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The following is just a partial list of testimonials and comments received from students who purchased my products that help students get better grades with accelerated learning and speed reading techniques. I include them here so you can see first-hand how other students like you are benefiting from developing good study habits.
You’ll notice that many of the comments are from non-native English speakers which proves that habits are universal. It has given me great ideas and a good start, but it has been difficult for me to keep on the same track, but I know this works so it’s worth doing. Before reading your study book and taking your speed reading program, my problem was that my high school did not prepare me for engineering school. Helps with studying skills and to learn to not wait until the last minute to get an assignment or studying done. Haven’t done the speed reading course, but have derived some benefits from your study book. Just got it not sure yet, but sure is a different look on studying, I’m excited about what’s ahead. Your study book got me making to do lists and made me more aware of the importance of planning each day. Your speed reading program has really helped my daughter (who has dyslexia) with her reading. It has helped a little but school can be difficult when learning with younger students who are faster at learning and many times noisy and loud in class. The book has helped me break down study material into key concepts and chunk information more effectively.
I have increased my level of interest and my memory power with the help of your study book.

The programs have helped me retain information better, read faster and have given me more confidence when writing exams. Also I used the technique to go over my notes and highlight what I don’t know and what I know will come in exam!! The Successful Gal™ is a business and personal development website for today’s enterprising woman. The person’s name has been removed since these are private communications not originally intended for publication.
In many cases, it’s a life-changing event, which is why I created these products and programs.
Even though my study book has been translated into 4 languages, English, French, Romanian and Chinese, students from more than 30 countries have benefited.
It helps me choose my outcomes before I start and gives me momentum to take on bigger challenges. I am very good at putting things off that I don’t like to do and my Mom always gets on my case.
Prior to the course I did not read much because it was near impossible for me to take in the information I was reading. Learning new tips and tricks to understand concepts better and also how to remain in a good state in order to excel.
However, I’ve tried to apply the skills taught and it might have helped me in some ways. I recently did an exam in one of the hardest courses and managed to get a B+ the best grade till now !!! I also went to my teacher 2 days before the exam by myself to ask what’s important – I got more responses than I would have if I asked weeks earlier !!

The site offers resources, tips and information, including “The Entrepreneur’s Hand Book,” , for women seeking career, entrepreneurial and personal success by Francine Schill.
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I was never a good reader, now my mind does not wander and if I have a lot of reading to do it is not daunting.
My problem was that when I got to engineering school, I could not learn the material fast enough or well enough to do well.
If I would have had the book at the beginning of the course, I am sure I would have received an A. It motivated me to move forward with taking another step towards independence and reaching my dreams. Since I started your speed reading program my ability to take in the information I am reading has been amazing. The speed reading program and your study book helped me learn the material faster, more efficiently and I retained most if not all of that knowledge for my exams.
I would put my reading speed at around 400wpm… not really speed reading, but a massive improvement on where I was. Even though I am not pulling off A’s every time (yet!), I can now compete with the best in my class and am actually learning and excelling!

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