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Last week, an article came out in the journal Nature Climate Change (Climate Central also has a good summary of it) that discussed the likely effects of climate change on labor productivity.
We estimate that environmental heat stress has reduced labour capacity to 90% in peak months over the past few decades. While these findings are new, they mirror earlier work on the effects of climate-related extreme temperatures on income and production. The authors found no similar effect for high-income countries, suggesting that climate change will further exacerbate global economic inequality significantly. Economies in low-income countries are heavily dependent on natural resources, particularly agriculture, implying that workers in these areas are directly susceptible to direct effects of higher temperatures and changes in precipitation. Climate change will emerge as an environmental justice issue and will continue to threaten the fragile human and economic development of the world’s poor. About MeI am a graduate of the MA program in Global Environmental Policy at the American University School of International Service in DC. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. There are many things you can do to reduce waste and the impact you have on our environment.

Rethink your everyday choices – whether or not to buy, what you buy, use, give and do. King County EcoConsumer provides tips for spending your money and time wisely, while keeping in mind your impact on the environment. Whether you are a builder or a homeowner, consider green building practices and products when constructing or remodeling. Use the EcoConsumer Waste Calculator to see how your purchasing decisions can make a direct impact on the amount of waste generated in King County and Washington state.
Give your unwanted items another life by advertising them and browse or post on these sites for free: Craigslist (external) or Freecycle (external). You can also learn about other kinds of solid waste-related events, including EcoConsumer radio broadcasts, Solid Waste Advisory Committee meetings and more by visiting the King County Solid Waste Division’s event calendar. Climate change science – greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, trap outgoing radiation from the Earth's surface and effectively warm our atmosphere.
The authors examined the effects of heat stress during peak heat stress months in tropical and mid-latitude regions. Using this historical relationship, they projected the long-term effects of global warming on economic output in poor countries, based on mid-range climate projections through the end of the century.

The central cause for this result is the differing natures of the economies in high- and low-income states. Low-income states will suffer the most from climate change, despite the fact that they have done the least to contribute to it. I work on air quality, and my writing focuses on issues related to environmental peacebuilding, disaster risk reduction, and climate change, transportation, and urban development. Under the highest scenario considered (Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5), ESM2M projects labour capacity reduction to less than 40% by 2200 in peak months, with most tropical and mid-latitudes experiencing extreme climatological heat stress.
According to the World Bank, agriculture accounted for 26.2% of GDP for low-income countries from 2008-2010.
I am a Cleveland native who loves my hometown, despite its many flaws, and wants to work to improve it, rather than simply papering over our challenges. In the least developed countries (LDCs), revenues derived from natural resources account for 20.3% of GDP.

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