become interesting, thereby freeing us from the negative feelings of boredom and burden. Clearing out those items not needed, creating a setting that is both harmonious and beautiful will help inspiring you to keep to your practice goals. It is normal to get distracted or for your mind to wander when performing mantra meditation. The only thing you have to do is bring your mind back to the mantra when you noticed that you have become distracted. For every PSM mantra, the basis is "Om beej (seed) mantra Namah", where only the seed mantra changes. Further, because Krishna is the reservoir of supreme love, relishing his love strengthens us; we understand that we are not alone in facing life’s challenges. Even the big problems of life don’t intimidate us when we let the supremely big presence of Krishna calm and comfort us. When we don’t experience Krishna’s presence, our mantra meditation becomes a mere ritual, a shell without substance.
So the mind feels that chanting is coming in the way of getting on with life’s practical business.
And when Krishna reciprocates according to his sweet will and manifests his all-attractive presence to us, chanting will become absorbing, thereby making us peaceful and joyful.

When I am in Hyderbad I do not miss this important service as part of my Personal Sadhana and to keep health in good condition. This had influenced me and I started doing this (not the needle and water cup) and not wasting a single grain (rice) while eating and I do not remember the date but I have been doing this and while eating I do not waste a single rice grain. 2)  2) Once in Brisbane I attended Shivaratri Bhajan (it was from 6 pm to 12 am) and two Shiva Lingams were placed on both ladies and gents side (one each side) and everyone had to go and do Milk Abhishekam and place Bilwa leaves and while Youth (some Swami Students) were chanting “Rudra Gayathri” in the form of a Bhajan with music etc. Below you can find a step-by-step guide to the best way to practice medicine mantra meditation and your own home.
That you are not able to keep with your word or phrase the entire time does not mean that you’re a bad meditator. And the biggest of all thoughts is thought about Krishna, for he is the biggest of all things and beings.
Krishna is forever with us, benevolently watching and guiding us through these challenges towards his eternal blissful abode. We become like a person going through the motions of weight-lifting without actually holding any weights in the hands. In order to be successful with mantra meditation is simply need to notice when your mind is wandering and bring your attention back to your mantra.
Just as we need to exert ourselves to lift big weights, we also need to exert ourselves to fix our thoughts on Krishna, to metaphorically speaking, lift Krishna with our mental muscles. Just as a person pretending to lift weights will soon get bored, we get bored with our facade of meditation. Or it may just fool around in the trivialities of routine life – who spoke what gossip about whom, for example. We become like a person who is lifting weights while thinking of everything else that could be done during that time, say watch the ongoing cricket match at home.
Just as the distracted weight-lifter finds the weights burdensome, we find our physical simulation of meditation burdensome.
Nagara Sankeertana is a self-sadhana and Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba talked many times about the importance of this early morning service.By Bhagawan immense grace and blessings I completed 90 days of Nagara Sankeertan and this is posted only to share with Sai brothers and sisters and encourage others to take up this service. That is all-I was simply attracted and when I landed in Hyderabad, I discussed with my family and immediately staterd this. We start Radio Sai at around 8 am and listen Vedam, Bhajan and when Harathi is offered, we all join in House to offer Harathi to beloved Bhagawan.?Copyright 2012 VISHNUVARDHANRAO DONGER. If you have other people in the house, such as family members, then you might want a select a time such as first thing in the morning or late in the evening when everyone else is in bed.
It is better to get started with a simple mantra as suggested above then spend a lot of time selecting the right one.

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