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Coefficients are used in all chemical equations to show the relative amounts of each substance present. Sometimes, however, we have to do some work before using the coefficients of the terms to represent the relative number of molecules of each compound.
Since no coefficients are in front of any of the terms, it is easy to assume that one (1) mole of Al and one (1) mole of Fe3O4 react to form one (1) mole of Al2O3. Developing a strategy can be difficult, but here is one way of approaching a problem like this.
Be sure to notice that the subscript times the coefficient will give the number of atoms of that element.
It is possible to calculate the mole ratios (also called mole fractions) between terms in a chemical equation when given the percent by mass of products or reactants. In this problem we need to first calculate the total mass of the compound by looking at the periodic table. Now, we need to take the weight fraction of each element over the total mass (which we just found) and multiply by 100 to get a percentage. This is essentially 100 so we know that everything has worked, and we probably have not made any careless errors. One can calculate the empirical formula from the masses or percentage composition of any compound.

Example: if we know that the empirical formula of a compound is HCN and we are told that a 2.016 grams of hydrogen are necessary to make the compound, what is the molecular formula? It is also often necessary to figure out how much water to add to a solution to change it to a specific concentration. Molarity is defined as the number of moles of solute (what is actually dissolved in the solution) divided by the volume in liters of solution (the total volume of what is dissolved and what it has been dissolved in).
Molarity is probably the most commonly used term because measuring a volume of liquid is a fairly easy thing to do. Example: If 5.00 g of NaOH are dissolved in 5000 mL of water, what is the molarity of the solution? Molality is sometimes used in place of molarity at extreme temperatures because the volume can contract or expand. It is also possible to calculate colligative properties, such as boiling point depression, using molality. Relationbook can’t be described as a dating app rather it just allows the users to be aware about their friends relationship status only.
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The Relationbook is has different symbols like it gives a drinks symbol for those who are single similarly it gives a ring symbol for those who are engaged, couple symbol for those who are married, hollowed heart symbol for widowed and heart symbol for those who are in a relationship. You can also see the list of friends who fall under each relationship status categories like in a relationship, Single, engaged, married, its complicated, in an open relationship, widowed and divorced. Then your friends list get shorted first in alphabetical  order and then it get categorized under MALE and  FEMALE.
Here is a new Application, Relationbook that puts the relationship status of all your Facebook friends on one screen. Then Relationbook shall categorized your friends relationship status among in a relationship, Single, engaged, married, its complicated, in an open relationship, widowed and divorced.
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