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Here's the truth about Politics, Policy, and the Business of Government that you will never see on NEWS 12 WESTCHESTER.
Instead of coming home to Westchester County and getting the key to New York City, I was denounced, ridiculed, and treated like a criminal, and an outcast. She put me and my family through hell, two trials, not one, but two, the first trial her prosecutors polluted the jury, and the trial ended up with a hung jury. Ia€™ve been to hell and back quite a few times, and one thing has always remained the same, I am consistent in my character. If you happen to ask yourself this question: Why cana€™t Barbara Ricci move on with her life?
My obligation for the rest of my life on any application I have to fill out or any interview I have ever gone on, I have always had to answer this question: Have you ever been arrested? Jeanine Pirro is the force behind all my success, she drove me to become a filmmaker; I produced, filmed, directed, and starred in my first documentary called a€?A Plea For Justicea€? when I became a victim ofA false charges. Jeanine Pirro, is an evil villain, and I dona€™t ever want her to forget me; I certainly will never forget what she did to my life. I dona€™t have to tell you Ia€™m innocent, you know I am, and everything I have said to you is the truth, and you know it is, this is my life, this is who I've become, I can't shake this, this is the person I've become, and this person will be with me for the rest of my life. Look at Rosa Parks, she may have died in body, but not in spirit, she had courage, and she changed the world, she took her seat on the bus and she was treated like she was a criminal, well, I write for people like Rosa. Look at Patsy Ramsey, now she's dead, look at what the news media did to her, they accused her of killing her little girl. To see MANY more photos and more detailed descriptions of the work completed on this travel trailer remodel please visit Making Memories-The RV Remodel.
My husband and I are in the middle of the same project…rebuilding our travel trailer from the studs. Im thinking about buying a trailer from a friend, her parents have a very old trailer that has been sitting on a campsite for 8 years untouched.
Taking the lone wolf approach to survival is popular with some in the prepper community, but many others focused on prepping for a SHTF scenario feel a family or mutual assistance group approach boasts the best chance to live through a disaster. All preppers should incorporate a post-disaster plan into their overall preparedness activities.
However, more can be done to ensure the long-term well-being and prosperity of the family or tribe (my favorite term for mutual assistance groups). If the power grid goes down, the nation (or the entire world) will suddenly be thrust into an 1800s existence.
Surviving is the first goal, but once that is achieved, thriving should become the new focus for the family or tribe.
Honing your homesteading skills or learning new ones will likely offer you some job security after the SHTF. Unless you have bottomless pockets and have created a compound with all the food, supplies, and man power needed to keep your family alive for one to five years, start pondering post-disaster job opportunities now, while the lights are still on. One bad growing season could wipe out your entire crop and overtax your long-term food storage stockpiles. Opening a trading post is an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it business that does not require the expertise required of a blacksmith or a seamstress.
Becoming a SHTF kingpin might sound enticing, but safety and security concerns will multiply if you envision opening a TEOTWAWKI regional shopping mall. While there are some advantages to setting up a trading post on your own property, there are some distinct disadvantages as well. The convenience of not having to risk leaving your own property is a plus when considering where to locate the trading post. The trading post could be held once a week, several times a month, or open on a daily basis, much like an old-fashioned general store.

