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Confidence and your physical appearance can have a big effect on how you feel about yourself. NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a more detailed concept in developing confidence. Confident MoodVery Confident is one of the harder Moods to get, as you would need Mixology or to be almost Very Happy. Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. We have a guide to Romantic Garden Stuff here, you can purchase it from Origin to help support our site. Disclaimer This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors.
How to get confidence with easy-to-read Singing Guides that give you great insight into various vocal needs.
Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers. I'd like to thank TwistedMexi for allowing me to do this, and in return please send any 'Thanks for the cheats, here's a coffe' donations here. We singers need to discover and develop many routes to becoming more confident in order to stand freely in front of others and bare our souls. How to get confidence with resources that boost your singing technique!I have created 9 short videos that deal with various technical problems and challenges. For example:- Singing After Forty - An 18-page E-Guide Report (PDF file) - "Get Started On Your Dream!" and SING WITH ME! This offer is valid only for a "first" skype lesson so that prospective students can see how a lesson works with Skype.- Trio Singing Lesson Package - three fun and friendly lessons to get you started right! Also read the main Emotions Guide to learn how Emotions work - Emotional Auras, what determines the main Emotion, and how to use the Memory system to get Emotions on demand! Clear your browser cache (just files, not cookies if you don't want to lose your logins) and it'll likely be fixed.
Free audio singing exercises.- My Daily Warm Up Exercises - These days, I begin my singing workout with four exercises that give me a quiet, yet focused start. We also have many more updates coming over the next few months which will improve the guide.
On this page, I will offer a number of resources that should help the beginning singer, especially - no matter your age - grow into greater confidence.
The guide contains INSIDER'S AUDITION TIPS and many other useful tips about how to keep your voice healthy, how to breathe well, how to practice and how to find good songs for your voice. And for yet more information about these wonderful exercises - look at Vocal Warm Up- A Guided Breathing Exercise - For those of you who like to be guided through an exercise, here is a good way to warm up your body and your mind before you begin your singing practice in earnesta€¦.
Some of these resources are written vocal guides that I have created especially for singers who are starting out. He is a master of dispersed eye contact, and it is as if he is speaking to everyone and no one. Throughout this harangue, he repeatedly insists that none of us, not a single one of us, has even a shred of integrity. At first, the Landmark Forum and its marathon group-encounter sessions seemed marginal to me, a thin hippie residue like the stringy-haired septuagenarian Deadhead I’d see at my local grocery every so often. The Landmark Forum is the streamlined, slightly gentler offspring of that pinnacle of the ’70s encounter movement, est. In 1991, with lawsuits pending and a potentially damning 60 Minutes exposé about to create loads of bad publicity, Erhard sold the technology of transformation to a group of his former employees and split the country. I’d heard that its adherents invited supportive friends to ballrooms to celebrate their completion of the Landmark Forum, only to abandon their guests to a wide-eyed hard sell in a faraway room.
She was not a true believer, but like others I’d met, she could talk about the experience at length while revealing little.
Even in a room with a couple of hundred people, she said, the experience was very personal and had caused her to deal with a long-held grudge against her beloved mother.

