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Vin Diesel and Avatar make their 2013 debut on the list of Facebook pages with the most likes. Outside of Facebook for Every Phone, Rihanna and Cristiano Ronaldo’s pages are the only ones who have grown by more than 1 million fans in the past week. Obviously it is not the whole package, but it is a fantastic means of getting your content out there and getting people to respond to it. For small businesses, new ventures and social enterprises Facebook Pages are an effective and affordable way to go. If all of this is too time consuming, consider using an outside party to set up and maintain it for you. As Facebook is the world's most popular social network, it's no surprise that the majority of brands aim to build a presence on it.With more than half of Australia's population actively a part of Facebook, naturally we play an important role for brands, whether the brand is local or international.
No matter how many people criticize the use of Facebook as a marketing tool, I still find it one of the best online ways to interact.

You can get technical and scientific about it and probably get even better results, but for the novice it is still a great beginning with some results. With some planning and posting you can build up a network fairly quickly and have fun building new relationships as you go. Hard work and loads of time will still be required to get your Facebook Page growing in numbers and in interaction. Alone, it has an effect, but together with other social media sites that impact should increase.
Social Media Marketing Services are available to do just that, or to set it up and train you to maintain it yourself.
In today's blog, I've listed the top 10 Facebook brand pages that are the most popular in Australia, based on the very number of Australian users that like them. You will need to experiment with the balance of different post types and the balance of personal and professional touches.

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