A trading post operator could charge or barter with customers to use the ham radio to contact their loved ones or to learn of news from the towns where people they care about were living before the disaster. The mere presence of a ham radio scanning in the background at the trading post will encourage community members to stop by frequently and possibly purchase extra items while standing around listening for news.
Renting out space inside or outside the trading post to neighbors who have a particular useful skill is a win-win. Allow those with sewing skills to place items on consignment in your trading post in exchange for mending or clothes-making for your family or group.
Coats in all sizes — I bought two dozen coats for 25 cents each at a church rummage sale recently, best prepping on the cheap score this year! Most of you have heard the news now of the devastating floods in Wimberley Texas that occurred over the weekend. Ever need that solitary boost – when you’re feeling a bit down or quietly introspective or just need to recharge yourself? One of my favorite things to do on a summer evening, (after the official lifeguard hours are over) is to climb up onto the lifeguard chair and look out into the huge expanse of water, watching darkness take over.
Hot chocolate is my preference with lots of foam served in a big fat mug; the hotter the better. Congeniality of New York case, It was on Current Affair, Hard Copy, the National Enquire, Jay Leno, Howard Stern it was on every news channel throughout the nation. She created a wound deep inside my heart,A  my spirit, and my soul, a wound that will never heal.A  She owes me a public apology for using me as one of her political favors to help cover up police corruption in the City Of Mount Vernon New York, and Ia€™m not her only political favor, she did this to a lot of good people in Westchester County. Jeanine Pirroa€™s maiden name is Ferris, she is one reason I don't trust Arabs, and after 911, forget about it, and aside from a few Arab neighbors, I just dona€™t trust them. They reinforced tire wells, walls, rebuilt the kitchen cabinets, dinette, and many other parts of the RV. This is one incredible travel trailer remodel that took some serious patience and determination. We will be trying to complete this project in time for a 4 day (camping) country music festival, starting August 15, 2014, which we bought tickets for long before we knew the reality of our situation.
My husband and I are about to renovate a 1980 5th wheel that we purchased for $500 as well. You must be very careful when buying a used RV and even more so when it has set idle for the length of time that this one has. Making sure the basement is stockpiled with heirloom seeds, hand tools, advanced first aid equipment, ammo, and other various survival gear is obviously extremely important. By taking the concept one step further and opening a trading post, you could have both a lucrative and fulfilling SHTF business on your hands. Virtually any type of massive man-made or natural disaster can end life as we know it for an extremely long time.
We only have to think back to the formative stages of our nation to brainstorm for ideas about the types of goods and services that will be needed and can be accomplished without the aid of modern technology. Blacksmithing, horse-shoeing, sewing, and medical care for both humans and animals are but a few examples of TEOTWAWKI career options. An incident of swine flu or mad cow disease could equally devastate the livestock currently grazing on the back 40. Providing goods and a place to gather to trade goods and services for your own community helps both your own family and others. Using a barn or other structure near your home as the trading post would bring unknown individuals to your land, allowing them to get a big eyeful of your garden, livestock, security measures, and your family.
The business should not be started until after the initial phase of the disaster and bulk of the civil unrest are long since over with, reducing the fear of travel at least somewhat. Information sharing among community members could be fostered both in person and via a bulletin board or chalkboard mounted on the inside or outside of the building.

The sharing of news from outside the community could alert townspeople to marauding bands operating in the area, government actions, or an illness spreading throughout the region. If you do not have the skill or the equipment to reload your own ammo, you could offer a workbench to someone who does in exchange for reloading ammo for the weapons used by your family or mutual assistance group.
It's no secret, it's no secret that The Westchester County DA, Jeanine Ferris Pirro put false charges on me, Endangering the Welfare Of A child, and she had no evidence. New York, USA Pageant.A  In years past, the corrupt Westchester County District Attorney, Jeanine Pirro,A  has put false charges on innocent people to cover up police corruption in the city of Mount Vernon, New York, and throughout Westchester County for her own political aspirations. The exterior of the travel trailer didn’t receive the overhaul the interior had due to the exterior overall being in much better condition.
I can handle the body work outside but Is it possible to just lift the whole thing and put it on a new chassis?
It looks to be about the same condition so I’d be interested to know what this couple spent. I am going to refer you to a few articles to hopefully get you more information on what to look for. You do not want every semi-decent and needy person or road bandit three counties over knowing that you are the guy or gal sitting on an enormous pile of goods.
A disgruntled customer or person turned away for lack of quality items or services to trade could come back and attempt to break in to the trading post or home later or take one of your loved ones hostage. Mimic the same system and trade space for eggs and other produce with local farmers and growers. Shipping Container” - Do It Yourself on How to Build an Bulletproof Earthbag Dome For $300Do It Yourself How This Man Converted “ Underground Shelter Using a 20 Ft. My thought is always, how the world is so beyond us- in expanse, in depth, in scope, in understanding.
Let it move you and take you towards a state of relaxation and calmness or towards moving to its rhythm.
I can use my imagination and return to the ocean, sitting in my favorite spot, and watching the waves.But mostly, I walk with my music on, listening to the beat or inspiration in the words.
By profession I’ve been a social worker for 20 years, in the school system and in private practice.
Therein lies the challenge: how to create and live a good life despite its inevitable challenges.
At $500 it is hard to go wrong, but without knowing what you are getting into it could cost you thousands to make it usable. Those who are fortunate to have more than enough food to feed their family will likely jump at the opportunity to easily trade crops, meat, and dairy products for other needed items and services. When it was all said and done the couple had spent over 4 months completing this travel trailer remodel. You may want to find someone that knows their way around a RV to take with you when you go to see it. I keep thing this is always what I wanted and I have the chance now but I have NO idea what to look for as far as major problems and leaks. The couple that personally started and completed this travel trailer renovation was very pleased to get their new RV for $500, but after getting a look at some of the damage during the demolition it seems that $200 may have been a more reasonable offer. I’m a single mother and would love to have this lil vacation spot for my 12 year old daughter and me.
The new owners reported 1 big bonus; two free rolls of toilet paper were included with the sale!

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