Then I heard about a couple, friends of friends, who’d taken the Forum and soon separated, then divorced.
I was just on the sinister side of 40, with a floundering career, a tiny and cluttered apartment, a dented car, a gloomy demeanor, and an illegible inner palimpsest of failed friendships and estranged siblings: It was very much the grim season of my own discontent.
I worried I’d be susceptible to whatever it was Landmark was selling, but I had to know. My ballroom of transformation is the heart of Oakland’s intense little Chinatown, where I am surrounded by a group composed of the weepy, the wounded, the self-help sluts, and bubblegum Buddhists who populate this wonderful part of the world in which I live (and where first est, and now Landmark is based), Northern California.
There are rigid rules of Landmark Forum behavior, circa 2005: The three days go from 9 AM to around midnight.
If you absolutely must leave, well, go ahead, but you thereby forfeit your right to expect transformation. And if you really are committed to this thing, refrain from aspirin or alcohol until we’re done. Small, dapper, and strident, with a sparse goatee and an oord shirt, Condon is a combination arrogant professor, soulful father-confessor, hysterical drill instructor, and Boys in the Band bitch. When these concerns come from the group the first morning, Condon swats them away like gnats on a summer night. Yes, back in the ’90s, Werner Erhard sold his business to a group of employees, but this is not est. But this is me to a tee, and early on I find myself both agreeing with him and wishing he would tell me something I didn’t already know. I like him immediately for his openness and his untrimmed beard stained with tobacco and some other things I’d rather not mention. I’m dying to find out what he knows about the aliens, but we have only two minutes, so I go. I tell him that I go to bed at night because I am afraid to stay up too late, that I get up in the morning because I am afraid to sleep in. My fear that the Landmark Forum will mine some deep-seated catastrophic truth or weakness in me leaves my nerves on edge. I am afraid to speak before the group, but many participants frequent the microphones placed around the room. One woman, a petite, earnest, wiry brunet, comes to the microphone to profess her integrity.
She is so prideful, so cheery, so thin and self-confident that I wonder why she is here at all. Condon is unimpressed and smacks her delusions back into her upheld chin, splat, like a ripe tomato. You harbor persistent complaints and resentments in life, in relationships, he tells her, tells all of us.
These complaints, along with fear, rule how you behave, how you interact, even with people you say you love. It’s a nice sentiment, but it seems to me that this is a pretty loaded announcement to make to someone who might only just be learning of your debilitating grievances. And so while the group enthusiastically takes its cell phones to the hallways and stairwells to dive in, I hesitate. When her husband’s drinking spun out of control, her life fell apart and she became needy and completely absorbed in her own survival.
Suddenly there is a magnetic core, and all those not yet attached to it are being sucked in.
Back in the ballroom, a dark-haired woman in her early thirties tells us about a phone call she’s just made to her father, during which, right as she was in the middle of spelling out for him all the lifelong complaints she was now prepared to forgo thanks to the Landmark Forum, he interrupted her to ask for her password to an Internet site.
She says this means her father doesn’t love her, just like when she was little and he failed to show up for her school play because he was drunk.
Condon comes down from his platform and approaches the microphone, and I think he’s maybe going to giver her a hug or something.
One represents the day her father failed to show; the other represents her interpretation of it.

You go around blaming your father for your problems when really it’s your view that has created a barrier.
Unyielding in his belief in her father’s cosmic innocence, stern Condon is interested only in the facts. It’s a new story now, apparently more appealing, because enlightened nodding spreads across the room like contagion. I cannot fathom the great eagerness with which everyone has received the leader’s perverse psychology lesson. By the end of day one, the Landmark Forum has become not so much a test of how much bad news I can take but how much loneliness. Condon raises the emotional stakes early the next morning when catches a woman taking notes.
My admiration for Condon’s abilities grows even as my opinion of the ever more adhesive group diminishes.
His morning vigilante challenge inspires a handful of core participants, including my UFO friend, to begin monitoring our integrity.
To transform, to live your life powerfully, you must move into a realm without fear, and so we talk a lot about what frightens us. Near the end of an endless day, Barry leads us in a visualization ercise about fear that goes something like this: We are told to close our eyes as he reads to us from what sounds like a bizarro relaxation script. And then, from right behind me, some lets rip a wild, primal, angst-ridden, high-decibel growl, like I once heard from my dog when she having a wild dream. We open our eyes onto a world in which we are powerful because we don’t feel fear, we instill it. But Barry’s performance has provoked in the group a hasty swing of the emotional pendulum that reveals an ever growing willingness to be led. Unfortunately, he neglected to ask him to come to our graduation night, when we are supposed to bring new recruits. Not only are you not getting it, he tells us, but now you are really running short on time.
Looking naked and defenseless at the microphone, the guy who failed to invite his father to graduation tries to explain why, but Condon won’t hear it. As evening falls outside the ballroom, the imparting of the final, the essential, the transforming message of the Landmark Forum is upon us. Condon writes it on a chalkboard: Life is empty and meaningless, and that life is empty and meaningless is empty and meaningless.
As you might imagine, with this quasi-existentialist pronouncement the room erupts in jubilation. I’ve rarely felt more alone, but I hide my bitterness behind a wildly inauthentic smile. I actually applaud along with the group as people go to the microphone to say that they are finally free.
Most of those I meet at the Landmark Forum tell me they came at the unrelenting appeals of their recruiters. Nevertheless, I’d say a good 75 percent from my group sign up for the next seminar of their own free will.
By now I am so sick of myself and my rackets that all I want to do is go home and read tragic biographies of complete strangers or help old people I’ve never met cross busy streets. During the frenzy of enrollment, those of us who’ve remained steadfast are paired up for one final sharing ercise. We’ve been instructed to discuss how we are going to live a life of integrity, or something.

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