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To answer the question above it may take several tools and techniques to collect the “facts and data.” So here in Improve, there are several good tool and techniques that can help get you that data.
Constraint Management – A Constraint (bottleneck) is any resource with fewer throughputs than the demand placed on it.
Pull Systems – These are method of controlling the flow and quantity of resources by only replacing what has been consumed.
Setup Reduction – Setup is the time required for the process or activity to changeover from producing the last good piece of the prior item (part) to the first good piece of the next item. Lot Size Reduction – Lot Size is defined as “The amount of a particular item that is ordered from the plant or a supplier or issued as a standard quantity to the production process – (APICS). Design of Experiments – This is simply when you design an experiment to determine when you change something how a process reacts to that change.
There is no way to account for the effect of joint variation of independent variables, such as interaction.
Most that do Design of Experiments (DOE) vary two or more variables simultaneously and make multiple measurements under the same experimental conditions. Simple Business Analysis – This analysis takes all the approaches to improvement and evaluates them on at least in these three areas; effectiveness, costs to do and time it will take to implement.

Brainstorming, LCS, Affinity Diagramming, Multi-voting and 5 Whys from my article The First step of DMAIC – Define. Well there you have it, a little more understanding of the Improve step of the Six Sigma 5 step DMAIC process. My husband is currently undergoing six sigma training at work and this post has helped to inform me exactly what it is they are up to. The objective of Improve is to develop and implement the best plan for improvement of the opportunities (Root Causes) identified in the analyze step. Some that stand out are “Are you sub-optimizing” and “Does this solution support company Goals?”  Sub-optimization is when you make improvements in your process only to have a negative impact further down stream in the company or organization. Many times we do this by hold all input variables constant except one and  observe the response as you vary the single input. I hope that this gives you a better understanding of what questions to answer and what tools to uses to get those answers in Improve. It is not to develop only one plan because to get the “best” you need to have several approaches to work through with your sponsor to find the best mix of solutions that is acceptable to all. This is best address as I mentioned earlier buy making sure you understand all the options to improve.

This is called OFAT (one factor at time) which is not the best way to do a designed experiment. I often tell my black belts to develop several options and pick one to really sell to management and the sponsor.
If you do not do this then management (your project sponsor) only have the ability to accept what you have or reject the team efforts and shut down the project.  You have to understand that the team is focused on improving the process. Some times we get to this stage and do not make sure that the options we want to implement really do impact the company goals.
Management is focus on the whole business and the plan you really want may have a bigger negative impact some where else.

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