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But not for one girl as she was left having to go to A&E after using a lipstick which left the entirety of her bottom lip swollen. It seems though, that the reaction wasn’t down to the lipstick itself, from US brand Covergirl, but a very rare condition.
But this is a chance case and not something others should fear, as most allergens are specific to the individual. She updated her Facebook page to let friends know the swelling had gone down, and that she was resting on steroids. I have been a Girl Scout for so many years, I became tired of the same old Bridging ceremonies. Everyone here has their own stories and experiences they will take with them after each Girl Scout event. As a Daisy you are at the beginning of your journey, and have many stepping stones to follow in your future.

When you become a Junior your ready to explore bigger things, become a leader yourself, earn your Bronze award while helping other in your Community. As a Cadette, girls begin finding their passions and leading younger girls, as well as earning the Silver award where they contribute to society while building their leadership skills. As I call your name follow the path and say good bye to your Junior sister scouts and join your Cadette sisters where you can begin your journey to the Silver Award. Over the years as a Daisy, Brownie, Junior and Cadette you have learned to be courageous and strong through community service projects, field trips, skill building activities, camping and more.
I am a leader just like all of you, my name is Jodi Hautala-Carlson, I have been in Girl Scouts for 23 years, first as a Girl Scout for 12 years with my mom as my leader and then after graduation I came back and continued as a leader, with my mom and 10 others, we have a multi-level troop of 40 girls ranging in age from 6 years to 18 years, I have many stories, ideas, games, and songs that I have used over the years and want to now pay it forward to leaders everywhere. Some of you started as Daisy Girl Scouts, others Brownies or Juniors, some this is your very first year. Every story is different but the theme is the same, through Girl Scouts you will discover the fun, friendship and power you gain from being with other girls of all ages.
The daisy is a symbol of dedication to the Girl Scout movement, Juliette Low’s nickname was Daisy. As I call your name follow the path and say good bye to your Brownie sister scouts and join your Junior sisters where new adventures will begin. Bringing us to the 2 highest levels in Girl Scouting Senior and Ambassaders, these girls are taking on more and more leadership.

But for all of you, Girl Scouts is an amazing growing opportunity, the stepping stones here today represent the steps each and every one of you have taken over the years or in the years to come.
You are following in her footsteps as you become a unique and caring influence in today and tomorrow’s world. There will be many opportunities to develop their skills as they work toward earning their Gold Award.
Cross the bridge and continue on your path to the Gold Award, and continue to be someone the younger girls look up to and be a example for your peers.
The wishing well represents the things you have accomplished and the hopes and dreams you wish for in the future.

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