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Remove timing belt (I went ahead and removed the tensioner since I was going with a manual tensioner). Contact your local dealer or purchase a repair manual specific to your vehicle to determine if it has an oil pan gasket. Do not attempt to remove your oil pan without determining the proper torque level for your vehicle.
The oil pan gasket on a 1997 Saturn should be replaced when you notice oil leaking from the gasket area. Many people mistake a faulty gasket for a faulty oil pan and spend hundreds of dollars to replace the pan when a $20 gasket would have solved the problem.

Use a floor jack to lift the front by the predetermined factory jacking points, and then use jack stands to support both sides.
Some vehicles may require the removal of additional items to access the oil pan, but most won't. I read here and there that in order to do the swap correctly (no engine lights thus able to pass inspection) the oil pump from a US motor has to be used due to the crank position sensors. Once the pan is lifted to the proper location, tighten the bolts to secure the pan and remove the jack. I wanted to do somewhat of a write-up to show people that swapping the oil pumps is not too difficult.

Also determine the recommended torque levels for the oil pan bolts, it varies from vehicle to vehicle. If your vehicle has sealant instead of a gasket, remove all of the sealant from the gasket.

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