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We have the cure for baldness, and there is no longer any reason to be walking around bald anymore.
We all remember the day we made the decision to start something new, a new technique or service. The following are just a few of the confidence building questions I’d like to take a look at today. In my experience, clients don’t get too hung up on the esthetics, if what you offer is clean and welcoming, that’s all that matters. It may be tempting to reach out to other lash artists for pointers and advice, but remember, you are opening yourself up to criticism from someone who may not have your best interest at heart. If you need support, advice or more training, in the first instance you should reach out to the person who trained you.
When you find your confidence wavering, consider these questions and try to evaluate your feelings objectively. I know that each one of you who put in the hard work and perfect your skill, treat your clients with compassion and respect will become more confident in your craft. Subscribe to the Glad Lash newsletter and receive training articles, business tips, wellness articles, special offers and more.
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By digging deeper into our emotions, we are able to understand what makes our confidence tick. It’s almost like meditating, you find a peace, a center, and you become calm and get about creating your masterpiece. Here you will find salon business articles, training resources, beauty tips and general health and wellness posts.
Just when you are about to throw in the towel, a client sends you a few referrals or posts a raving review on a social media. I love to hear of their stories of success in their business, their continuing education and the satisfaction in their choice to become a lash artist. I have to be honest though, it makes me really nervous having another photographer in front of me lens.

We'll finish back-to-back Scalp Tattoo Sessions and you will go back home with new confidence and hair on your head. There should be a sense of accomplishment and positivity when we reach these milestones in our professional life, right? Honestly, there days I feel all thumbs, my eyes bother me and I’m just plain not in the mood.
Maryann knows what it takes to create successful salon businesses and is here to share her experience with you.
You'll surprise everyone, and all of your friends and family will think you went back 15 years in a time machine because you'll have a hairline again!
They may like your touch, your compassionate nature, your fun attitude, or the feeling they have when they leave you after a service. However, every time you do push past the, “I’m not in the mood” feeling, you build your confidence. If you work in a studio at home or somewhere in-between, your clients come to see you and enjoy your work. Our results are guaranteed to last for 10 years or more so you'll only have to make one trip.
So keeping those numbers in mind, you will have to lash many clients to build your book of business.
She worked really hard for her shoot and one of the things she said to me about the shoot was that she really wanted to gain more confidence and feel secure about herself. Some of the most successful salon professionals I know have average technical skills but their clients could feel their passion. Please resist this urge! The clients that are truly your clients, will stay with you and witness you blossom into the talented artist you are destined to be.
Please keep a positive attitude with your replies and it should all be worth our efforts.Since Ia€™ve become a member of E2S, Ia€™m starting to see a lot of the JUNK work which others have paid a lot of money, only to end up in disappointment. Each and every time your client looks in the mirror after your service and grins from ear to ear, that’s building your confidence. Ia€™d like to show and explain how things would be done from the a€?Old Doga€? perspective. J, I had so much fun getting to know you and I hope that you can look at these pictures for years to come and know how gorgeous you are! Just clamp the bar to the (cylinder base gasket area), in your vice instead of attempting to clamp the cylinder.
It was suggested from a friend to use this hone while running the drill in A reverse direction.

I think that others will agree with me that the final fitting is far more important than the boring machine operation. The power stroker didn't turn out to be very practicle for one at a time cylinder work. I spent a good part of the day hacking on a chunk of aluminum to turn it into a reed valve block. With a little forethought any person can do this kind of workmanship on entry level equipment.
Ia€™m attempting to encourage any of you people to add some machine shop capabilities to your work shop. As your capabilities grow so will your business grow.It takes time but certainly is rewarding to me. Maybe a TIG welder first, Lathe, mill, & Cylinder service equipment, my family has always been lifelong machinery junkies. Wea€™ll do final fitting before welding it on.It took some thinking to figure out how to clamp the cylinder to the mill table. The last little problem is the need for enough clearance around the manifold for the TIG welding torch.
Next week we will start putting things together.After the reed installation we need to finish up the liner install. IfA  you read my thread you will learn about machine shop procedures which you wona€™t learn many other places.
There are some very foolish people on our E2S site who wish to wreck this for everyone else.
There are also the Rottler & Van Norman machines which are also around if you look for them. If youa€™re looking for a boring bar & the latter 2 are available, they are all top quality pieces of equipment.
I was introduced to the Kwik Way brand back in the 70a€™s & have never had any reason to switch to other brands.

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