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A recent article in Scientific American noted that walking helped middle age women with depression. In order to leverage the health benefits and the psychological benefits of walking, we can set intention of walking as a meditative practice. Even though we have these outside influences and things upon which we must focus, we can have even more powerful meditative experiences as we manage our attention in our movement. Walking meditation can be a powerful form of exploring your inner self while taking care of your body, too. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we normally sit on chairs to achieve yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously.
Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a simple time-honoured technique that lets you tap into that energy and harness its power to becomebetter balanced and better connected to yourself a€”emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. If you're having trouble juggling the challenges in your life, Sahaja Yoga Meditation might well help you manage stress, master your emotions and find solutions to your problems.
We'd like to welcome you to our FREE weekly Sahaja Yoga meditation meetings hosted by Gunter & Gillian which take place in Newcastle on the first Thursday of every month - dates vary - still sorting out venues. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation we generally sit on chairs to achieve Yoga, effortlessly & spontaneously. We are all volunteers of a Charity organisation and have many years of experience in offering free Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes. The classes are designed to help those attending get into a genuine meditative state, which can be felt tangibly.
During sitting meditation, we withdraw our attention from the outside world and focus on one thing, such as a mantra or our breath.
Fresh air, blue sky, and the sounds of nature beat the treadmill (or dread-mill as it is known around here). Try to get to a place where you can avoid traffic, other people, neighborhood dogs, or other negative distractions.
As with sitting meditation, our minds want to wander and get to our worries, to-do lists, and fears. Feel through areas where you’re stiff, how smoothly your muscles work together, your joints.

You may enjoy better health, better focus, and a deeper understanding of the universe and your place in it. All the major religions and their core teachings are acknowledged and respected in Sahaja Yoga.
You dona€™t need to take anything with you to meditate: no mats, no potions, no special clothing or books. When you begin a hobby or join a new group, you often find that there are particular types of people who are in the group with you. We use the experience of being out in nature to become mindful of our experience and to keep our awareness in the present movement. During walking meditation, we focus on our footsteps, our surroundings, and the movement of our body.
Even if it’s raining, grab an umbrella or raincoat, and use the sound of falling rain and puddles as a focal point.
It’s a wonderful feeling and it actually rejuvenates your ability to do and have when you are immersed in your being. When we’re sitting still in meditation, the sensations in the body are more subtle and harder to discern.
A few minutes of your life may be all it takes to connect to your inner energy and light the path to lifelong transformation. Now you can also feel your chakras (energy centres) and through the meditation techniques learnt along the way you can understand the vibrations of your own energy centres.
You dona€™t have to keep up with others, or feel pressured into doing things youa€™re not comfortable with. So, no matter where you travel you can always locate a local Sahaja Yoga Meditation programme that you can attend. You can meditate anywhere a€“ in a quiet room or on a noisy bus; at the beach or watching a movie.
There is a lot of common sense in Sahaja Yogameditation, and even though not everything was known to you (for example, the chakras and their respective qualities), once you have a chance to learn more about the meditation, it feels very natural and comfortable.
For example, some groups attract younger people, others older folk; some groups have a lot of people who are wealthy, or people who live in a certain part of town.

Whether you manage to have a deep meditation or not makes no difference, and as a consequence your family and friends are reaping the benefits. Sahaja Yoga is more than a temporary solution or quick relief a€” it is a journey, rather than a destination. If you feel unwell you meditate and use the techniques youa€™ve learnt to heal your chakras, and you can then feel the centres clearing, and as a consequence your health improves.
And through meditation the wisdom of all the great gurus and saints is easily revealed and understood. Whenever you get the chance, and no matter where you are, You try to link up with other Sahaja Yoga practitioners and enjoy a collective meditation. Thoughtless awareness (the state of meditation) is easy to achieve if you keep meditating daily, and it can be achieved in almost any situation. In Sahaja Yoga you will find people from every walk of life, from every demographic a€“ male and female, young and old, rich and poor, every shape, size and colour, with varying interests, languages and beliefs. But with the Sahaja Yoga experience, you'll quickly realise, it isn't your typical Meditations 'R Us type class. In fact, youa€™ll find that since youa€™ve been meditating youa€™ll come to understand and appreciate the teachings of great teachers such as Lao Tse, Buddha and Mohammed. It is often likened to an inner feminine or motherly energy which automatically knows about us and what is needed to help us restore balance and harmony within our subtle being. The classes are easy and fun, and as long as you keep up your daily ten minutes of meditation you find you are able to achieve a deep and peaceful meditation on a regular basis.
It is simply the generosity of spirit of other Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioners that allows Sahaja Yoga to be taught to whomever desires it, at no cost. Of course, there are many people who practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation who can teach you a great deal about the yoga & meditation and its various techniques.

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