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Hundreds of thousands of Australians have experienced the state of ‘thoughtless awareness’ using the simple Sahaja Yoga meditation technique, which helps to reduce mental and emotional stress. Events include guided meditations to help reduce stress and achieve the peace of true meditation plus tips on how to help stay in balance during the day and how to meditate at home. I am Rudina Kopo, a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and I am happy to bring this technique in Albanian language to all my country-mates.
I want to reach a significant number of practitioners to increase the level of collective consciousness. One beautiful goal is to implement the science of creative intelligence, higher knowledge in schools, so that children grow up healthy and happy and naturally stronger and more intelligent.
The course is designed to be done over 6 weeks, but you can take longer and do it at your own speed. Within 24 hours from paying for your course, we will email you details on how to access your course along with the links. Many people adopt meditation as their daily practice for keeping their mind stable, calm, focused and concentrated.
You might find it ridiculous to hold a fake smile but if you follow this technique regularly, after some days of practice, you will find that you are having real smile on your face during meditation. Not only holding a smile, but also you can enhance the feeling of joy if you imagine a peaceful moment of your life that you already have experienced, or can imagine yourself in the great happiness in near future.
Smile meditation exercise can be practiced anytime and anywhere as you don’t need to concentrate more on your breathing or don’t follow any auto suggestion or even you don’t need to hold any particular position. Mental health and physical health are related and if you can make your mind harmonious, free from any binding, feel from any kind of tension and can make it stable, focused and sound then you will feel physically fit, healthy and rejuvenated. About India FeelgoodWelcome to the online love-affair with Indian wellness, yoga, mindchange and health.

It’s time to find peace within, to experience an awareness you probably never knew existed.
Some events will have live traditional Indian and World music to enhance the meditation experience. Thank you that you are on this page and you have the curiosity to learn something that will make your life better, easier and more fulfilling. I am very happy and I am honored to introduce myself as the first teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Albania and Kosovo.
We don’t however recommend doing it faster than that as you need to integrate the steps and practices into your life in between each learning session. Click on the link included in our email and you can begin your self-study, self-paced online program. From the ancient technique of meditation many types of techniques have been developed later and Smile meditation is one of those techniques. And the more you will practice smile meditation exercise, the more you will start getting inner happiness. You can also imagine that you are in your favorite place with your loved ones or friends and family and spending a great time with them.
This type of exercise is to find the inner happiness, peacefulness and get rid of any kind of tension, anxiety or depression. Our entusiastic bloggers will introduce you to 5000 year old therapies and spiritual feelgood traditions, but will also keep you up to date with the latest digital health trends.
You will feel a positive energy flowing inside you which will ultimately make you rejuvenated. You will not necessarily find out the gap between the thoughts always arises on your mind, you don’t need to count or chant any mantras.

Transcendental Meditation technique is a simple, effortless mental practice that can be learned by anyone and it provides wonderful effects by removing stress. I was certified for teaching TM in Thailand, where I was trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who is the founding teacher of Transcendental Meditation.
You will feel a positive energy flowing inside you -which will ultimately make you rejuvenated.
We just keep ourselves fighting against the thoughts, negative feelings which ultimately keep us away from the peacefulness.
Like other meditation technique, you don’t have to focus on breathing but just breathe naturally. The benefits of this technique have been scientifically proven and it allows you to be healthy by keeping your life balanced. We intend to increase the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of the individual in every city in Albania, Kosovo or wherever they are, using the following technique.
Transcendental Meditation allows you to use a larger amount of mental capacity, of which unfortunately most of us use only 5-10%, thus making you more creative. Transcendental Meditation makes you more social, more acceptable for others, and what matters most, to yourself. I chose TM because it is very simple, does not require much time from my day and makes me enjoy life more, regardless of whether I am alone or with my friends.

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