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I sometimes use this method If I’m out during the day and I feel the need to centre myself. This meditation uses diaphragmatic breathing  also called abdominal breathing rather than breathing by expanding your chest. Concentrate on the sensation of your breathing and the sound of the air as you breathe in and out.
Continue with the meditation for 5 to 15 minutes and you’ll feel more calm, relaxed and less stressed. Now, if you’re at work during the day, for example, and you feel stressed or anxious about something or you just feel the need to centre yourself you can simply focus on your breath.

Use diaphragmatic breathing and become aware of the sensation and the sound of your breath.
Just wanted to extend my honest appreciation for all your unselfish effort, you have really helped me and provided me with an opportunity where before there was none.
I have the opportunity to practice yoga, at the end of the session I use this type of breathing, it will definitely keep my mind focus! Why learn meditate meditate, Eventually, stay happy time, difficult circumstances. Why learn meditate meditate, Eventually, we will be able to stay happy all the time, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Meditation classes, retreats, uk - perfect beginners, The bright path ishayas’ meditation techniques, ancient, perfect busy modern mind. Intro meditation tergar learning community, Meditation learning recognize basic goodness immediacy present moment, nurturing recognition seeps . I am converting meditation into my habit and concentrating on the process of breathing keeps you alert.

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