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There's information that there's a secret level in Diablo III, similar to Diablo II's "Secret Cow Level".
Whimsyshire is essentially a single-level dungeon, much like the dungeons you find randomly while exploring the wilderness. Level-wise, it contains monsters and loot that are roughly on par with the first act of Nightmare (if you're visiting the Normal variant - I assume that it is roughly on par with the first act of the difficulty one harder than the difficulty you enter the portal in) - nothing super difficult or super awesome.
In order to visit Whimsyshire, you must craft a Staff of Herding, and take it to a specific area in Act 1. The mushroom in a patch of mushrooms that occasionally spawn on level 1 of the Cathedral (screenshot).
This item drops from a "purple" class monster named Chiltara that has a chance of spawning in the second level of Caverns of Frost, a random dungeon that may or may not appear in the Fields of Slaughter. Izual tends to favor attacks that freeze you in place, so bring any skills you know which can break his freezing spell. For this reason, I'd suggest being overleveled before you attempt this - fighting this area repeatedly is likely to be time consuming and frustrating if you can't just obliterate everything quickly.

Given that most of these are random drops, in some cases from random monsters in random dungeons you can expect to invest a decent amount of work in getting each of these components. These items may spawn in other locations; I've listed the locations where I or others have had good luck finding them. The items are marked as "account bound" - so you won't be able to buy these at the auction house, for example. The Staff of Herding you create from this recipe only unlocks the Normal difficulty variant of Whimsyshire.
Once you have the staff, travel to New Tristram by choosing any of the quests in Act 1 past the point where the road to Old Tristram is open. During hours of excruciating not-gaming, I came across a list of what appears to be every room in the game. This is real - my brother apparently got all the items needed to unlock this by his second playthrough. I've seen a guy opening up this level on hardcore and waiting for n00b players to follow his waypoint just to find themselves in the middle of a mob on this level which is relatively hard.

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Even when you are level ~20 by the end of Act I getting there by mistake can get you killed in a hit or 2.
Loot and XP isn't great, and monsters are tough so after a visit or two I went to nightmare - more rares.

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