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This is a beginning stab at addressing my earlier question about what we can learn from the current economic crisis.
In fact, one of the central tenets of mathematical prediction is that no equation, no matter how perfect it is, can ever predict an individual outcome with 100% certainty.
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The chart needs to stay flipped over and in the code below I used geom_linerange but geom_errorbar would be even better. Another thing I haven't quite managed to do is to change the scale into whole numbers (without muliplying the original table ).
When I use the same code on the full table I get even worse results with the confidence intervals. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged r ggplot2 or ask your own question.

Has the removal of radio operators, navigators, and flight engineers from modern-day commercial flight crew had a negative impact on safety?
What I wish to do instead is create a grey area around where the trendline will be is create a grey area around where the data points will fall with 95% confidence assuming a normal distribution around the trendline. Another way of saying it, is I want a smooth_lines connecting the tops and bottoms of the error bars and to shade inbetween in ggplot.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged r statistics ggplot2 visualization graphing or ask your own question. It will probably take several posts to lay out my hypotheses and opinions, so please indulge me, and feel free to chime in (I mean it. Moreover, there are several critical assumptions that must be met for the equation to be valid (regardless of whether it is statistically significant or not). An unique feature of the current situation is that, due to advances in computer and communications technology, it is now possible to run equations on truly massive data sets.

The highest possible adjusted R2 (this is also called the 'regression coefficient), indicating a 100% likelihood that the array of independent or input variables will produce a particular outcome, simply does not occur in nature. This enables the mathematician to achieve higher and higher levels of statistical significance and power (meaning that the likelihood of getting a result that is way off by chance alone is greatly reduced). The reason is common sense: any outcome has multiple predictors, some of which are known, some of which are knowable, and some of which are neither.
However, as the data sets get bigger, so does the likelihood of the highly improbable occurring, as Nassim Nicholas Taleb notes in his book, The Black Swan: the Impact of the Highly Improbable.

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