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Edith Cowan University integrate patient simulation training into their healthcare curricula to help improve patient outcomes.
Led by the Associate Dean of Health, Professor Cobie Rudd, the ECU Health Simulation Centre at Edith Cowan University was funded by the University and launched in 2007. In planning the Centre, assessing problems of the health system was a major springboard for ideas. The facility includes three fully contained simulation suites, each with its own debriefing room, control room and observation area. Aiming to embed simulation across all health curricula involves a highly creative approach. Professor Rudd points out that even negative outcomes can be used to ultimately produce a positive result.
The Centre benefits a broad range of the University’s industry partners across the state, and in doing so has attracted a lot of interest from unexpected areas.
We can improve outcomes in the future if we draw on real-life adverse events or near misses for the basis of de-identified scenarios that are ‘played out’ in a safe, yet authentic simulated learning environment.
Communication with your prospective leads is a crucial point of your MLM marketing campaign. Talking with your prospects will give you a direct access to them and will help you boost your chances of bringing them in to your side. One of the most essential elements of communicating with your prospects, or anyone for that matter, is the ability to carry yourself with much confidence.

Self-confidence is something that most everyone needs but just can’t seem to find in the simplest of places. What a lot of people are forgetting is that the key to self-confidence can be found within themselves and they can harness this to their advantage if they only know how to. Here are some tips to help you improve your self-confidence and make you better at facing your prospects and doing business with them through MLM. What often holds people back from being confident is that they just have too many negative thoughts about themselves in general, like the way they look, the way you do things  and such. If you wish to be more confident, know the things that you aren’t too confident about and accept yourself for who you are.
You don’t have to spend your time in self-pity as you try to accept yourself for who you are. Your family and friends can provide their opinions and can comfort you as you delve deeper into your insecurities in your quest for self-confidence. Another thing that holds you back from being confident is thinking too much about your past mistakes while overlooking the many successes you’ve had in your life. The key to unlocking your confidence is thinking less about your mistakes and failures while focusing on your successes in life. Don’t ever go for a second wishing you were somebody else because this will seriously do your confidence some damage. Being confident will help you better influence your prospects because they’ll be looking at how well you can handle the pressure of talking about your MLM business to complete strangers.

Once you ace your confidence, you’ll find more people will be joining you in your MLM campaign. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It was developed after extensive consultations with key figures in simulation including Dr Brendan Flanagan, as well as consultations with the student body. A key part of this was to design immersive, flexible settings that were as true to the actual clinical environments as possible. This design means that no-one leaves the suite until their debrief, which allows the Centre to run different types of simulations concurrently.
Though there are many different methods that could help you do business with your MLM leads, personal communications is still quite effective in swaying your prospects into joining your MLM business. Being with the people you love and talking with them about your insecurities will make the process much easier for you. These consultations revealed that not only did students want their competency and confidence as high as it could be, but that this training would serve them well after graduation. Thus all kinds of situations can be recreated, ranging from dealing with aggression in general practice to mental health presentations in a range of settings to forensic investigations in emergency departments.

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