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La meditation permet de focaliser l’energie vitale vers le cerveau en limitant les activites des autres parties du corps. Autant pour la recherche du Nirvana que pour la vie quotidienne, la meditation constitue une culture mentale, un entrainement de l’esprit qui necessitent un pratique soutenue et une discipline stricte. There’s a story told in meditation circles used to illustrate how meditation helps us deal with a very human emotion; anger.
Anger is part of being human and it’s hardwired into our reptilian brain, it comes from our ego state, that part of us that needs us to feel secure and safe. In the end we have to own our anger and more importantly the root cause and in order to own it, we need to acknowledge it and not try and repress it. Meditation is a practice of awareness and when we sit in meditation we start to become present with those parts of who we are, even those parts which we’ve repressed, hidden from, the darker side of our nature.
Unpleasant as unearthing these thoughts, feeling and emotions are, as long as we continue to repress them, the more they will rise up and make themselves known. Ram Dass describes this process as ‘making friends with anger,’  a place from which he no longer identifies with it, he said it this way, in the Shapiro’s new book, “Be the Change,” “I still see anger arise, even after thirty years of meditating. Anger unchecked can do untold damage both on an individual level and on the wider level of our collective consciousness. It’s natural to feel greater justification for this kind of anger, as well as, in situations where we see injustice. In meditation, because we develop a greater sense of self-awareness, we have the opportunity to see anger as it is, with all its recurring patterns of thought and its waves of shadow energy, and make ‘friends with it.’ It is from this quiet space of self-reflection that we can begin to accept ourselves for who we are.
Meditation is not a panacea; will we will be instantly be transformed into beings of light and love because we’ve practiced sitting on the cushion? This entry was posted in How to Meditate, Meditation Help, Meditation Techniques and tagged dealing with anger, Deepak Chopra, Duck don’t do Anger, Meditation Benefits, meditation practice by Tommyji. Cependant, elle ne doit pas etre consideree comme une activite necessitant une appartenance ou une initiation au Bouddhisme.

Elle aide a vaincre les inhibitions interieures, a dompter les instincts animaux, a dissiper toutes sortes de crispations ou tensions physiologiques et psychiques qui sont autant d’obstacles a l’epanouissement personnel.
De ce fait sa pratique permet de trouver des reponses a des questions que chacun se pose quotidiennement.
The story, I like to describe as, ‘ducks don’t do anger,’ tells how two ducks fighting over a piece of bread, after a short bit of angry nipping at each other, are able to just swim away, and unlike their human observers aren’t holding a grudge, feeling resentment or feeding their anger.
The questions arise, can meditation help us embrace this shadow side of our humanness and if so how?
When anger is repressed it can transform into hatred, a transformation that occurs when we feel we’ve been especially wronged.
And in situations where find gross inhumanity, it becomes possible to transform angry passion into acts of compassion. So, how do we move from anger and hatred of our enemies, to a place, if not of love, at least of tolerance? Anger is a natural emotion, but when it turns to hatred, a natural emotion becomes distorted. Even when someone commits a horrendous offense against you, which would seem to justify seeking revenge, you are doing harm to yourself by harboring built-up anger.
Once you see that the problem is built-up anger, and that anger is irrational and destructive, there is an incentive to release it.
La meditation aide aussi a se liberer des peurs et des angoisses, qu’elles soient reelles ou imaginaires.
Anger can rise out of fear, pain, sorrow; anger can be a cry for attention or help, it may be an expression of grief, loneliness or a desire for love.
Meditation invites us in to witness the anger, and in that process of witnessing anger, begin to evaporate it.
This, however, can be a slippery slope, because justification can, also, become rational, and rational can be used to justify irrational acts.

A person can begin to cross the divide, talking to his enemy and realizing that both share a common psychology. If you express your anger by acting it out, mentally or physically, none of the energy will be released.
Elle permet egalement de developper un esprit clair et permet d’accroitre la vigueur pour aborder les activites quotidiennes.
In cases where horrible crimes have been committed, the higher goal is to seek justice, not revenge.
Yet much of this letting go happens only at the mental level, which isn’t adequate to the hot, violent feelings being held inside. Generally these are memories where you feel that an injustice has been committed against you.
Like every strong emotion, anger believes in itself; it wants to stick around and keep telling you its story. In fact, when anger management training brings up old hostility without giving a way to release it, attempts at controlling anger fail miserably. To get past this allure, stop paying attention to the story and the rationales attached to it. This may require an experienced guide, because the pivotal moment is psychologically slippery.

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