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An oil central heating system works in a similar way to its gas-powered counterpart, using an oil-fired boiler to heat water, which provides the central heating via radiators and hot water through the taps in your home.
The main difference between the two is that you'll need to have your oil supply delivered and stored in a tank. If the boiler keeps tripping when you hit to reset button, make sure you have allowed the burner to rest for at least 30 minutes before hitting the reset button. Checking the following may help us to diagnose the problem over the telephone, however, in the majority of cases we are happy to visit it, even if it means changing the fuse for you. Not using your boiler for long periods of time can lead to complications when you go to start it again. If you run your boiler every month for a short period it will keep things working and give your heat circulating pump a workout to prevent it from getting stuck. You will also be able to identify any problems you may have with your boiler before the cold winter sets in and you need your boiler working efficiently.
Most of domestic heating oil boilers run on Kerosene, C2, 28secs fuel which is clear with a yellow tint. Many people notice problems at the end of a period inactivity such as at the end of the summer, so towards the end of the summer would be a good time. Our busiest periods are during the winter months so it is probably best to avoid these times, as a service will need to be scheduled and it could be a few weeks before we can visit you. You will also want to ensure that your boiler is serviced before it is in full use for months at a time. If you would like us to remind you when your annual service is due then please let us know and we will ring or write to you in advance of the service being due. The Peerless WV-DV Series Residential Oil Fired Boilers have a cast iron heat exchanger and can be fired with a Beckett NX, Carlin EZ1-HP or, a Riello BF5 oil burner, allowing you to pick the burner of your choice. The Peerless WV-DV Series Residential Oil Fired Boilers cast iron heat exchanger features a swing out door with a flame observation port that opens wide for easy cleaning and a fully insulated enameled steel jacket.
Oil boilers heat water or other liquids to boiling pressure and is then utilized for heating, powering or producing electricity via baseboard, while furnaces heat your home with air blown through ductwork.
Both boilers and furnaces need to be serviced regularly, as the nozzle from the burner in particular that creates the oil spray to be burned, wears out yearly, along with other parts. We will perform a free evaluation and provide a quote for any installation, offering you options and suggestions on how you can meet your precise comfort needs at a price you can afford. Wall-mounted radiators and hot water baseboards use boiler-supplied hot water to warm rooms by radiation and convection. A boiler can also supply a forced-air heating system with hot water for its heat exchangers. We offer a Free Estimate for heating systems in Yonkers, New Rochelle, White Plains, Chappaqua, Scarsdale, Briarcliff Manor, Mount Vernon, Armonk, Larchmont, Rye, Katonah, Mahopac, Yorktown Heights, Pleasantville, Ossining, Cortlandt Manor, Port Chester, Carmel, Peekskill, Tarrytown, Mamaroneck, Purchase, Waccabuc, Bedford, Pound Ridge, Harrison, and much more! An oil-fired boiler that's more than 10 years old can be functioning perfectly but only working at 65% efficiency or less.
This means you can lower your oil bills by 20%, 30%, or even 40% by upgrading to high efficiency equipment~ Wow!
A conventional "atmospheric combustion" boiler draws on the air around it to help fuel the combustion process.

