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Preschool is often where your child makes her first friends, and these attachments can be very intense.
When you have a forlorn four-year-old on your hands, the loss of your child’s best friend may break your heart as much as theirs.
When her son was the only child sent to another class out of his group of five friends, Stacey E. Children from preschool through second grade seem to "change their mind like they change their undies,” Stacey says. Moms can empower their children to handle peer problems by talking about their feelings and standing up for themselves. Carey K.
Moms also can ask their child’s friends questions like: Do you see (your child’s name) on the playground?
Moms who want to be more proactive in helping their preschoolers can set up scenarios in which their children are more likely to forge and maintain friendships.

By seeking out opportunities for play time with other preschoolers, hopefully your child will click with someone and eventually have several friends, Cynthia L. Losing a friend can seem devastating at the preschool age because children are just beginning to expand their social skills. Remember, children change a lot as they grow, and what they need in a friend can change over time as well.
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One variation of the book has Wubbzy riding on the cake batter, while another has him riding on a wave of water.
On DirecTV, other cable systems, book and DVD, the title reads "A Little Help From My Friends". So how do you handle your child's sadness when newfound friends move, transfer schools or change classrooms? But many Circle of Moms members who have been through this stage point out that many early friendships come and go, and that you shouldn't expect preschool pals to be best friends forever. So when a child expresses hurt feelings because of a friend, Sara B., a substitute para-educator, says she helps the child learn how to find someone else to play with.

She also encourages her daughter play with others because there are a large number of students at her daughter’s school. She soon learned that all she had to do was ask if she could play too, and she was included,” Angie says. To make matters even harder, the best friend has become close with another classmate, and this new duo leaves Diana’s daughter out during free play time. Her actions were right in line with advice shared by many Circle of Moms members: avoid dwelling on the lost love. By reconnecting with a former friend, your child will learn an important social skill, and the two may learn to value one another’s friendship more, she explains. Wallpaper images in the Myst club tagged: cyan artoveli myst explorer friend stranger atrus.

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