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For the previous ten years I had been apprenticed in the Gurdjieff Work, and it was through a former student of P.
Then suddenly he was silent, very powerfully silent, filling the room with his unspoken teaching that went far beyond words, banishing my turning thoughts with his simple presence. At the time, we took it as his joke with the children, but slowly we came to see that he meant something profound, which it was for us to decipher. Though the state desired was thoughtless and wordless, he taught through a few favorite aphorisms in pithy expressions, to be plumbed later in silence. Looking at the world as it is now, thirty years after his death, I wonder if he would utter the same aphorisms with the same conviction today. Four times a year, for nearly 40 years PARABOLA has gathered the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions to illuminate the central questions of life. Sleep Chakra Meditation Music: Heart Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing, Sleep Meditation Music. This is part 3 of our series of posts on the Madurai Meenakshi temple in Tamil Nadu state in South India.
A Hindu couple applies oil on a carving of a deity on a pillar who is depicted to be pregnant. Located a little over 3 kms from Borobudur this temple may appear insignificant to the mighty Borobudur but is home to an exquisitely carved 3 meter high statue of Buddha.
A massive, beautiful, sprawling ficus tree stands next to the temple, a quiet symbol of endurance and patience, two essential qualities on the spiritual path. Next to the Mendut temple is the Mendut Buddhist Monastery which has beautifully kept grounds and small ponds of lotuses and lilies. In our upcoming wellness and meditation retreat to the islands of Indonesia in September this year we’ll be visiting the magnificent Borobudur temple in Central Java.
For the adventurers, the pre-dawn excursion to Borobudur temple to witness the sunrise is a surreal and unparalleled experience in south east Asia. The temple has survived a massive earthquake in 2006, terrorists bombs and ash flows from Mount Merapi.

Well, if you can say the name of this dish then you can surely make it as it is easier than it sounds.
We learned this on our most recent spiritual and culinary adventure in South India in January 2012. Here’s a recipe that we acquired on our recent spiritual and culinary adventure in South India.
We were so keen to eat this at the end that we forgot to take a photo of the final product….sorry!
How do I concentrate better – I manage a good quality 5 mins at most with minor drifting but then my mind wonders massively after this…? After two nights in Kanadukathan in the heart of the Chettinad district in Tamil Nadu, we headed west to Madurai, ancient Tamil capital of the south for the last night of our culinary and spiritual adventure.
He helped me to go deeper towards the discovery of who I am, and to identify less with the role I played. Why don’t you sit at home and confront yourself as you are, asking yourself, not me, “Who am I?
One day, when I had done so, I approached his hut, took off my shoes, went in and sat down on a straw mat on the earth floor, while he watched me with the attention that never seemed to fail him.
Here Ganesha is known as Mukkuruni Vinayagar and is one of the largest Ganesha statues in the south. It’s on the itinerary for one of the places for us to visit during our upcoming meditation and wellness retreat in Indonesia in September. Unlike most statues of Buddha that are usually carved in the lotus position or in a laying down position, this Buddha is seated, western-style, majestically in a throne with both feet firmly placed on the ground.
As rays of light pierce the misty sky, rolling hills of tropical jungles, plains of paddy fields and swaying palms are revealed and so is Borobudur, Buddhism’s grandest citadel.
And when you have one of these lentil balls (urandais) in your mouth you won’t be saying anything as it is absolutely delicious. When I first saw it being made in front of me I thought to myself that this takes a lot of work and I was hesitant to try it.

This Mint Chutney recipe was taught to us in the heart of Chettinad in Tamil Nadu state where they make some amazing food.
Add red chillies, finely chopped small onions, ginger, garlic and the remaining ingredients and mix well. A sumptuous traditional Tamil thali dinner was on the menu, a perfect end to a wonderful culinary journey of South India.
He studied medicine and served in Malaya as a physician for several years before taking up monasticism. Ouspensky, James Ramsbotham (now Lord Soulbury), and his brother Peter, that, one hot afternoon, not long after our arrival in Ceylon, I found myself outside a modest thatched hut in Jaffna, on the northern shore of Ceylon, to keep my first appointment with Yogaswami.
The style of yoga taught follows the tradition of their teacher, that is, a gentle, meditative and healing breath centric practice where Vedic Chanting is used as the crowning meditative practice. From statues carved into pillars to small shrines tucked away along the long corridors to the sanctum sanctorum, there is no shortage of devotion to be seen anywhere in this temple. But having tried it a week ago and realized how fairly simple it is I’ve made it twice now.
Know that the mind has no ability to discriminate between what practice is good for you and what is not good for you. He was my introduction to Hinduism in its pure Vedanta form, and my teacher for the nearly four years I served as the Canadian High Commissioner in what was still called Ceylon in the early sixties when I was there. And my mind again went into the nonconceptual state that he was such a master at invoking, clearing the way for being. The personalised learning he received on all aspects of Yoga during this time continue to inform his practice and teaching.

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