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There's nothing worse than having your confidence knocked, and if it's not dealt with quick enough, it can start negatively affecting all areas of your life. It's extremely important for your career that you are perceived as a confident and capable individual in the workplace. Note I use the word "perceived." You don't necessarily have to always feel confident but it's important that you come across confident to those around you, and particularly your clients and managers.
Others are out of their comfort zone after a change of role or job and are faced with new challenges that can knock their confidence. I remember the time I made the jump from working for a large IT service provider to a Management Consulting firm. Couple that with a pushy, anxious micro manager, I can tell you that experience took a toll on my confidence for some time.
So, what to do when facing a situation where your confidence has taken a hit, or worse still, is at an all-time low?
Taking my situation as an example, at the time when I was getting heavy pressure from this guy. Now years earlier, when I was a student in London I took up a job during the holidays selling double glazed windows over the phone, by cold calling Mr or Mrs Smith in the evening when they're about to sit down for dinner with the family. 10 years later working in a sales environment for a Management Consulting firm was actually a breeze by comparison!
Many people learn on the job but at a minimum you must emanate enough confidence to show that you're game, ready to take on any challenge, capable and have the belief that you can get the job done.
If you really are struggling in a particular area, or lacking skills then the best way to gain confidence is to first accept you need to take some action.
Confidence isn't about being able to do all things at all times, or having knowledge on all things in this world. It takes practice and it takes time, but there's nothing quite like getting your mojo back in full swing!

Shivani Bhagi is an International Career Success Strategist with a sole mission to help smart, committed women take charge of their careers by increasing their self worth and net worth. Her mission extends to personally coach women from all over the globe over the coming years so they too can have careers they love that are in alignment with their true selves, are financially rewarding and that allow them to live with passion and purpose every day. If you're currently facing a career challenge or a career set back, I'd love to hear from you. This entry was posted by Tara Slusher in Household, Lifestyle, Mental, Parenting, Physical, Spiritual and tagged fear, Get Your Girl Back, guilt, GYGB, kids, overcoming fear, parenting, role model, vacation, zipline, ziplining.
All of a sudden I was working in a different type of environment surrounded by extremely capable, high flying individuals. The worst part was I didn't realise just how much the experience was affecting me or my performance. So drawing on my previous experience helped develop the belief in myself again which reflected in my attitude and communications. As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent".
You only have to believe it and then display that level of confidence in your interactions with others. We strapped on our gear, headed into the trees and zealously moved from one obstacle to the other.
Shaking, I climbed up the first ladder, telling myself, “I can do this, I can do this!” but the reality is I had already talked myself out of it- I was terrified. Perhaps you had the opportunity to take a promotion and out of fear, declined and missed the opportunity of a lifetime.
This helped me to go on and transition to a project manager role which is where I further gained confidence as I utilised my natural skills and ability. Two hours in we were still going strong until I realized we were close to the end of the main zip line course and about to enter the Lake course.

How was I going to watch my two children climb an eighty foot ladder, step onto a platform high into the tree tops (and the size of my kitchen mat), and not pass out? I won’t let them go without someone behind them and honestly I don’t want to do it!” He offered to go, no charge and I was out- free from the torture of climbing the ladder up the tree.
Maybe you were offered a job oversees but declined due to your fear of the unknown or you wanted to launch a new business but changed your mind for fear of failure. Of course - be smart, and intelligent enough to have covered all grounds possible but in the end, confidence is really about how YOU feel about yourself and your capabilities. Whenever you start doubting yourself, open up that file and read all those comments and remind yourself of all your great work and successes. Out of nowhere I started to sweat really bad- my hands were slipping from the lines, my t-shirt sticking to my chest and my heart beating faster and faster. Someone would head up the front and back, ensuring my kids were safe but it wouldn’t be me. My fear would keep me from the feeling of accomplishment and adrenaline my family would feel- instead, I would be defeated.
That girl who stops at nothing to get what she wants, who is bold, confident and full of hope.
I had done it before but this was the first time our whole family was zip lining this course together and Noah’s first time at all!

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