A direct-vent boiler is designed to burn fuel more thoroughly, usually in a secondary combustion chamber.
Direct-vent boilers extract more heat from a given volume of fuel, so they're usually preferred by homeowners over atmospheric boilers. A "sealed-combustion" boiler vents directly through the wall, but also gets its combustion air from outside the house. Super insulated tanks like this store heated water from the boiler for domestic hot water use. Many homeowners who are upgrading to a more efficient boiler choose to achieve even greater energy savings with a combi-boiler.
A furnace boiler or water heater burns fuel to generate heat and needs to put that heat into an air stream in your ducts, or into water in your pipes. Call 1-914-793-4400 or contact us online to schedule a home inspection and boiler repair estimate. We proudly service: White Plains, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Chappaqua, Scarsdale, Rye, Armonk, Larchmont, Briarcliff Manor, Katonah, Mahopac, Yorktown Heights, Pleasantville, Ossining, Cortlandt Manor, Port Chester, Carmel, Peekskill, Tarrytown, Mamaroneck, Purchase, Waccabuc, Bedford, Pound Ridge, Harrison and more!
As much as we care about our customers, we are pleased to say that the majority only see us once a year! For any other queries, please call us on 07894 067151 or 01795 842291 and we will do our best to help.
Oil is a more efficient fuel than gas, so you'll get a good return on every unit of energy.
It is like leaving a car in the garage for months and then not being able to start it without jump leads.
Peerless Boilers has avoided making anything other than hydronic heating to concentrate their efforts in that field. The Peerless WV-DV Series Oil Fired Boilers are eligible for Rebates of up to $200 under the Appliance Stimulus Package, Grants up to $6500 from the Weatherization Assistance Program if you qualify, and a 30% Income Tax Credit up to $1500.
Also standard on the WV-DV Series is Honeywell Controls with a limit control relay or triple limit control relay, and pre – post purge burner controls, temperature pressure gauge, relief valve, drain valve, Taco circulation pump, and a service switch.
The site will automatically detect what device you are using and display the site accordingly. Hot water circulating in under-floor tubing (hydronic radiant floor heating) turns the entire floor surface into a giant radiator.
Energy Saver Westchester can evaluate your current heating system and provide quotes on a super-efficient system that will save you money.
The heat output of a boiler is listed in thousands of BTUs (80,000btu, for example) and denotes the amount of heat energy the boiler can produce.
A standard measure of efficiency for boilers and furnaces, AFUE tells you the percentage of input energy the unit can convert to output energy for warming your home. Energy Saver and the homeowner opted for installing a replacement oil furnace that operates at 87% efficiency - the highest efficiency rate available from an oil furnace. Once combustion takes place, hot exhaust gases and other combustion byproducts are piped to a chimney where they rise naturally up and out of the house. Since nearly all the fuel's energy is extracted thanks to more complete combustion, flue gases are cool enough to be exhausted through a plastic pipe.

A combi-boiler heats water for household washing in addition to supplying hot water for the heating system.
Energy Saver Westchester can evaluate your current heating system and provide a free quote on a super-efficient system that will save you money.
With that dedication of their effort they have succeeded in having one of the most complete product lines of residential boilers in the world.
The present American Recovery and Reinvestment Act programs are designed to stimulate the economy by providing work for manufacturers and installers while allowing consumers to reap the benefits of energy savings and decrease our energy dependence on foreign oil. The direct venting makes the WV-DV Series Boilers a great choice for homes where the chimney is no longer usable because of its condition or, in homes that are converting from electric heat. The Peerless WV-DV Series Residential Oil Fired Boilers are fully packaged and ready for installation complete with a One-Year Parts Warranty on the entire boiler and a Lifetime Parts Warranty on the heat exchanger with options for five and ten year extended warranties on parts and labor.
If you do not have a service plan, Pioneer Oil will still be happy to perform a cleaning at reasonable rates. Energy Saver can do to your home (air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, etc.) to make it use less oil for heating and be more comfortable. The sealed combustion assures that heated air is not used for combustion and is great for tight newer homes where combustion air could be a problem. The Peerless WV-DV Series have an optional tankless coil, which can provide domestic hot water or, an indirect water heater may be used on a separate zone to provide domestic hot water. The technician figured out the problems within minutes and had the heat working within an hour.
The cost of the fuel used to run the boiler throughout its lifespan is huge compared to the cost of the boiler itself - so it's worth it to pay more for a higher efficiency boiler so you can save more in the long run. In fact, when the boiler is running to provide water for whole-house heating, hot water for washing is heated for free.
The WV-DV Series can be vented through the wall with a concentric sidewall venting kit supplied as standard equipment, which only requires a single 8” hole for both the exhausting of the flue gases and intake of combustion air. The next day I called them again to have the boiler tuned up and have some shut off valves installed in the water lines (hot water heating). Replacing an older boiler and water heater with a combi-boiler can save hundreds of dollars every year. Therefore, a 15-year-old furnace that is 65% efficient is putting 35% of the heat you paid for up the chimney.
All of them were friendly and informative, and offered advice on possible upgrades without trying to push anything on me.
On top of that the president of the company personally called me to thank me for doing business with them and inform me of the service and insurance plans they offer.
And since the cost of the fuel you put through a furnace, boiler or water heater during its lifetime is much greater than the cost of the unit itself, it's worth it to install the very highest efficiency equipment available!

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